What Cannabis Does To Your Sex Drive

Since a lot of countries chose to legalize the use of marijuana, many hungry companies are selling the many advantages of using products derived from cannabis. From eye creams to skin care products, you can see a lot of products adding CBD as the ingredient. Now, marijuana has reached the sex product industry. Say what?  … Read more

How to Pick up Girls at a Party

Parties are a great event to meet and hook up with girls where conversations and a little flirting are okay. Although it’s almost similar in other social situations, there are still some little differences that you should know. Whether you’re a master at approaching girls at a party or a little inexperienced, this article will … Read more

How to Approach Business Women in Hotel Bars

In most cases, we think about solitary wives, party girls, and liberated bohemians when we talk about the types of women who are usually get picked up in hotel bars. Many forget that business women also hang out in these places looking for some company. So how do you approach a businesswoman in this situation? … Read more

Best Cities for Tinder Hookups

Tinder logo

​If you are like me and enjoying swiping right until your fingers bleed, you’ll find this post interesting.  As someone who sporadically travels and truly enjoys discreet hook-ups in random cities across the USA and abroad, I am happy to present to you the list of the best cities for tinder hookups. Which Cities Use … Read more

Best Cruises for Singles to Hookup

Let’s get straight to the point and be honest with ourselves.  You went to your favorite search engine and typed in “best cruises for singles to hookup.”  As a sex addict, I have to tell you that I have this topic down to a science. You just want to go on a cruise and find someone … Read more

Hooking Up Definition

You’ll be surprised to know that while everyone is talking about getting hooked up, no one exactly knows what the term hooking up actually means. A recent study conducted in a college found out that students were familiar with the term hooking up but were not sure what it actually meant. Half of the students … Read more

Tips for Hooking Up in College

If you are a college freshmen who is about to enter classes, it is time to realize all your pre-college fantasies and party hard. These will be the best days of your life and you should make the best out of them while college lasts. If your main aim of entering college has been getting … Read more