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7 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Better after Being Stood Up

Being stood up is a real drag. You’re supposed to meet a date at a particular place and time, but you constantly check your phone and realize your date is a half hour late. You send text after text but they continue to go unanswered. At this stage of the game, you realize you’ve been stood up so you might as well make the most of it.

Guess what? The night is young and there’s plenty to do, see, and experience as long as you keep an open mind. You’re wearing your best jeans after all, and they look stunning!

Instead of going home feeling depressed, consider these seven possibilities as an alternative.  Also, know that if you were dating a milf, this probably wouldn’t happen, because they are DTF.

Free Dinner Anyone?

Were you meeting your date in a bar or café? It’s okay if this is the case because you can leave and visit your favorite restaurant. Ask the waiter or waitress for a table right in the middle of the restaurant if possible so everyone can see you. Sit there for a half an hour or more constantly checking your phone, putting sad puppy dog eyes on your face, and let everyone see that you’re feeling really depressed.

The waiter will swing by your table to ask you if someone else is joining you. Make sure everyone can hear you tell them that you’re now dining alone because you’ve been stood up. Say it loud with sadness in your voice. If you’re feeling adventurous, pretend to wipe a tear from the corner of your eye.

You know what? Odds are that one of the patrons will buy you dinner. Or the restaurant might comp your meal. Either way, it’s free for you!

Take in a Crowded Show

Believe it or not, going solo to a show at the last minute often has its advantages. Occasionally theaters will have single seats still available that no one usually wants since people mostly show up in pairs or groups.

Because you’re here by yourself, you can request a single seat and the theater will gladly give it to you. In fact, they often sell these last-minute single seats at a discount, so you’ll be getting a great deal for a fun evening.

Help Another Person That Was Just Stood up

​After you walk away from the bar, restaurant, or café alone, you could always go on the prowl looking for another unlucky person in your situation. Visit coffee shops and bars to see if you can recognize someone else being stood up. Ask them about it, and if they tell you they were, see if they’d like to join you. This is a great way to meet new people and have a wonderful evening all at the same time.

Practicing Self-Care Is a Great Option

If you’re suddenly left abandoned by your date, you may as well enjoy an evening to yourself by flying solo. Go to the beauty supply store and pick up whatever you can carry like an infused bath bomb, a tantalizing pore cleanser, and every mask in sight.

Grab your favorite scented candle and light it up to create calming and serene vibes. Don’t worry about being stood up, but instead feel peaceful, calm, and soulful as you take great personal care of yourself this evening.

Catch the Attention of the Famous Film Director

You look absolutely amazing and your outfit is stunning. Your hair is gorgeous and everything else looks incredible on you. The bad vibes should be completely washed away as you strut through your favorite city.

Now, if you come across a famous film director, you’ll easily get their attention. They’ll see that you’re passionate, calm, and confident. They’ll instantly want to hire you for their upcoming starring role, and a life of fame and fortune will make you easily forget about being stood up tonight.

This may be hard to pull off except in Hollywood, but it could happen, right? Keep hope alive!

Save Someone’s Life

​Do you see someone choking in a restaurant? Jump up and immediately take action. Perform the Heimlich maneuver or give them CPR if they can no longer breathe. The EMTs and the other patrons of the restaurant will think you’re amazing for saving their life.

Thank Your No-Show Date

​Instead of holding a grudge, you could always thank the idiot for leaving you alone at the restaurant. Text them to let them know how much fun you had that evening. They’ll find the text confusing at best, and this will make your solo evening just a little bit sweeter.


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