Smoke and Poke Review

marijuana dating

It’s hard enough to find a match in the gigantic world that we live in, but it’s even more difficult for those of us who like to smoke marijuana.  Even with the legalization of marijuana there are still people out there who are against it and who flat out won’t date people who are marijuana … Read more

SweetSext Review – Can You Sext, Trade Nude Selfies, and Hookup on This App?

Today, I explain why SweetSext is one of the hottest casual dating apps for hookups, sex meet-ups, and trading naked selfies for 2021. My review talks about everything, but just to clarify, I’ve been using this network for a few months. It’s becoming an all-time favorite. If you’re ready to get going, click here … Read more

How to Get Out Of Her Friend Zone

Are you trying to make a girl fall for you? Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the friend zone? Are you wondering if you can be more than just friends? Within this article, you’ll learn about: The Real Truth About the Friend Zone How to Recognize When You’re Entering the Friend Zone … Read more

Why Do People Ghost Others?

As you know, I’m all for using dating networks to meet people. But, with that often comes issues that are unavoidable. I’m talking about things like getting catfished and even more popular act of being ghosted. Now, picture this…you have finally found someone that you find interesting on your favorite online dating platform (probably this one). Or … Read more

Anonymous Sexting Advice

Right now, the Coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak are making it difficult and quite frankly next to impossible to meet someone in person. For that reason alone, the number of people turning to sext apps is literally SKYROCKETING. With that happening, there are more people to connect with and more users to sext with. However, there are … Read more

Best Bars in Las Vegas to Get Laid

​If you are making the trip to Las Vegas, and you are looking to take the guess work out of hooking up in Las Vegas with women, I’ve got the ultimate guide for you.  Having lived in Las Vegas for many years, I know the in’s and out’s of every nook and cranny of Sin … Read more

Percentage of People Who Have Had One Night Stands

​If you are looking for facts on casual sex, you’ve come to the right place.  I made this site to help people understand sex, solve mysteries, and perhaps learn a few things about hooking up.  Today, we’ll be talking about one night stands. One Night Stands Statistics in America​Before you dive into the graphic, I … Read more