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Doublelist Review: Best Alternative to Craigslist?

This popular classified ads site is potentially just as exciting as Craiglist was before they changed their policy on personal ads. In fact, this site might be better because it has 40 million active users all looking to hook up.

Even better, the site currently boasts 3 million weekly users who post more than 100,000 times a day. And the site is growing, if you could believe it.

On a less positive note, the site is heavily populated with way more men than women in a 65% to 35% ratio of males to females. So men in the US and other countries internationally dominate the classifieds.

Let’s Dive into The Double List Personals Website

Interestingly enough, this is a website and not an app, which is odd in the age of mobile. You’ll have to verify your phone number when creating an account, which is easy enough to accomplish.

You should probably beware when joining this site because the potential for fraud is extremely high. Some members are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting marks, so be vigilant and keep this in mind.


The site is 100% free, which is great. And you have about a 60% chance of actually hooking up with someone, which ain’t too bad.

So many people are gravitating to this site because they fondly remember the good old days of Craigslist Personals and how easy it was to hook up.

But alas, Craigslist shut down their personals section in 2018 because they were accused of sex trafficking, which is obviously serious. Doublelist personal ads took off like a rocket in popularity not long after. It’s a place for people of all sexual persuasions like gay, straight, bi, or whatever to find a casual encounter with the quickness.

Is it Affordable?

Let’s ask another question to answer this one. Is free affordable? Hell yeah it is! Free is a huge benefit for those looking to hook up without spending a small fortune trying to find someone else looking for a casual encounter.

What can you do on the site?

  • Post classified ads
  • Attach photos for other members to view
  • Answer classified ads
  • Post 2 posts and 4 pictures per day at the maximum
  • Enter chat groups
  • Comment in chat groups
  • Interact with other members
  • View webcams
  • Play hot and cold games
  • And other entertaining activities

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How is the Quality of the DoubleList Membership?

Doublelist makes it seem like the site is teaming with active users, but as far as the US is concerned, there aren’t too many in the states. And the users in the US aren’t very active anyway, which doesn’t bode well for someone looking for a quick and easy casual hookup.

To join the platform, you must be 18 years of age or older. Otherwise you don’t qualify. But the truth is there aren’t too many 18 year olds on this site anyway. The average user is somewhere in their 30s and 40s. But people of all ages populate the site.

Are you trying to meet teenage girls here? You won’t because they aren’t well represented on this site. So you aren’t going to find them sexting with other members. Sorry.

This isn’t exactly a cougar dating site either. So if that’s your cup of tea, you’re in the wrong place my friend. Sorry again.

Even worse, fakes and scammers have found a way to dig their filthy paws into this site, which ruins it for everyone. While we haven’t noticed too many of them, the occasional oddball profile will appear that makes one wonder what’s going on. And if you find a strange profile, always report it to Doublelist.

How is the Interface?

Unfortunately for Doublelist, the website possesses a old vibe from the 1990s. But don’t worry if you think it’s going to be outdated and complicated because nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s pretty easy to navigate using the site, so no worries here.

Confidence is the key when signing up for this site. Just know that you’ll confidently navigate this beast and you’ll be good to go.

The Sign Up Process

The registration process is fairly simple and very straightforward to understand. As mentioned once or twice, you have to verify who you are with a phone number. They do not accept email addresses or potentially fake social media profiles, which is a good thing even though it might be a bit annoying.

Even more important to know is the phone number must be legitimately yours. You cannot use a prepaid or unsecured number to get past their verification process. It won’t work. We tried and failed. You will too so don’t bother.

Creating a Profile

You have to be careful when posting profile pics on this site. They want to keep profile pictures clean and wholesome, so avoid using nude photos and steer clear of anything that might be considered vulgar. They’ll likely reject the photos so keep this in mind as you set up your profile.


Each member has a limited amount of times they can post, plus a limited amount of daily photo uploads, so use them wisely.

Each day a member can make two posts in accordance with the rules. And within those two posts, you’re only allowed to share and upload 4 pictures. Not sure why they’ve limited this, but that’s where it stand right now.

Searching the Site

Searching the site is simple enough. They have 11 categories to choose from including straight, gay and lesbian, and couples. Oddly enough, they do not have a specific category for transgender people, which seems kind of odd in a world that is supposed to include everyone. So take a couple of points away from Doublelist for this glaring oversight.


It’s free to send and receive messages through Doublelist, but it happens through classified ads. Reply to one in an attempt to hook up and see what happens. You never know, right?


Nope. No mobile app. But you can view it on your phone’s browser if you’d like.

Privacy & Security

Since phone verification is required with registration, this platform is actually relatively secure and there aren’t too many fake accounts on the site. But the occasional oddball profile or potential scammer does slip through, so always be careful.

Sometimes people will attempt to create multiple accounts. This isn’t easy and they usually get caught. Once that happens, Doublelist will ban them for life.

Chances of Hooking Up

The site has 40 million users across the world, right? With that many people, your odds of hooking up definitely improve. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it was back in the days when Craigslist Personals were around.

Guess what? The platform is 100% free. You might as well take a shot and see what happens. But if it takes a little longer than expected, there are no worries because you’re still hooking up anyway.

The Matching Algorithm… Or Lack Thereof

Unlike many paid sites, Doublelist doesn’t employee a matching algorithm of any kind. You can look at their search engine and filter for specific ads. But they will not match you with anyone looking for similar things.

3 Better Alternatives to Doublelist

Although it’s definitely a decent alternative to Craigslist, there are actually much better options available. We’ve researched this topic from front to bottom and determined that three platforms in particular have a similar feel and success rate to Craigslist Personals. Even better, on these platforms your chances of hooking up are much better.

Adult Friend Finder

The AFF app has tons of members, and they’re into all different types of interesting things. They have a free option, but their paid option is even better.  I have slept with dozens of women from this site, and it’s one of the biggest hacks on the Internet in terms of finding set.

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Out of the three, we feel Pure is the best app around if you’re trying to hook up. It’s a sophisticated platform with a strong membership that keeps growing. The members know what they want, know what they’re looking for, and they know how to get it.

Even better, this app employs an intelligent matching algorithm for its members. You can use the algorithm to your advantage to find potential hookup partners’ right in your hometown or local area.

If you chat with a person for an hour, the next step is to meet them in person. Or you may not feel that the vibe is good and decide to move on. There’s no hard feelings on this app, so no worries in that regard.


We also feel the site is a great alternative to Doublelist. It’s been around for nearly 25 years and it has tons of members looking to hook up. If you’re into kinky topics and sharing live streams, you’ll find this site very appealing.

The users are here to hook up with other members fast. In fact, they want to hook up in an hour or less. They want to avoid awkward questionnaires and other crap that takes too long. Signing up is quick, easy, and it helps you connect with people right in the vicinity of your own home.

Common Misspellings Of Doublelist

It’s funny when I go through my web server logs and see all of the ways people find this page.  There are SOOO many people out there searching for the double list website that people are routinely typing it spelling entirely wrong.  Here’s a below sampling of what people have looked for while searching for this clearly popular website!  Let’s learn the home row keys on the keyboard, everyone!


doubke list





dounle list




double listing

doubble list


doube list









double lost


doible list





doubles list

Can you believe that?  Or am I being totally anal about posting these?  I’m a data nerd at heart and find this comical, to be honest.  Anyways….let’s wrap this up!

Bottom Line

On the surface, Doublelist seems like the perfect alternative to Craigslist Personals. In summary, the platform is free, it’s possible to find hookups online in your local area, and they let you post a couple of times a day and share your pictures as well.

With 40 million users or more across the world, it’s definitely possible to interact with other members on the site. Unfortunately, many of them aren’t willing to meet up in the real world. So it’s actually difficult to hook up on this site with anyone, believe it or not. Even though they make it seem like they are there to hook up they are really there to chat it seems.

The site has mixed reviews as well. Some reviewers had good experiences on the site and they were able to hook up with other members a couple of times. But many other members complained that they weren’t able to hook up at all. Unfortunately the complainers outnumbered the lucky few that did manage to make a connection.

At the end of the day, it will never hurt to give this website a try for a couple of weeks to see what happens. You may manage to have a great casual encounter. Or you’ll probably have a better chance of hooking up on one of the three other sites we recommended above. It’s up to you and it’s your call, so make a decision now.


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