Best Sites for Adult Dating

There are many apps that allow you to “qualify” your potential sex partner by simply swiping left or right. As someone who really likes to move on with life as fast as humanly possible, I appreciate these types of apps! Below you will find the best adult dating sites and hook up apps that I’ve ever tried. If you are looking to hook up for a casual encounter, this is the only list of apps you need.

Hook Up Apps

The Top Adult Dating Apps for Hooking Up

Yep, these do exist. I wouldn’t be Casual Sex Calvin without these. In fact, I’d be “beating off at home Bill.”  When I found these amazing adult apps, it really changed my life.  Gone were the days of swinging for the fences at local bars, only to hear some lame excuse at bar time about how she had to “wake up early the next day.”  I don’t have the patience to buy a woman drinks all night, chat her up, and then get her number and have her say “call me some time.”  I’m more of a guy that likes to have the one night stand, and if it’s great and we get along, we can certainly meet up again and see where it takes us.  Let’s be honest guys, the women have this attitude too.  They are far past taking chances at the bars and clubs, wasting time and money, not to mention all the effort they put in to getting ready, when they can just as easily qualify you and get to the point by using an adult dating app or website.

Times have changed, and if you want to meet others for any type of relationship, either casual, or serious, you’ll have to start using dating apps and play the game.

Which Casual Sex Apps are Best for Adults Seeking Hook Ups?

The first thing to know about casual hooking up is that all the apps out there are not equal!  There are many out there that will tell you they have a strong member base that can get you laid, but at the end of the day, they are not all on a level playing field.  In fact, there are many that are flat out SCAMS.  (More on that later.)

The Best Adult Dating App List of 2021

#1: Fling


The Fling App is my new #1 spot to find casual encounters.  Not a week goes by where I don’t exchange naughty messages with women looking for casual sex. A large percentage of the time, things escalate to insane levels! This member base is enormous!

This is the best hook up app, hands down!

#2: Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder is a hook up app you don’t want to open at work or around minors. AFF has been one of the best adult websites facilitating hook ups worldwide for many years, and it’s one you have to join to believe.

#3: Uberhorny


Starting your search for casual sex is as easy as ordering up an Uber, and this site models their hook up app after the popular transportation service.  I’ve had a lot of success on this app and enjoy their interface, strong membership base, and solid customer support.

#4: SnapSext


There is a reason that people are calling this site “the SnapChat of Sex.” When you want it quick, easy, and fast, SnapSext delivers.

#5: Instabang


You’ve heard of Instagram, right? Well, this operates in the same fashion, although it is a lot more risque. Women come here for one reason – sex. Look for women who want to bang on this site.

Those are my top five sites for casual encounters and meet and fuck type relationships.  There are many other worthy sites, which I’ll list below, but these are the best ones I’ve personally used and continue to use.  

If you travel frequently, the good thing is that you can search these adult dating apps in any area!  I like to do some pre-travel searching and that way when I arrive to my destination I have a list of horny women to talk to and potentially meet up with.

Here’s how I analyze these apps….

Member Base

The size of the network comes into play because obviously the smaller the network, the less people are out there that potentially have an interest in you.  While it’s not essentially a “numbers game,” having a solid membership base especially helps when you are located in an area that isn’t a major metropolis such as Cities like New York, Chicago, and Dallas.

swipe appsAn app is only as good as it’s member base!


Most of these dating apps are made with good tech behind them, so there are very few out there that are hard to navigate.  However, I always appreciate apps that make things easy to send messages, “like” someone, or even phone them through the platform.

user friendly appsIf an app isn’t user friendly or needs an MBA in hacking to use, I’ll simply pass.


While there are many free options out there, they always have their up-sell to unlock all of the member benefits.  These companies are very smart, they get you into the app and KNOW that you will like it, so just when you are into someone and want to message them, they’ll ask for a debit card.  Sometimes it’ll be for a trial period, some will make you sign up monthly.  As a general rule of thumb, if you like an app and are going to use it, always sign up for the full year, it’ll save you tons of money.  Even if you have a bad month or two and don’t use it, new members join all the time and the costs are always in your favor to sign up for a full year.  Plus, when you consider that the people who join for free may not really be into it, or even worse, in it for catfishing purposes, you really want to be a member of a paid membership platform to find serious casual encounters.

how much do dating apps costThe last thing I want to do is waste money. I only use affordable dating apps.

Messaging Ease

The whole goal of these sex apps is to get people to hook up!  Obviously, you’ll need to have somewhere you can start a dialogue, so sending messages with ease is high on my list of things to look for.  I get right into sending risque messages to see how the women will react.  If they react with something dirty or sexy, I know I’ve messaged the right person.  Eight times out of ten my openers work very well and I’m on my way to finding out if we have the same goals in mind.

messagingBelieve it or not, the messaging platform is one of the most vital components of any dating app.

Final Word on my Hook Up App Rating System

Taking all of these factors into consideration, I came up with a ranking of all the best hook up apps based on my own experiences using them.  This took over three years of data into consideration and since I share this frequently with close friends, I figured I may as well blog about it and spread the wealth.  When you join hook up apps, you’ll have to install the app on your smart phone.  If you don’t have one or don’t want to do that, you can join their mobile versions.


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