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Elite Singles Review

For many people, the ideal partner needs to fulfill several requirements, and for many, this includes having a higher education. Instead of going to a bar and asking every prospective match whether they have a university degree, there is an easier way, and that is to join an online dating platform that caters to this specific crowd. One of these is the Elite Singles platform.

This one caters to people that have higher education and are looking for a serious relationship with an educated person. Elite Singles is a global community, with a presence in over 20 countries with over 20M members. There are about 5 mil US-based members, so if this is your thing, there is certainly a good base to find a match on Elite Singles.

Elite Singles Dating Review Details

I’m not an especially picky guy and it does not matter if my partner has a university degree, but this seems like an important achievement to some. These are the people that predominantly use the services of Elite Singles.

Intellectuals can meet, get matched with other intellectuals, and even form friendships here, as this is a highly popular platform with this crowd. I did my due diligence and here I bring you my findings of the Elite Singles platform and their services.

There is a mobile app that offers all the functions as the desktop site. Just like many of the other free dating apps, it’s available for iOS and Android. This is convenient when you are on the go, as you get real-time notifications and all the functions like sending winks, messages, and more.

General Info About Elite Singles

  • 85% of members have a university degree
  • Extensive personality tests for members
  • Active members, close to 1M of active members on a weekly base
  • Members are mainly from USA, UK, and Canada
  • Good matching system


The Elite Singles members are after a partner with higher education, and there is an equal proportion of male v. female members. Up to 85% of all members have a higher education, and the age distribution is as expected, with the majority of the members between 25 and 45 years.

The members can be matched up based on intellect and level of education and financial aspect. This is important, as is the gender distribution, as 50-50 means that each member can ideally find its counterpart.


Elite Singles has an easy and straightforward sign-up process. The initial sign-up requires some basic information like active email, age range, gender, and gender preference. After this, next up is a detailed personality survey which can take 15 to 20 minutes to fill out.

The personality test is in place for analyzing the personality traits, which are used to find a better-suited match. The questions are answered with rates and generalized terms that help determine your personality. After this, you will be led to a page with a list of members that match your set standards.

You will answer questions like “Do you leave clutter?”, “Do you stress easily?”, Do you always follow plans?” etc. There are plenty of other questions like these that help set your standards.

Connect w/ Members

To be able to contact members, each user of Elite Singles needs to be a paying member. The only thing allowed for free is to send winks as greetings. The paying members can send and receive emails and respond to emails, and paying members can be highlighted.

Similar to swipe on other online dating platforms, Elite Singles has a feature that is named “Have You Met?”, where a member is shown a possible match and if they like the profile they send a wink, and if not, they press the “X” button and a new profile is shown.

Member Profiles

The only way to see the complete profiles of other Elite Singles members is by upgrading the membership. The profiles are very detailed, which I expect from a highly-educated crowd. The questions that a person has answered and are the same with yours are highlighted to show the possible compatibility.

The profiles contain information like preferences, personality traits, physical characteristics, and more. The members also answer questions on what other members can do to get noticed, which I expect from the brainiac type of people that use Elite Singles.

Joining Fees

Members of Elite Singles can pay with PayPal or credit/debit cards and select one of three membership options. The Premium light feature allows three months of premium membership, unlimited communication, and access to intelligent matchmaking. You get this for $57.95/month paid in full upfront.

The Premium Classic allows 6 months of Premium membership, unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking, get access to all photos, see who visited your profile, and read receipt on messages and will set you back $44.95/month, paid in full upfront.

The Premium Comfort is a twelve-month membership plan that allows you unlimited communication, intelligent matchmaking, access to all members’ photos, getting read receipts on messages and see who visited your profile. This plan will cost you $31.95/month paid in full upfront.

Network Facts

The Elite Singles site has a clean, modern design that is easy to navigate and use. The sleek design reflects the intellectual crowd it attracts, as do the advanced features and clearly labeled menus.

The personality analysis is very detailed. The questionnaire was created by a group of psychologists that know their business. The members will get a copy of their personality traits and these include the five personality dimension analysis: conscientious, agreeable, open, extrovert, and neurotic. These are later used to get insight into the member and find the best possible match. However, these are not disclosed to other members but only used by the matching algorithm.

Each paying member will get regular updates and daily suggestions on possible matches. This way, each user gets a good possibility to find the most compatible match. The Elite Singles platform enables the use of advanced filters like age, location, height, income, education, and lots more.

“Have You Met” is a feature like the swipe function on other platforms and it brings recommendations on profiles that you might have missed. There is a Wildcard Match that is available to paying members and it provides 20 extra matches each day.

The members can have a Favorites list where you can add the profiles that have made an impression on you and you are considering contacting. This is simply done by clicking on the star icon next to their profile. Among the other good features is the Elites Magazine. I found the Elites Magazine to have amazing info and advice on dating which I’ll admit I read very carefully.

Final Recommendation

An online dating platform that caters to a specific crowd of intellectual singles who are too busy to look for partners in the traditional way Elite Singles is quite the popular platform. Almost all the members or over 85% have at least a bachelor’s degree and are looking for a long-term relationship.

There are specific features on that provide for detailed profiles and in-depth personality tests which are later used to find the best possible match. All in all, this is a great online platform with a mobile app that gives you a real shot of finding a match suited to your specific needs and wants.


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