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Erotic Monkey Escorts Review

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know I’m a casual dude who’s into having casual sex. However, that doesn’t mean I’m into paying for it. In fact, I’m not the type of guy who enjoys using the services of paid sex workers. That includes using sites like Erotic Monkey.

I’ve found that there are too many legit and super trustworthy hookup sites out there to need escort sites like The Erotic Monkey. These casual hookup sites are full of women who want to meet up for sexual encounters that are not looking to be paid for the encounter. Sure, you might have to pay to use the site, but that’s peanuts compared to what you’re going to pay for an escort, prostitute, or sex worker wandering the streets.

That being said, I don’t judge any guy that feels he needs to pay to have sex with a woman.

You do you, buddy. And I promise you, you’re not alone.

Because there are so many guys looking to have that escort experience, there are dozens of dating sites supposedly aimed at helping “John’s” find their next paid sexual experience. Unfortunately, many of these sites are not the best, and in fact, they are nothing but a total rip-off for everyone involved.

This is why I still choose to review escort sites even though I don’t use them and you’ll find some vital info below in this review today.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey Escorting Tricks Exposed

To kick things off, I’ll start by saying that I hate unsuspecting people being ripped off and my goal is to make sure that the shadiest and deceitful sites are exposed for what they are.

Today I chose to take on Erotic Monkey, an escort site that has a reputation as a “good” escort site in the world of online escort directories. Truthfully, I’m not quite sure why it has such a good following, especially after the things I experienced.

Before you decide to spend one second or one dime on Erotic Monkey, make sure you read about my experiences. I think they’ll let you see exactly why I think Erotic Monkey is a waste of time and money.

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3 Reasons Why I Found Erotic Monkey A Rip-Off

I want everyone to know that I really do try out all sites I review, including escort sites, as much as I don’t understand why anyone would want to use them. However, rest assured that even though I’m totally not into paying for sex, this review of Erotic Monkey is unbiased.

Here are the reasons why I found Erotic Monkey to be a rip-off.

You Have to Pay to Use the Site.

Now, I am not someone who is against paying to use a dating site. I know they are a business and they have to make their money just like I do at my job. I get it.

What I don’t get is why Erotic Monkey is so damn expensive. They are considered a Freemium service, which basically means they lure you in with the false promises of being able to do things as a free member, but once you click on anything, you quickly see that you’re not doing anything unless you pony up some cash.

This means to use any service beyond creating a profile, such as reading the forums or reading reviews of the ladies you’re considering hiring, you’ve got to upgrade to the basic monthly subscription or the annual subscription and then you have to pay for the services of the ladies.

Here is what it will cost you to become a paid member of Erotic Monkey:

• Monthly rate: $29.95
• Annual rate: $279.95

Here is what Erotic Monkey says you can expect in the way of fees for a date, if you can even get one:

• 30-min Incall Visit: $200
• 60-min Incall Visit: $380
• 30-min Outcall Visit: $250
• 60-min Outcall Visit: $430

It is not cheap to get laid using Erotic Monkey, that’s for sure. But trust me, my friends, just because you pay the fee does not guarantee you’re going to get laid.

Nobody Answers Their Phones.

Like I mentioned before, when I review a dating site, I make sure to do everything the average Joe (or John) would do when using the site. For Erotic Monkey, that meant reaching out to escorts to see how easy it was to schedule a visit.

Well, dialing the phone was easy enough. And truthfully, that’s about all I did. I contacted five escorts that looked promising in my area and not one answered her phone.

Not one!

Now, if you’re someone who is making a living by offering a service, aren’t you going to be answering your phone at some point? And, trust me, I didn’t just give one call and give up. Nope, I attempted multiple times to reach various escorts and nobody answered ever.

This gives me pause that any of the escorts on Erotic Monkey are actually real. In fact, there have been multiple complaints from escorts that Erotic Monkey is notorious for stealing their profiles from other legit escort sites to use there, without permission, to lure men in.

So, basically you’re paying about $30 a month on the assumption that you’re going to meet up with the ladies on Erotic Monkey and then they’ll never answer their phone because they probably aren’t real, at least in the world of Erotic Monkey.

It also gives me pause that any of the reviews under each girl’s profile are legit. I have a sneaking suspicion that this site creates those reviews because they know nobody is answering those fake phone numbers they’ve set up.

Everything on Erotic Monkey Links to Another Site.

If you’re new to the online dating world, you might not realize when you’re on a bad site and when you’re on a good one. One of the biggest red flags you will notice on the shadier ones is that they are often full of outside links to other sites.

You see, sites like Erotic Monkey will partner with other crummy sites so that they both make money. Each time you click a link, you’re taken to another site and that site pays money to Erotic Monkey for getting you to click the link. They’re hoping when you land on the new link, you’ll spring for whatever service they’re offering up.

In the case of Erotic Monkey, most of the links take you directly to This is just another escort site, only more expensive. Whatever you do, don’t fall for this scheme.

Final Thoughts on Don’t Do It!

I honestly would never recommend anyone use an escort site of any type, I think there are just too many other ways to get “action” that don’t involve a small mortgage and migraine headaches. However, if you absolutely must pay for sex, I would highly suggest that you don’t give Escort Monkey any of your money or time. It just isn’t worth it.

Look, if you want to smash some smoke shows and keep in casually at a low cost, then all you need to do is use one of my favorites, the site. The other option that you have is to check out the many “hookup” adult apps that I’ve been using for years.


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