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Best Tinder Openers

​Anyone with some quick fingers can swipe away and generate matches, but what are you really getting out of your time spent on Tinder?  You need to have the right follow up game plan in order to maximize your success rate at meeting women on Tinder.  Today I’ll talk about my secret sauce:  tinder openers.

Best Tinder Openers To Use on a Girl Overview

tinder app

Not being able to get a conversation off the ground when you and a woman mutually showed interest in one another by swiping right is downright painful.  There is nothing worse than knowing there is a smoke show waiting to meet you on the other end of town, but you can’t fumble your opening line, or she may never reply to you!

That’s all about to change for you, because over time, I’ve met women with the best Tinder openers you can use today.  This Tinder game actually works!

Now, there are two goals we are trying to accomplish with the opening lines here.

#1:  Get Her Attention

#2:  Generate a Reply That She Won’t Have to Think About

Rule #1 I live by in my dating life is make things easy on people.  Everyone likes a well thought out date night, but moving around town and having to get in Uber’s every hour to make it happen sometimes takes the fire out fo the night and things lose momentum.  Make it easy for her to reply to your witty openers by not asking some deep question that she’ll legit have to think about.

Addressing goal #1, your message needs to have some “umph” behind it.  Women get so many messages from guys that they don’t need the “what’s up” from you.  The more attractive the woman, the more messages she is subsequently going to get, and the more game you’ll have to use.

When you say “Hi,” you are essentially leaving the creativity up to her.  This is BORING. You need to ask questions, and put the onus on her to reply without much thought.

I like to send GIF images that say hello, along with a creative statement below.

These have always worked for me.

hello there

“So we’re pretty much an item now huh?”  (Insert smiley faces.)

“Yes, someone swiped right.  I knew it would eventually happen.  What made you do it?”

Again, just being funny, witty, and leaving an open ended question always is a good move.

Girls Love Gifs

​They are funny, to the point, and don’t have a tone to them.  In a mind-fucking way, it’s almost like you are sending a message through a third party.  Wrap your head around that. You can get sort of outlandish with it too, and always fall back on the FACT that “it’s just a Gif.”

Ask Away

When women know they are attractive, you don’t have to be like every other guy out there and tell her that.  She knows, and she hears it a lot.  You need to be the guy who isn’t “obviously” into it for her good looks, huge rack, or legs that go for days.  Be different, and ask questions.  Some of my favorites are below:

“Would love to know more about you.  What’s the worst vacation you’ve ever been on and why?  Mine’s xxx, and you wouldn’t believe what happened.”

This creates a lot of suspense.

woman thinking

Be Different

I know I’ve said this before, but every other Tom, Dick, and Harry is out there saying “what are your plans this weekend?” if you ask me!

crazy guy

Instead, lob out stuff like “What’s your game plan on Sunday?  Are you more of a sleep in person because it’s Sunday?  Attack the day and get a work out in?  Or just take the day as it comes?”

Notice Things

We’ve all seen the dog lover, the proud Mother, and the profile that talks about how close she is to her family.  Touching on those topics and letting her know you actually took the time to study her profile is always a solid move as well.

“Would your dog be jealous of my presence, or would he lick me to death since I’m such a nice, caring guy….and also a dog lover?”

“What are your most interesting memories of your family get togethers?  Do you have any ‘crazy Uncle’ or anyone who stirs up your family dinners?”

“Your son looks just like you, you have a little heartbreaker there.  Are the girls all over him yet?”

Dumb Questions

Sometimes I just fire up dumb questions that make zero sense.

“If you were stuck in an elevator and had to choose one way to get out, what would you do?  You can only send one message on one medium, so what do you do:

A)  Facebook

B)  Instagram

C) Phone Call

D)  Email Someone

And why?”

There are a number of other questions you can ask like that, and if you want more examples, please drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to add more.

In summary, be different, ask questions, don’t be bland, and make sure you stand out from the other guys out there dropping the same crappy openers.

With that, watch your success rate skyrocket!


Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.