Reddit NSWF (Subreddit Porn Links)

Reddit NSFW

Reddit is an app website that allows users to submit content, and then other users can upvote or downvote the content. Reddit’s nsfw subreddit is a particular type of subreddit where users can submit (NSFW) content. This subreddit is comprised mostly of images, videos, and gifs, while memes and other nonsexual content are allowed. Reddit … Read more

A Foreign Affair Dating

russian woman

I’ve traveled the world and seen a lot of types of women, but I never thought about joining a website like A Foreign Affair Dating site.  The website claims to offer romantic tours of the world to help you connect with women in places like the Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  They promise the services … Read more

Why Morning Handjobs Are So Awesome

Imagine waking up and having such a great morning handjob that your toes curl and face cringes in pleasure.  While I’d gladly take oral sex over a handjob, I’ll never turn down a morning handjob from a hot piece of ass while I slowly wake up and begin to start my day. Today I’m going … Read more

RubMaps Erotic Massage Directory Review

Everyone likes getting massages, right? I do, and I get them frequently. However, I can’t condone using the massage parlors shown on the RubMaps website. For the most part, this is my review site to talk about various casual dating sites and escort websites. To start, I perform Google searches and check to see what … Read more

Sex Topics I Cover

My Mom would be so proud of me.  A college drop out blogging about his sexual conquests, endeavors, and well, basically my porn addiction. Hey, it sure does beat going to an office, so I’ll take it! Today I’m going to get into the sex topics I talk about on my website, as well as … Read more

Is Casual Sex Good For You?

Sex is necessary. In fact, it plays a crucial role in most of our lives. Not only for the continuous growth of our global population but much more. Did you know that our health directly depends on our sex life, meaning the more sex we have, the healthier we can be? YES, I said it. … Read more

What is a Transvestic Disorder?

There are times when I’ve been the sketchy areas of Costa Rica and seen the cross-dressing San Jose prostitutes that linger on the street corners looking for drunk or deviant tourists to either sleep with or rob, and I think to myself – how did they ever get to this point in life?  Today I … Read more

What is the Meaning of Kink?

​A “kink” is a sexual taste.  You can refer to the piece I wrote on the most common sexual fetishes and find out if any of your kinks are documented. Common Kinks Explained in SentencesJason likes to get spanked while he gets his penis played with.  Michael likes his women to wear high heels while he … Read more