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Adult Friend Finder Review

So, there are few dating networks that I will always praise no matter what. The one that I’m about to share with you falls into that category. Did you know that Adult Friend Finder is the oldest premium casual sex network in the world? I’m not joking!

Soon after Adult Friend Finder launched, a direct competitor launched their version (with improved features) which they named called (review here). Both of these companies strived and have been top players in the casual space for years. Now, although I recommend both of these networks, I’m only going to be covering the AFF brand here today. Speaking of which, I might as well kick things off with a brief overview of things now…

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Adult Friend Finder Review & Member Insight

No doubt about it, this site caters to those looking for an “all things adult” experience. It’s a casual dating hookup app that adults use to meet people for sex – and it works! With more than 80 million people using this network worldwide, it should come as no surprise that it’s easy to get laid here.

Whether you’re the typical iPhone user or strictly an Android guy, this hits all the touchpoints necessary. Here’s what you need to know about the Adult Finder site, starting with the signup process.

Joining AFF

The first thing I can tell you is that it’s a super quick and simple process. You literally only have to provide the site with basic information. Sure, you need to verify your email, but that’s pretty standard (and appreciated) today if you ask me.

You’ll need to create a unique username and provide some info during the reg process but once you get past these simple steps, it’s off to the races. If I had to take a wild guess, I’d say the whole join process takes less than 4 minutes.

The Members

So, what I can tell you is that these members are hot, horny and willing to put out. Those are the only things that you need to really be concerned with if you just want to casually have sex. Many of the members don’t hesitate to send naked pics, short self-shot videos and even amateur clips of them having sex. It’s wild AF!

Most members are roughly 20 – 45 or maybe 50 years old. I’d say they’re almost all just looking for a quick casual night of fun and not something long term.

You’ll find a lot of them (almost all) share very personal information like the type of sex they’re looking to have and even their fetishes. Some of these fetishes are a little crazy, but if that’s your cup of tea, then boom you hit the jackpot.

Premium Members Get More

​If you’re planning on joining for free, you should plan on missing out on lots of good stuff. Premium Adultfriendfinder members get premium features like uploading unlimited photos, viewing unlimited profiles, reading and writing messages to members, using live cams, partaking in contents, sending gifts to members and tipping people.

The App

​Yes, there is an AdultFriendFinder app and yes, it’s pretty damn awesome. This sex app can be enjoyed via iOS and Android. Both are super easy to use, and they have every single feature that the website version has.

The Cost

​Now, as you may know, there is a cost to everything that’s great. In this case, it’s a very small price to pay, nothing more and the ROI is rock solid. If you’re looking to upgrade your membership, you’re going to be able to do so at a cost of between $20.00 a month and $39.95 a month. This is a very reasonable price for a premium dating product.

Company Information

Looking to dig in deeper to learn more about the company? No problem, here’s the contact information should you wish to reach out:

Various, Inc.
910 E. Hamilton Ave.
Sixth Floor
Campbell, CA 95008

You might be wondering whether or not canceling is easy and for those who are curious, I can tell you that yes, it’s extremely easy to cancel your AFF account. My guess is that you’re not going to cancel once you join though.

Conclusion: Try The AFF Premium App

I’m going to suggest that you give the mobile app a shot. You can log on via desktop if that sounds like something you want to do as well. I just prefer the portability when searching for hookups.

You will get laid here and you’re going to meet horny local people in your area. I promise you that much. If you don’t believe me, just keep reading some of the other adult friend finder reviews posted online or read the comments below and you’ll get my point.


Don’t think this one is the right one for you? No problem, you should head on over to the index page and read some of the other reviews and articles that I’ve written. I’m positive there’s something for everyone here, even you!

Lastly, as questions come in, I’ll be posting the answers here in a “frequently asked questions” section. Please check back regularly as I’ll share them as I receive them. Thanks for your time and good luck with everything!


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