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HarlotHub Review – The Escort Hub That Leads You to Trouble

I get so tired of having to expose so many escort sites that are plain shady. More sites are popping up each day, and the promises you see are almost insane. For example, the vast majority of them claim to have escorts based in every mid-sized city in the Western market. They even promise to have options for a smaller city.

My issue is that everyone else seems to ignore the negative reviews others post, and I hate that. You can feel free to ignore my HarlotHub review, but I recommend that you stick with it. If your goal is to find escorts for casual encounters, it’s best to learn about today’s dump of the day. HarlotHub claims to be the place to get the body rubs you want. However, it’s a load of you-know-what!

If you’ve scoured the web for escorting websites, directories, forums, and hubs, you’re actually doing it WRONG!

harlot hub

I’m not here to give you a lecture on what to do. However, I must at least share my opinions and thoughts on Harlot Hub and tell you what this site doesn’t have to offer.

Though many users like the idea of more categories and various preferences, it’s unwise to visit HarlotHub. There are plenty of legitimate dating websites out there that are free to join and let you hook up with girls for free. Shoot them your phone number to chat or set up the meet online, but stay away from escorts who require payment!

Let’s get started on HarlotHub!

My Review of the Escort Site Called HarlotHub

My disclaimer here is that any escort-related website is dicey and shady. You don’t know if you’re seeing what you can get or if the girls are fake. In some cases, you get way more than you bargained for when the cops show up to bust you for sex trafficking. You think I’m joking, but I’m not!

When I see other sites like Harlot Hub, I must make sure that I learn everything about them. That often means signing up to view escort profiles and figuring out how many pop-ups and ads there are.

What I found out about HarlotHub is just like all the other Backpage wannabes. The owners didn’t do a great job of creating the website or making it legitimate and safe. Let’s learn more about the HarlotHub website and why you should avoid it!

harlot hub body rubs
If it sounds too good to be true, it’s because IT IS.

Not an Alternative to Backpage!

When you get to the site itself, you see what it claims to be and what it promises to provide. It gives a spiel about being a Backpage alternative and starting up where it left off.

For those who don’t know what Backpage is, it used to be a site like Craigslist. You got on it and could find adult massage parlors, sex workers, and read up on escort profiles.

However, in April 2018, the government closed it down after seizing it. On top of that, it took most of the adult dating classifies on other sites because of the new sex trafficking legislation.

I understand that adult jobs are still prevalent throughout the US and the world, but the government agencies are cracking down hard on it. Therefore, when you go to HarlotHub, you see a site design that’s pretty bland and boring to try to throw off the cops. I’m here to say that it doesn’t work; you clearly learn that it pairs escorts with johns if you know how to read the fine print. (Let me just say that I promise the police do!)

HarlotHub Sex Workers Equals Illegal

The goal of HarlotHub is to fill the void as being a massage and escort directory with no obnoxious ads or banners. It claims that its objective is to connect sex workers with the males who deserve and appreciate them.

harlot hub miami
These are most likely fake pics. Besides, you can meet these types of women on adult dating sites without the possibility of getting busted for prostitution.

What it doesn’t tell you is that it is illegal to pay for sexual acts in the United States. I can’t believe people don’t know this in 2021, but that’s where it stands. This and other escort sites are illegal!

If you think that this escort site and others aren’t on the radar for the federal or local government, you’re crazy. Plus, the names, phone numbers, and email addresses people input are connected to HarlotHub; even if you don’t use female escorts and just browse, you’re taking a risk of being part of a sting operation. It’s not worth it, in my opinion.

Many Risks Here Shown in This Harlot Hub Review

You should know the risks of dealing with prostitutes, such as getting social diseases or getting caught. I’m not here to harp on those or judge you for your indiscretions. Instead, I want you to realize the negatives of viewing or replying to escort ads on HarlotHub that I’ve come across.

First of all, the site has no internet presence at all. If you go to the search bar and do a quick search, you really only find information about a lame Twitter account (with very few followers) and an IP address. No matter what cam site you prefer to use, someone has written a positive/negative review of it somewhere on the internet. However, that’s not the case for HarlotHub. That makes me wonder if anyone has actually used it to find escorts!

However, when I went deeper, I did find information that rated this escort site at 76 percent. That’s much too high in my opinion and makes me think the owner of the website wrote the reviews or paid someone to do it for them!

No Massages Ever

The only positive thing I can say about this escort site is that it’s free to use, and there aren’t tons of ads to sift through. However, the issue is that you’re sure to become frustrated immediately. If you want a massage, you can’t find it; you prefer a date, tough luck. In fact, many of the categories come up blank, and there are hardly any escort ads at all!

The only ones that seem to have girls post ads are for escorts and sugar babies. There are various locations listed for escorts, such as Las Vegas and Latin America, with other mid-sized cities sprinkled in. Still, I worry that they are mostly fake profiles.

Harlot Hub actually claims in its own terms of use that you shouldn’t pay for or charge for sexual favors. What’s strange is that’s what it’s all about!

Its Terms Tell It All

When you’re checking out an escort site or dating site, the first thing you should always do is read the TOS. If you’re satisfied with those, you can go on and create a profile.

Regardless of which site you use, it’s ideal to read the terms of service first. For HarlotHub, if you don’t read them, you can’t see that it states that regardless of what you do on the site, it isn’t private. Therefore, if you do something illegal (like hire escorts), you could be turned over to the local authorities.

Remember earlier when I said that using escorts (which are essentially prostitutes) was illegal?! If you use the site, you’re agreeing to let it have control over what you do. Keep in mind that this site caters to johns and prostitutes. In a sense, you’re playing Russian Roulette with your freedom, don’t you think?

Only Crypto Payments Allowed

Another issue I’ve got with this escort site is that it only uses cryptocurrency as a payment option. Though it’s free to use, for the most part, there are a few features that you’ve got to pay for. Therefore, if you want to access them, you’ve got to buy credits with Bitcoin.

I don’t use Bitcoin personally, and I’m not about to go buy some just to contact someone or use the chat feature. There are tons of other websites out there I can use to find girls to fuck!

Masks All Commercial Sex

There are various scams found on dating sites like Harlot Hub, such as webcam rooms, fake pictures, and the risk of stealing your personal information.

However, with HarlotHub, it claims you can do anything on it that you want, as long as you agree that what you do isn’t private (remember the TOS from earlier?) Since anyone can post an escort ad, there are plenty of ways to misuse the space. Things like live cams, local hookups, and Meet-n-Fuck options are all the rage, but I still implore you to ask if it’s worth the risk.

Massage Parlors

Almost everyone knows what a massage parlor is; they’re really just brothels where you pay to have a happy ending. Even if you go to HarlotHub to get body rubs with a hand-job thrown in, there’s no guarantee that you can find a legitimate service.

My advice is to go to dating sites and just tell the girls that you’re into erotic massages with a happy ending. Most of them are willing and ready to do just about anything!

Cam Sites

Live sex cams are also a tricky business. You can easily spend all of your money because the cam girls are seductive. Plus, they usually work by you spending tokens or credits on the escort site for them to strip. It’s better just to go to strip clubs for that!

Local Hookups and Pay to Play

Lastly, the local hookups and casual sex it promises are also shady. There are limits to how many pictures you can view (because there are few escorts on the site). Though in-site communication is available, the site design lacks in many areas.

Conclusion – Should You Use Escort Sites Like Harlot Hub?

If you want NSA dates, you’re unlikely to find that on Harlot Hub. It’s only possible to get the illegal kind, which puts you at risk for fines or jail time. Since there’s no privacy, contradictory TOS information, and the requirement of buying cryptocurrency, it’s just not worth it to me.

For those who want the real deal on local girls for some free, fun sex, it’s better to use casual dating sites instead!


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