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Best Bars in Las Vegas to Get Laid

​If you are making the trip to Las Vegas, and you are looking to take the guess work out of hooking up in Las Vegas with women, I’ve got the ultimate guide for you.  Having lived in Las Vegas for many years, I know the in’s and out’s of every nook and cranny of Sin City.  Whether your travel brings you to Nevada for business, or pleasure, I can help ensure you meet single women in Las Vegas and enjoy a one night stand, or perhaps that perfect girl to settle down with.  Hey, don’t laugh. I almost did.


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How to Get Laid in Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas bars

As the largest city in Nevada, you’ll find Las Vegas right in the middle of a desert.  The bright lights stick out like a sore thumb, and you’ll see these lights from 100’s of miles away as you approach the city by plane at night.  Famous for lavish casinos, world class dining, and themed hotels, you’ll find nothing ordinary about the Las Vegas strip.

For the average person to get a pulse on Las Vegas girls, it’s difficult.  Many of them are seasonal employees at the major pools during the Summer, while other locals don’t visit the strip all too often.  They stay in the local casinos like the Red Rock in Summerlin, or the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, among many other local joints.  You can also find them at PT’s Ranch or Dotty’s if they are gamblers, as these types of places cater to locals.

What I can say about the local women is that they are quite savvy.  They know how to suck money from tourists, and even the sweet and classy ones have game plans.  Don’t kid yourself!  This city lives on tourism dollars and they will do whatever they can to make you happy and keep you coming back into town with more.  So that said, you can bet your ass you can hook up with women who choose to work on the strip in any of the hotels, restaurants, or bars.  The best way to hook up in a casino is to tip big and keep the conversation going.  Ask where they go out when they are not working, and from there, suggest casually meeting up when convenient.

You’ll find that locals are eager to make friends with tourists, especially since most Vegas gamblers visit multiple times per year.  What woman wouldn’t want some guy to come into town and show her a great weekend, VIP style, with no further attachment or anything after the fact?  There are MANY women I know in Vegas who love having a guy on the side who is always swinging into town ready for a good time, and whether it’s advertised to her friends, or on the low, it happens a lot more than you would suspect.

Las Vegas Population

The amount of people living in the Las Vegas area is 600,000, which means there is a diverse set of women around.  You’ll find a lot of mixed Asian blends, which is unique to the West Coast, but mostly Vegas.  With a huge part of Chinese culture very into casino gambling, many people decided to live and retire to Las Vegas and you’ll see that in the mix of people living there.  The Asian and Asian blended women in Las Vegas are very exotic looking and extremely attractive, I highly recommend hooking up in Vegas with an Asian!

Again, there are a few things to take into consideration when you party in Las Vegas:

  • Most women you meet on the strip will be tourists.  This means they are ready to party and most likely DTF.
  • Most are from the USA, so you’ll be speaking their language.
  • Most people who visit Vegas are single.  Many are on bachelorette parties.  Hello!  This has hook up potential written all over it.
  • Money goes a long way.  If you have it, make sure to show it, and girls will glob onto you.

Las Vegas Gold Diggers

I’m going to see if I can find any famous ones online, and if I can, I’ll break them down.  You must know there are MANY gold diggers in Las Vegas, and just about anywhere there is perceived wealth.  There will be many girls trying to get into your bottle service, so make sure you know that in advance and try to weed out any that aren’t going to put out.

las vegas women
I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…..

But hey, for those of you who don’t mind giving up a little gold for some young hottie, sugar daddy dating is probably right up your alley, and I suggest you create an account before going to Vegas because that market is one of the best markets for sugar babies.

How to Pick Up Women in Las Vegas

The big pro here is that people are partying in Las Vegas all year long.  The winter, especially now with the Las Vegas Golden Knights hockey team in the fold, provides a variety of sporting events to wager on like NHL Hockey, NCAA and NBA Basketball, and of course, until February, NFL and collegiate football.  There is also a heavy amount of traffic each year thanks to Las Vegas conventions, which bring in millions of tourists each year.  CES is one of the largest ones out there, and it goes down in January every year.  Plenty of corporate women getting out to party means a lot more potential hook ups for you single guys.

Like they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Unless, that is, you pick up an STD.  Be safe!

You can pick up women during the day, mostly during Summer at pool parties, but night time is the best time to be on the prowl!

Best Places to Meet Girls on the Las Vegas Strip

Assuming you stay on the strip like 99% of the tourists, there are many options for you.  Pool parties are by far the best option, and day drinking is huge in this town when the weather is right.  You’ll spot the marks taking shots or being ultra revealing in the pool and looking around to see who is checking them out.  Simply play it cool and invite them to drink with you, because during the day there is less pressure and their guards will be down.  If you happen to meet women in the casino, ask them to go to a pool party with you.  Then, treat them to a good time.  The day sets up the night, so start prospecting early!  I’ve met women at the buffet line before, and ended up hanging all day and night with them.  Women love attention, and I like to talk to them when they are least expecting it.

Las Vegas Strip

The Ultimate List of Bars

If it’s bar action you seek, here is my personal list of bars to visit to meet women on the Las Vegas Strip:

#1:  The B Bar (Wynn).  This bar is always jammed with the most sexy ladies you could ever find in one casino & hotel.  It does not matter what time you go there, if it’s after lunch until the sun comes up, you’ll find yourself some amazing women to ogle, and perhaps more.

#2:  Rhumbar (Mirage).  Set off the side near the strip, this is a place in the action where you can get away from the action.

#3:  Pepper Mill (Las Vegas Blvd.)  Go here after 2AM or later. You’ll find drunk people getting a second wind, strippers fresh off their shift, and much, much more.  The food is amazing, the cocktails don’t disappoint, and the fireside environment will give you a cozy place to run your game.

#4:  Chandelier Bar (Cosmopolitan).  Pricey, yet worth it, cocktails.  A scene of all scenes.  Gorgeous women.  What more do you want me to tell you?

Best Nightclubs to Meet Girls

If you are into the late night scene, there are plenty of night clubs you can visit that will easily separate you from your money as quickly as you will let them.  There are tons of them, and the popularity of them changes all the time, but know that these are the ones that have staying power over the last few years:

  • XS in the Encore Casino (Wynn)
  • Omnia at Caesars Palace
  • 1OAK at Mirage
  • Marquee at the Cosmopolitan

You’ll find that every hotel on the strip has an after hours spot or night club venue.  If you stay at the hotel you have a good shot at getting VIP passes.  If you gamble, and get a casino host, you have an even better shot.  Seriously, if you gamble into the thousands per day, get a host, get a card, and track your wins and losses.  Yes, sometimes the end result isn’t pretty, but you’ll get comps to dinners, drinks, shows, and night clubs.  These are huge chips of leverage when it comes to hooking up in Las Vegas.

If you venture off strip, downtown has been trending up for many years now.  Long Bar at the D is a great spot to meet people, and Fremont Street in general is a place where many people go to party in a much less dressy atmosphere.

Other Things to Know About Las Vegas

  • Weed is legal!  As of July 1, 2017, recreational marijuana is legal!  All you 420 daters – rejoice.
  • Many bars serve 24 hours per day.  To me, this meant if I went to bed early, I’d hit the bars even earlier.  5 AM, horny women stumbling around?  Yes, please!
  • Most people go to Vegas looking for sex.  Take advantage of this. It’s much easier than you would think to get laid in Las Vegas.

With that said, I am happy to report that in my time living there, I was very happy with my results.  If I can personally answer any questions for you about where to go in 2020 and beyond, I’m happy to. Just leave a comment and I’ll do my best to get to them in a quick manner.

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    • Visit the strip clubs. Crazy Horse 3, Spearmint Rhino, are the bigger ones where you will get mixed results. The smaller ones (Chicas Bonitas being one) may yield easier to target women but I’m a numbers guy.


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