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Free To Join Apps

Do you know what’s even better than a good dating app?  A FREE dating app!  In this day and age, there are just so many options when it comes to casual hook up apps, so it’s naturally hard to decide which ones you want to invest in.  I made a list of all of the apps that are free to join in the dating space so you can test drive them before investing in a full blown membership.

Dating Apps that Are Free to Join

As you know, I focus on free adult dating apps.  You won’t find me recommending any main stream sites or apps here, so know that these are places where people look for sex and hook ups.  You won’t find a date for church, and if you do, well, I’d be awfully shocked but than again I’ve seen some crazy stuff happen on sugar daddy type sites.

Anyhow, please check back soon as I’m updating this list for 2019.


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