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About Me

What can I say that I didn’t tell you about on my home page?

Okay, since you want to put a background with all of the awesome content here, I guess I’ll give you a snapshot of who I am and why I built this website.

I’m part deviant, part thrill seeker, full adrenaline junkie.

When I’m not chasing women, I’m usually drinking with them, laying in bed with them, or traveling with them.

A long time ago I was a frat boy who had a knack for hooking up.  People thought I was a pick up artist.  But… I’m just a guy who developed legendary Tinder game and figured out there are a few ways you can give yourself an unfair advantage when it comes to picking up women.

#1:  Keep in Good Shape

Nobody wants to hook up with a slouch if there are better options.  I’m not saying you have to be shredded, just don’t be a slob.

#2:   Make a Few Bucks

This isn’t mandatory, but once I started making myself money I found myself in situations I’d never be in otherwise.  Just look at sugar daddy dating.  Those guys would have no shot with younger women without having the wealth to provide.

#3:  Be Classy Yet Be Aggressive

So many guys go about picking up women in the wrong way.  Women don’t want to hear your cheese dick lines. They want to be talked to like a human and hear that you are interested in what they have going on.  Let them talk, earn their trust, and make your move.  It’s a numbers game, and if you don’t let them talk or feel important, you are a zero.

This website is about 22 years of hook ups through bars, weddings, referrals, and now, more than ever, dating apps.  It’s a site designed to educate and inspire men to be a cocksmen at all times.

One day, my goal is to report that I hooked up at a funeral.  But, until then, I’m just a guy who likes to share his other good times and fond memories about women, sex, and the pursuit of fun.



Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.