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Best Cities for Adults in the Dating Scene

Dating for adults can be difficult if you live in a rural area, but just because you don’t live in a huge populated city doesn’t mean it’s all that bad.  There are pro’s and con’s to dating in big cities, and of course, the same can be said for smaller cities.  Today I am happy to reveal my list of the best cities for adults in the dating scene.

Best Cities for Finding Adults for Dates

For this blog article, I not only references my huge rolodex of people I know who have lived all across the United States, but I also went off some factual websites, like NBC News, and took their factual data and sort of came up with a list that’s half curated and a lot of opinion.  If you feel like I have a bias towards certain cities, it could be a cultural thing.  (I prefer Latinas and will always gravitate towards a city or region with that influence, but I didn’t let it be my end all, be all way to judge cities.

Let’s get right into it! 

Best City to Be a Single Person

#1:  Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Yes, just up the road from me is a mecca of a yachting capital that locals refer to as Fort Liqourdale.  This beach town with an evolving and sophisticated downtown has really taken on a lot of new capital thanks to the pandemic.  Fort Lauderdale’s location in the middle of Miami and West Palm Beach makes it an easy place to meet people in the tri-county area.  From Fort Lauderdale, you can meet people of all races, creeds, religion, etc.  There is enough night life to entertain anyone in Fort Lauderdale, yet enough fancy restaurants to please even the most discerned food critic.  And again, the melting pot of people makes it a huge pool for all to hunt in.

#2:  San Francisco, California

A wealthy, educated population leads to a smarter dating pool and ironically, an abundance of single people.  Just outside Silicon Valley, San Francisco is home to many bright minds and a lot of wealthy people.  Yes, it’s super expensive, but also remember that salaries are also very high in California, and most certainly San Francisco.

#3:  San Diego, California

Plenty to do in San Diego and the best year round climate in the USA according to many people!  Whether you find a local who has decided San Diego is the place to be, or a transplant from elsewhere, you can’t go wrong in lovely San Diego.  Great cuisine, a happening bar scene, and many luxury pockets like La Jolla and Coronado make San Diego a very desirable place for people either starting their career or looking for that second love after a divorce.

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#4:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Sure, the strip is dirty and crawling with drunk tourists looking to sin.  But, we’re not even talking about that part of town.  Off strip, there is a gold mine of a town called Summerlin that you’ll find the lovely Red Rock Casino, as well as many other bars and lounges where the locals (and some educated tourists) meet real people from Las Vegas.  Imagine living there, with the 1,000’s of strippers who rock the pole at the best places in town, with the smoking hot blackjack dealer you just played with at a swanky casino, or with the amazing bottle service VIP hostess who blew your mind?  Imagine running into them at a local grocer, restaurant, or gym, guard down, ready to talk to someone nice.  Las Vegas dating is amazing for adults in the game.

#5:  Boston, Massachussetts

The old bean town is a great place with even better people.  A combination of a busting city that loves it’s sports and a lot of wealthy, driven people make Boston a great place to be a single adult.

That’s my list of best places for adult dating.  I really wanted to add New York City to the list but had to leave it off because of the sheer size of the City.  You can spend a fortune in transportation, not to mention a lot of time, chasing women in the Big Apple.




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