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Dating a Scorpio Man – The Dos and Don’ts for This Zodiac Sign

Dating is often hard, and most people turn to find the right sign to pair them with people that meet their needs in a partner. While this is normal and can give plenty of insight into the right guy for a woman, some signs are afraid to get into an intense romantic relationship with a Scorpio man.

Scorpios are well-known for being feisty, passionate, mysterious, and loyal. However, they are also hard to figure out. These men are born between October 23 to November 21, and some of the most famous Scorpio men include Matthew McConaughey, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, and Leonardo Dicaprio.

Dating one of them seems exciting and full of passion, but it’s not always easy. While it’s never wrong to pick a different sign than what is “best” for you, you can expect things to be an uphill battle.

Overall, dating a Scorpio man means that he’ll want your undivided attention all the time and prefers to make the first move. He often has double standards for himself versus everyone else, and jealousy could be a big issue for him. Let’s learn more about Scorpios and answer all the questions you have!

The Seven Don’ts of Dating Scorpio Men

Dating a Scorpio man isn’t the easiest thing you might ever do. He’ll demand honesty, extra attention, and loyalty from the gate. Overall, the beginning is likely to be tough, and it’s a lot of work to keep him interested. These are the things you shouldn’t do if you want a Scorpio as your partner:

1. Don’t Push for Information

The mystery is part of the charm in a Scorpio male, but they are frustratingly secretive at times. Therefore, you can’t expect him to open up immediately. You’re not a reporter, so stop asking so many questions. Guys like this prefer the mysterious nature because they’re trying to find out if you’re honest and loyal.

In the early stages, you must ensure that he feels loved, stay cool, and focus on being his friend. Respect his wishes not to divulge a ton of information and let him be in control. This can be the start of a very healthy relationship. Scorpios tend to become interested in women who don’t have to know every little thing.

That first date should be carefree and fun instead of a 20-questions type of deal!

2. Don’t Rush Him into the Relationship

Scorpio men don’t like to be forced into sharing personal information too early, but they also don’t like to rush into anything, especially in the early stages. If it wasn’t his idea to begin with, they’re less passionate about it.

Whether it’s a long-term relationship or a Sunday dinner, you can tell when he takes a step back. Give him some personal space, and he’ll likely come around to the idea of dating and being with you as a partner.

scorpio dating

3. Don’t Force Him to Be Jealous

Jealousy is a big deal for many people, but Scorpios tend to have a temper and are very protective. Don’t make him jealous on purpose if you plan to keep the relationship going. While some women like to flirt with a cute guy in front of a crush to get him more interested, this backfires with the Scorpio!

They feel like they’re not in control and can’t take the lead. With that, they’re sensitive and don’t like to fight for the woman they’re attracted to. If you make him feel like you’re not there, he’ll go elsewhere. Just forget about making him jealous on purpose!

4. Don’t Ever Lie to Him

Lying is horrible in general, and you shouldn’t do it anyway. However, it’s very bad to lie to a Scorpio man. They’re as faithful as they come, and loyalty is a big deal to them. If you get caught in a lie, they are sure to be angry. Passionate men tend to get tempers quickly, and an emotional outburst is likely.

If you hurt a Scorpio guy, he might never forget or forgive you. In fact, he might use the blame game throughout the relationship to bring about the emotional hurt you caused, and those feelings never really go away.

5. Don’t Treat Him Like You Do Everyone Else

Most men want to feel special, and that’s especially true for the Scorpio. Scorpios fall in love with partners who give them extra attention, especially in a group setting. Therefore, you should compliment him whenever he does something sweet or funny. It can be something quite simple, such as letting you have the last bit of food.

He’ll often fall for someone with who he feels a deep commitment. The more dedicated you are to him, the more he wants to be more than friends. While you must give guys like this more space, you can also be in the right place at the right time, doing little things that mean the world to him.

6. Don’t Criticize, Not Even Jokingly

Most people can take jokes, but Scorpios don’t take kindly to getting picked on, even if it’s done jokingly. If you want to bring up something he did wrong, say it only once and then move on. Egging a Scorpio on just makes him cranky and upset. These men tend to break up with women who give them a hard time all the time.

While you should definitely tell him what’s on your mind and stand your ground, you should do it lovingly, with patience, and understanding.

7. Don’t Try Winning Every Single Fight

Generally, Scorpios rarely stray from the opinions they form and are highly honest. Therefore, you should prepare to rarely win a fight. That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with a Scorpio man, but you may have to let the emotions trump logic. Remember, Scorpios are emotional, and that runs deep. They want to lead, and they want others to come to them for tips and advice.

You should be careful that you speak the truth, but that might not be enough to win the fight in the course of the argument because they can’t stay calm and aren’t aware that their emotions are at the forefront.

The Seven Do’s of Dating a Scorpio Guy

Now that you know what not to do for Scorpio dating, you might be wondering what you should do. Let’s reveal that now so that your dates are effective, and you know you two are compatible:

1. Do Let Him Be the Leader for Most of the Time

If you want to date a Scorpio man, you should understand that they like to be in control. Give him the upper hand at all times, allowing him to plan your dates in the beginning. Just remember that Scorpios are focused, so he’s sure to take you on adventures.

With that, Scorpios have a large love of life, and they’re dedicated to the partners they choose in the long run. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sitting at home being bored. They listen to your dreams, pay attention, and make the effort if you give them a chance.

2. Do Always Be Patient with Him

Earlier, you learned that it’s hard to win fights with a Scorpio man. Scorpios require a lot of patience, and they can be quite stubborn, so it’s extremely important to stay positive and be kind. They’re also private, so they have many emotions. When an emotional good mood occurs, grab it by the horns and run with it, ladies!

3. Do Watch Whatever You Do, Even Small Things

Scorpios are highly observational and intuitive, so your Scorpio boo notices everything you do, making mental notes about it on the way. If you tend to bite your nails when lying, this type of person is sure to notice and file that away for later.

4. Do Communicate Effectively

While the Scorpio signs rarely share personal information about themselves until they know the other person, they want to know everything about you. He’ll want to get as much info as he can and might not reciprocate.

You may figure that he only wants you to talk, but it’s not just that. He’s determined to make sure you are both compatible, so be a little understanding here. Though being private and secretive can be bad, he might also be shy with his emotions at the beginning. Give it time!

5. Do Wait to Have Sex Initially

Scorpios are often highly sexy and like to show affection. However, they’re also very good in bed. That can be a good thing, but you shouldn’t rush into sex. Because it’s so awesome, it could cloud your judgment early on, making it hard to know where it’s all going.

Sometimes, the Scorpio man also uses sex as a power play. He knows you crave physical intimacy, and a woman falls for him easily. Waiting for such an intense relationship from a Scorpio lover is the key. Make sure you set boundaries about sex before you get intimate, talking about what you need and want when the time comes.

6. Do Always Let Him Express His Darker Side

Scorpios get cynical at times, so let him complain about the store running out of something or how hard it is to do something. Relationships are all about give and take. Overall, a Scorpio man likes a woman who lets him vent without worry or fear later.

7. Do Make Sure That You Two Are a Match

Your fixed Zodiac sign tells you if you’re a match with a Scorpio. While Scorpios are hard to handle at times and need a little work, they are quite committed when they fall for you. Here are the top matches:

Three Best Matches for a Scorpio Man

  1. Cancer – Has the same element as Scorpios, soft-spoken, willing to please, likes to feel protected in the relationship
  2. Pisces – Water sign, dreamy, willing to take the backseat, indecisive, dependent
  3. Capricorn – Good sexual chemistry with the Scorpios, diligent, patient

Water signs tend to pair well with a Scorpio, so if you’re a Pisces or Cancer, this relationship could work well. However, a non-water sign like a Virgo can still be a great pair.

Three Worst Matches for a Scorpio Man

  1. Libra – They don’t like jealousy or boundaries.
  2. Gemini – They want interaction with others and are flirty and flighty.
  3. Leo – They are lighthearted and don’t like the possessiveness of the Scorpio. They’re also strong-willed.

Dating a Scorpio Man – Their Personality Traits

It’s hard to dissect the true nature of most Zodiac signs, and that’s true for Scorpio men. Their personality traits can differ, but most of them always appear composed and calm at the surface. When you go deeper, you see they’re passionate about everything. Overall, they’re a mixture of philosophy, emotions, and intellect, but they’re also generous and live life to the fullest.

Dating a Scorpio Man – The Love Relationship

Who are Scorpios attracted to in relationships? Typically, they strive to be the best and want the best. A Scorpio man often falls for someone independent, talented, adventurous, sporty, intelligent, and passionate without having to take the lead.

  • Intense – Scorpio men are highly sensual in a relationship. Having a lover like this is often lustful and passionate, and many women are amazed by his intensity and sensual nature.
  • Trustworthy – The Scorpio man loves someone trustworthy and is rarely promiscuous himself. If he’s into you and feels there’s a serious future, he’s loyal and trustworthy.
  • Demanding – If you want to date a Scorpio man, they are very demanding. Scorpio men are extreme and intense, so a love relationship requires him to feel loved and get the reassurance and affection he requires.
  • Emotional – Scorpio men are moody and emotional under their cool nature. In a relationship, he needs you to understand his feelings and mood swings.
  • Possessive – A Scorpio man doesn’t want a woman who plays games and is suspicious and possessive about everything.

And hey, at the end of the day, if dating a Scorpio isn’t for you, check out my list of NSA dating sites.


While dating a Scorpio man might have a bad reputation, it’s important to understand what a relationship like this can bring. It’s best to determine if you’re a good partner fit before you date a Scorpio so that you both have an amazing life.

Remember, dating is mainly about trial and error. Any other sign just might not do it for you.


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