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How to Approach Business Women in Hotel Bars

In most cases, we think about solitary wives, party girls, and liberated bohemians when we talk about the types of women who are usually get picked up in hotel bars. Many forget that business women also hang out in these places looking for some company. So how do you approach a businesswoman in this situation? Find out our tips below.

Why Take Your Chances on a Business Woman?

Hooking up at hotel bars

Given the job that they do, business women can be found almost anywhere, especially in big cities. They often take business trips, and this is a great opportunity for us to meet them.

Businesswomen are easy to be spotted in the middle of the crowd. They usually look chic, take care of themselves very well, and dressed very appropriately. You should play your cards right because this type of women is usually intelligent.

Don’t Flaunt Your Money

Business women are financially independent so you can’t boast your money in front of them. They have their own money to pay their own drinks and food. To impress them, you have to step up your game.  They don’t need a sugar daddy arrangement!

You’ll be surprised that most business women are open to the idea of having a fling while on break. They found no risk in doing it since they’re far away from home. Like all other girls, they come to have fun so a little adventure wouldn’t hurt.

Getting a businesswoman to like you isn’t hard. Just be the man that they’re looking for.

Be a Gentleman

Even if businesswomen tend to look chic and elegant, they still think like any other regular women. They want a prince charming to sweep them off their feet. Stop being edgy, unconventional, and extreme which can be really off-putting. Instead, be a gentleman and respect them.

A little naughtiness is okay as long as it’s done discreetly. You need to make yourself seem like a good catch even if it’s only for a one night stand. Put your A game and you can catch any business woman you want.

Listen Very Well

Most of these businesswomen are stressed by work or family, so it’s a good idea to listen to their worries. Some married women often lived a sexless life making them more amenable to fling relationships.

The good news is you can be a lucky man once these women cut loose from their stress and pent-up sexual energy.

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