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Best Cities for Tinder Hookups

​If you are like me and enjoying swiping right until your fingers bleed, you’ll find this post interesting.  As someone who sporadically travels and truly enjoys discreet hook-ups in random cities across the USA and abroad, I am happy to present to you the list of the best cities for tinder hookups.

Which Cities Use Tinder the Most For Hookups?

The United States is a big place with many colorful, different, and vibrant people. There are regions that focus on farming, while others focus on banking.  However, let’s push aside all the lists of things people are good at for a minute and get down and dirty.  Which cities are the best for hooking up on Tinder?  Which cities are the most active on Tinder?

This list was gathered by curating a few resources, which I cite below, but like always I added my own bit of flair and spice wherever I have had personal experience.

#1:  New York City

New York Tinder

On a recent trip to the Big Apple, I found myself stuck in traffic.  Naturally, I swiped, and I swiped, and I swiped.  I went out that night and got drunk with some friends, not remembering how much time I invested in the famous swipe app.

The result?  

I woke up with over 30 women following up with me.  They say that eight million people can’t be wrong, and well, I’m happy to report that a handful fo them were into me.  Usually a few leads will trickle in every time I swipe away, but this was like nothing I’ve ever seen.  And the cool thing is, they all know how to get around town, and what a town it is.


New York is 40% single, and there is an overage of women.  Yes, that’s not a typo.  There are 15.9% more women than men.

#2:  Miami

Tinder in Miami

There is a reason that rappers, musicians, and athletes make South Florida their home, and it’s not the sun, nor the lack of State income taxes.  It’s the women!  Like New York, there is a surplus, to the tune of 9.6% in Miami’s case.


There are four bars for every thousand people and 37% of the population is single.  Add in that you can geo-target your crowd of choice, and this place is a mecca.  Like Colombian women?  There are bars where they hang out.  Like Cubans?  Calle Ocho is stocked with them.  Want a mix of models and celebs?  Head to South Beach.  Miami has it all, including good weather and the beach.

In my experience, this market gives you the most diversity out of any market.  You can find women of all types here.  Add in the fact that Fort Lauderdale is just 15 miles North, and Palm Beach is North of that, and you have a mega market of diversity, culture, and wealth.

#3:  Atlanta


Following the same trends, there is a surplus of women, 6.74 bars per thousand people, and 33.8% singleness, and the ATL comes in at #3 on my list.  If you are looking for some Southern Hospitality, head on over to the 404 and swipe.


I haven’t actually tested the Atlanta market yet. Not for a lack of desire, I just haven’t visited since Tinder become a thing.

#4:  Chicago


I only have Chicago below Atlanta because of the weather.  I love Chicago, but I don’t love winter.  Mostly because there is nothing worse than taking home a woman you met in a bar with a really pretty face and watching her take off her North Face jacket only to reveal she has more rolls than the Pillsbury Doughboy.  With a lot of restaurants, tons of bars (4 for every 1,000) and plenty of reasons to drink, starting with the cold, Chicago is a fantastic town to be single in.


Went to Chicago for a quick convention. I had many leads thanks to Tinder activity, but ended up finding a great woman in a bar and spent some time with her.  Plenty of action in Chicago, and great bars to meet up at.

#5:  Washington, D.C.

Washington DC

I didn’t want to believe this one, but a friend of mine lives there and I made a Summer visit that opened up my eyes to how much this often forgotten city has going on around it.


There are 11.3% more women than men.  There are also many people making absurd laws which tend to make people up there want to drink constantly.

#6:  Boston

Boston Tinder Market

One of my favorite towns for so many reasons just got better with the addition of the Tinder app.  This is the 8th largest market for Tinder.


There are 2.62 bars for every 1,000 people, which is incredible.  You can get a drink just about anywhere in the city.  There are many single women waiting to find a guy to buy her some chowder, considering 40% of the population is single.

#7:  Houston

Tinder in Houston

The seventh busiest market on Tinder, the only downfall here is that the city is spread out.  Unlike New York City, things can take a while to get to if you aren’t careful.


Women from Texas talk sexy and are genuinely more genuine.  For this reason, I like Houston.

#8:  Minneapolis

Tinder in Minneapolis

Very comparable to Chicago in many ways, this often forgotten town is an absolute hoot in the Summer.  The stats say there are 6 bars for every 1,000 people, but that doesn’t feel right because the addition of brew pubs and tap houses just doesn’t seem to stop.  Minneapolis has many popular bar areas, including the North Loop, and it has to be considered a top ten city for hook ups because of it’s corporate atmosphere which employs several hundred thousand young professionals.


Minneapolis is the 16th busiest Tinder city.  It borders St. Paul, which is considered it’s “Twin City.”  Double trouble!

#9:  Dallas

Dallas Tinder

They do everything bigger in Texas, right?  This is the 11th busiest city on Tinder.


There are more women in Dallas than men.  Thank goodness, those $35,000 millionaires are the epitome of the word douchebag.

#10:  Tampa


Tampa, otherwise known locally as “Trampa,” thanks to it’s high population of dirty strip clubs, comes in at #10.  I always enjoy myself in Tampa, and often wonder why I don’t visit there more often.


35% of the population is single.  A large percent of the females in that number, are strippers.  I may have to think about ranking this higher.

Others I thought about adding….

Austin, Texas

One of my favorite towns because of the college atmosphere and number of young individuals.  If I was 5-10 years younger I’d probably have it in this list.  It’s never a bad thing to be in Austin.  Women in Austin love to drink, so you don’t really need an app to meet them. Just head to a bar and strike up a convo.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas has a couple things going for it.  One, most people who live there are transplants from somewhere else and need friends.  This leads to them turning to apps and dating sites to meet people.  Second, there are TONS of strippers and women just looking to make it big.  Where there is desperation, there is hope.  Use my tinder guide to make sure you get lucky in Vegas.

If you aren’t having much luck with these most active Tinder cities, you may want to try a more aggressive app for hooking up.  View my list of sex apps here.

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