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Hooking Up Definition

You’ll be surprised to know that while everyone is talking about getting hooked up, no one exactly knows what the term hooking up actually means.

A recent study conducted in a college found out that students were familiar with the term hooking up but were not sure what it actually meant. Half of the students described hooking up to be a relationship where sex was involved while the others described it as some relationship not having any sex involved in it.

What is the Definition of Hooking Up?

So what does hooking up actually means it and why it is important to be familiar with the term? One thing is that hooking up does include sex and most students and youngsters who believe it doesn’t take it as a casual term which increases their risk of involving in a risky behavior.

Hooking up basically means that you hook up with the opposite sex to have a good time together and end it up with sexual relations. While most people describe their date as a hookup, if the encounter did not involve sex, it does not become a hookup.

The phrase hooking up has become so popular that even kids in school are using it these days without knowing what it actually means. Even kids spending a little bit of time with the opposite sex becomes a hookup for them and this creates a very casual atmosphere around the term.

When people do not realize what hookup actually means, especially if they are young an naïve, there is a huge chance of risky behavior involved. This includes unprotected sex or incidents of rape and other forced behavior sometimes involving drugs.

Hook up is used to define to some extent a one night stand. In popular culture, a hookup is when your friend gets you in touch with the opposite sex just to make sure you get sex out of the encounter. This involves both partying agree to have sex at one point. If there is no sex involved, it is a date.

Hookups are excellent way to find a partner and have sex with. But hookups should only involve consenting adults who know exactly what they are getting into. If one partner does not know that the other is coming with the aim to have a hookup, things can get pretty downhill really fast. So it is important that both people should know that they are going in for a hookup.

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No matter what you do during your encounter, make sure you are safe, as well as courteous.  If a female says no, that means NO.


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