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Adult Breastfeeding Sites – What You Should Know

Today, you can learn about something that some might think is weird, strange, or disturbing. I don’t judge! The topic today is adult breastfeeding and how it relates to dating. Yes, there are ANR/ABF sites out there with women who enjoy lactation for men.

In fact, there are tons of dating sites focused on this fetish. If you’re interested in ANR stuff, you get to learn about the best hookup sites for such adult dating pleasures.

What Is Adult Breastfeeding?

In the dating world, adult breastfeeding is quite taboo. Women and men who enjoy erotic lactation can’t put the knowledge out there because others think they’re weird. Generally, ABF-ANR fans must find other ways to get what they want.

ABF isn’t always about sex. Yes, there are those who like to suckle and bond, which leads to other things. Sometimes, it’s practical, such as so the milk doesn’t dry up or the woman wants to keep her big boobs.

Regardless, if you’re into breastfeeding, you may realize how hard it is to find a partner. The ABF community is small, and it’s improper to ask a date to whip out the breast for dessert.

Therefore, it’s better to use dating sites that offer breastfeeding or lactation options. How do you know which site is ideal? I’ve come up with a list of ABF sites you can join, where members want to suck, or the ladies want to give their breast milk to you!

Dating Mom's who breastfeed

(Note, I believe in transparency!  If I have used a website personally, I’ll link you to my full review of that experience.  If I haven’t, surf on to their site at your own risk!)

Top 10 ABF Dating Sites

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a traditional dating site where members join and look at free personals. However, you can find groups dedicated to breastfeeding as adults. It has more than 80 million users, so there’s bound to be someone’s breast to suckle.  (It’s one of my favorite sites for ANY fantasy you have.  Check it out here!

Adult Friend Finder

Be aware that the ANR community here is open and expressive because they know what they need. There are no ads, good security, and a mobile app available, making your search that much easier.

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—> Or Sign Up Here!

ABF Singles

If you don’t want to use a general dating site, a more specialized option is ABF Singles. It’s a large and well-known suckling/lactation site.

Administrators know that it’s controversial, so before you can enjoy erotic lactation, each member must be approved.


FetLife is all about the kink, so whatever you’re into, you can find. This includes ANR, and it has an active community. Those who want online action can enjoy the site, too. It has members who share videos that you can watch!

Dreams of Milk

If you dream of breastfeeding, then Dreams of Milk is the site to enjoy. Unlike other sites, it’s no-nonsense, so the members post whatever they want. However, no vulgar language is allowed because the focus is on health instead of on adult nursing relationships. Those who like ANR/ABF can enjoy this affordable and small community with ease.

Lactating Dating

Overall, I feel that Lactating Dating is a newer entry into the ANR/ABF world. Sometimes, it seems like a regular site, but that might be because the ANR pool is small. Still, it’s easy to join, and it looks nice, as well.

The reason I think it’s only fair is that I can’t tell if the members are real. It uses a stolen photograph, which makes me wonder. If you’re new to lactation erotica, it might be for you.

ANR Connections

ANR Connections is a tight-knit community solely dedicated to ABF-ANR. You’ve got to answer tons of questions and get approved before becoming a member. That takes time, but it’s a good thing because you know that everyone is serious on the site.

When you get approved, you can update your account. Plus, there’s access to photo galleries, chats, ANR/ABF forums, and more. Though some people think it’s bland, you should be happy.


AdultBreastFeeding.US is completely dedicated to ABF-ANR and nothing else. The site is open for members in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the US. If you like to travel and enjoy a lady’s milk, this is a great choice. Plus, it has a decent list of members, so you’re more likely to find someone to enjoy lactation with.

Gift of Milk

Within the ANR/ABF world, you might remember a highly popular site called Land of Milk and Honey. It ended up merging with Gift of Milk to become a super website with positive and motherly vibes instead of the kink feel.

You must be approved to join, and I think the forums are a bit bland. However, there are great articles about lactation and ANR, with decent members who want to get started.


ANRelationships is here to help you find the right person who’s into what you are. As with other dating sites, you provide basic information to sign up, and the site matches you to dates. Overall, it’s easy to use, but you must be careful. While you’re interested in an adult nursing relationship, you don’t want others to steal your information. It’s best to use a burner email instead of your social media account.

Overall, I wonder a bit about it, but the members seem to be legit. If you’re into lactation and ANR, give it a try, but close the account if you feel something’s off.


I generally like the Fling site and keep going back to it because it’s a beast no matter what you’re into. Fling is absolutely the best option for the money. It has tons of ANR-ABF people who are all into lactation. The breast is queen here for sure, and you’re sure to get your thirst quenched. I think the members are nice, and it’s easy to search for people, too. Give it a shot!

—> Read My Review Here!

—> Or Join Fling Here!

While all of these sites are adult oriented and suggest that you’ll meet people who are into kinky stuff like breastfeeding, I will advise you that like any adult site, there will be escorts lingering.  Make sure that you talk to them upfront about your intentions. If you are into hiring escorts, make sure you check out the current price of prostitution and don’t overpay!  (And make sure it’s legal where you are at!)


Many women are into ABF-ANR for various reasons. They might like the sexual stimulation that ANR offers or may want to keep the milk flowing for their babies later. Regardless, ANR-ABF fans are sure to appreciate these 10 options. You can find someone who meets your needs, so take action and give one or two sites a try. Check out the members and get to the suckling!


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