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HiSlut Review – Just Avoid This One

I’ve started watching some YouTube channels, and this cat Ryan Malone has some good hot takes on dating sites to avoid.  I liked it so much I made a transcript of it and figured you’d all want to see it.  Game recognize game!

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Ryan Malone: Hey guys, Ryan Malone here and I am the guy behind What I do is review apps that promise you could hook up with women. Some of them work and some don’t. Today I’m going to tell you about a site that does not work, and it’s this one right here, HiSlut. When you first get here, there’s this ridiculous questionnaire about asking how old you are, if you have an STD, if you use a condom and these fake little engines right here that talk about everything that could happen.

Of course, they want you to join the site, so of course, you’re eligible to become a member. It’s just incredible. They have this number of 56 that has come up, and every time I’ve answered these questions differently, showing you exactly how many people are near you based on the answers I submitted. I’m going to agree and they’re going to ask me to sign up, which I have done. I’m not going to do it here live on this recording, but if you want to know the entire truth about this site. I don’t really want to watch that because it’s fake. Come to my site, check out this review right here. This will tell you exactly what happened with my experience when I joined the site.

I’ll also detail every other site that I’ve had an experience with. Trust me, I’ve been dating online for about 12 years and there’s some good ones and there’s some bad ones. This, unfortunately, let me down. There was the typical fake messaging, there was just no one that would really answer a phone call because everyone was fake on the site, which happens. They want to get your credit card. It just doesn’t work. However, I do have some sites that I do recommend. I urge you to check out the link below, read the reviews, and see for yourself.

There’s plenty of good ones, plenty of bad ones. I also show you a lot of cool stuff on the site as far as tips, places you can hook up within places like New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, why you should avoid Backpage, all sorts of stuff. My site’s highly entertaining. I just wanted to say, if you’re looking to join HiSlut, if you’re looking for information, unfortunately, I cannot recommend it, but there’s plenty of apps, there’s plenty of websites you can use. Check out my site, you’ll see them. Again, I’m Ryan, thanks for watching. Plenty of more videos on my channel, feel free to check them out, share them with your friends. If you got any questions, let me know. Thanks, guys.


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