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But do these websites actually help people hook up?

An Overview of

It shouldn’t really surprise anyone that adult themed dating websites exist today. There is a major gap between websites like eHarmony where people are looking for long-term relationships and adult dating websites where people are looking for quick connections to hook up with no strings attached.

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For a website like this to be effective, it needs to have a large user base to ensure that users will have no trouble hooking up with the right match. And not only does the website need lots of users, it needs users from mixed genders looking to connect. If the site has an overabundance of one gender over another, the results are going to be skewed and not necessarily effective.

Well, to put it bluntly, is a large site with a massive user base. But is it really effective and does it achieve its objective? Keep reading to find out.

What Claims

This website claims that their users will have no trouble finding other like-minded adults looking to have fun without threat of entering into a serious relationship. This site is all about sexual encounters and hooking up with a great sex partner, not entering into a relationship.

In fact, the site is bold enough to guarantee that you’ll have no problem hooking up. We will look at this further in our review. Just know that the major draw is that if you sign up and you honestly share what you’re looking for, you’ll find someone else looking for the same thing.

So, if you’re looking to make a physical connection without any drama or romance involved, but you want the passion of a sexual encounter without the commitment, this is the perfect place to be according to their claims.

Fling Dating App Hype

There is a lot of hype surrounding this website. Ultimately, they lead you to believe that if many people sign up it’ll be very easy to hook up with one another, but lots of people sign up to the sites and never go through with it. Or maybe you might not find anyone interesting. On the other hand, you might not find anyone close to home. A number of things could go wrong to make this a poor experience.

At the end of the day, Fling is selling easy sex without having to put in the effort and time. So obviously people are going to sign up just to see if it works. For some people, it definitely will work. For others, not so much.

Features of Fling Pricing

It’s free to sign up for their basic membership. But if you want to take advantage of the best features, you’ll need to pay for the privilege. They have a $25 a month level and a $35 a month level that offer various different additional services. If you pay for multiple months at a time, you will receive discounts as well.


The Fling Guarantee

Believe it or not, has a “Get Laid Guarantee” and if you pay for a membership and cannot find a partner to have sex with while using their services, your membership will be free. Please recognize that this is not a money back guarantee in any way, shape, or form.

So how does it work? Let’s say you pay for a three month membership. If you go the three months without making a single connection, the website will comp you for an additional three months for free. So you’ll get six months of the service even though you only paid for three.

It’s not exactly the best guarantee in the world. If it didn’t work in the first three months, the odds are it’s not going to work in the additional three months. The only stipulation is you must have a profile picture and you have to send or respond to five messages per week in order to qualify.


In the grand scheme of things, they seem confident in their website and believe that the average Joe or Jane will connect with a sexual partner because of their membership. After signing up for the service, it did seem like their membership was rather large, especially in our area.

Besides this site, we’ve reviewed other similar large websites of this type and this seems like it’s on par with the other bigger options. The users seem like they are legitimate. The membership has good features so you’ll know whether or not you’d like to pay for the privilege for the additional services.

As a comparison, if you think about how many drinks you’ll pay for at the bar trying to pick someone up, this membership fee is not all that expensive. So paying to see if it works might be worth it if you could avoid paying for movies, dinner, and the other expensive things you typically need to do in order to get laid.

My Personal Recommendation

It’s surprising to see that they guarantee that their users will get laid, which was kind of refreshing when compared to other websites of this type. Remember though, you do have to prove that you’ve put forth the effort by putting up a profile picture and sending or responding to five messages a week.

So, if you really want to hook up, this site can definitely help make it possible a lot easier than going through the dating scene. But nothing comes easy and you will have to put in the work in order to connect with potential partners. You’ll have to convince your ideal sexual partner why you’re the perfect person to sleep with as opposed to the millions of other potential partners on the site.



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