How to Find Single OnlyFans Girls

OnlyFans is one of the most popular websites that you’ll find people getting horny for.  Most mainstream social media sites envy their user base and trust me when I tell you that most of the adult oriented dating sites I belong to are trying to figure out how they can replicate the success OnlyFans has … Read more

Proven Pick Up Lines For Casual Fun

As you know, connecting with people is my thing and I prefer to do it in the most casual manner possible. And, now that Spring is here and it is the season where nature basically says “Let’s Party,” it’s time to connect with people. Sure, the COVID-19 issue put a damper on things and yeah, … Read more

Annoying Texts and Dealing With Them

What’s worse than unsolicited anonymous texts? Those from people you know! We all have to deal with annoying AF people who send text messages galore. It happens and it’s probably the most annoying thing to have to deal with when casually dating. I get that you’re not happy to have to deal with this type of … Read more

How To Spot A Catfish

In 2020, one thing is absolutely certain…there are fake AF people living in the world today. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t swift enough to figure this out until it’s too late. You know what I mean by fake right? I’m talking about the Kardashians, most of the local and state politicians, and even the store clerk … Read more

Meeting Women During the Coronavirus

You may think I’m an absolute savage with today’s topic, but the struggle is real and I know some of my brothers out there can feel the effects of the world pandemic we’re in.  Meeting women during the COVID-19 is still possible, but you have to rely a lot more on technology than ever.  Thankfully, … Read more