How to Find Single OnlyFans Girls

OnlyFans is one of the most popular websites that you’ll find people getting horny for.  Most mainstream social media sites envy their user base and trust me when I tell you that most of the adult oriented dating sites I belong to are trying to figure out how they can replicate the success OnlyFans has … Read more

Sex Topics I Cover

My Mom would be so proud of me.  A college drop out blogging about his sexual conquests, endeavors, and well, basically my porn addiction. Hey, it sure does beat going to an office, so I’ll take it! Today I’m going to get into the sex topics I talk about on my website, as well as … Read more

SweetSext Review – Can You Sext, Trade Nude Selfies, and Hookup on This App?

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Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica Closing for Good?

There have been rumor of  a change of plans in the operations of San Jose, Costa Rica’s largest house of ill repute for many years.  Legitimate sources tell me that this time around, and probably with a little assist to the COVID-19 pandemic, the rumors are in fact true.  Their website is offline, and people … Read more

8 Things to Understand Prior to Beginning a Consensual Non-Monogamous Relationship

Most people consider monogamy the default model for relationships. They look at it as the gold standard and the perfect way to achieve bliss as a couple. But things are different now and times are beginning to change. Consensual nonmonogamous relationships are receiving more interest now than ever before. There are many TV shows including … Read more

How to Get Out Of Her Friend Zone

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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Guess what? The honest truth is that girls usually experience very complicated emotions and much more so than guys. In fact, their emotions often go up and down like a yo-yo. One minute, a girl can be the nicest person in the world to you, but she acts like she’s trying to keep you at … Read more