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How to Ask a Girl to Hook Up Over Text

You can butter yourself up for a steamy, sexual encounter if you know how to ask a girl to hook up over text, and believe me, I’m speaking from a massive amount of experience here.  If you can get past the part of it being uncomfortable, I’m confident that you’ll find my guide to asking a girl to hook up via text quite useful, and almost like a life hack!

The Art of Asking for a Hook Up Over Text Messages

You’ll need to be witty, flirty, and classy as you attempt to get the girl buttered up for a date that will lead to hooking up.  If you can follow these steps below, you’ll be well on your way to a better casual sex life.

Flirting is the Ultimate Ice Breaker

First things first, don’t try to be someone that you aren’t in a text message.  If you talk a big game and can’t back it up, you’ll look like a chump.  Don’t talk like you are going to do this, and that, if you aren’t prepared to follow up with what you promised.


  • If you are talking about a sexual act, make sure you are going to follow through with it.  If you say you are going to pull her hair during sex, actually do it.
  • Start with things you know about, and can deliver on.  Underpromise, and overdeliver in the bedroom.

Shared Experiences:

If you have spent time with one another before, you can reflect on those memories.  Maybe it was a trip to get ice cream, seeing your favorite band play, or something you laughed at in the classroom if you are in college.

Use Her Name and Even Create a Nick name:

Personalization is very key, and it warms people up to one another.  If you have a nick name, use it with her.  If you don’t, try to come up with something sexy, yet clever, to call her.  Women love being loved and having a nickname given is a serious sign of affection.

Start Conversations With Questions

When you open up questions to people, especially women, you allow them to talk, which they love to do!  (I say that with my tongue in cheek.)  Once they start talking, they feel more trust, acceptance, and of course, will open up to you and let you close to them and inside them.  Yes, that’s a double meaning, guys!

Offer Up Compliments

Who doesn’t like hearing good things about themselves?  That answer is NOBODY.

  • Send a text like “hey I just wanted you to know how attractive I think you are.”
  • Send something like “it was really fun at the movies last night, it made me hot.”
  • Ask questions, (again) and let her talk about what she did.  Lob out “how was your night last night, tell me the best part about it?”

Use Humor

This has always been my go to move, using humor as a pick up tool.  Think about how much ass comedians must get?  Seriously, think about that one.

  • A good text I read on another site was “stop making me think about you.  I am trying to work here!”

That’s a direct text insinuating romance, and it’ll make her laugh.

Get the Conversation Engaging

If you leave things open ended like a “yes / no” type scenario, you won’t make her thirst for more.  Ask questions that are always creating more banter.

Be Direct About Hooking Up

This is perhaps the most important thing to know!  Be assertive and direct!

Now, there are ways to do this, and ways not do do this.  Saying “hey Sally would you like to come have sex with me?” will go over like a far in church, but if you want to really increase your odds here, say something like this:

  • I’d love to watch a movie, feed you ice cream, and cuddle.  (This implies romance.)
  • Going out with my boys, can I drunk text you later and tell you how I really feel?

When you get solid replies from those, you know you are setting yourself up to win.

Classic Texts to See if  She is Interested In You

Here are some instant classics:

“You up?”  – everyone knows this one by now.

The reply to this, by the way, is to ask “well since we both can’t sleep let’s sleep together.”

“Remember when we hooked up? It would be awesome to repeat that about now.”

Other Tips on Being a Suave Gentlemen Via Text Message

#1:  Always offer a ride.  

Pick her up, send an Uber or Lyft.

#2:  Tell her how clean your place is and how good you cleaned up for her.

#3:  Tell her you have all the essentials.

Condoms, booze, strawberries, even sex toys, if you are into that type of thing.  When you lighten the mood and prepare her sensors, you have a much better chance at getting her wet and sealing the deal.

#4:  Follow through.

Just like a jump shot or golf swing, your follow through is key here.  Actually do the above steps and do them better than you thought you could.  There are a lot of guys competing out there on the horny adult apps, so what makes you different?

Extra Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Always use your best grammar and punctuation.  Using abbreviations is slick, but many women feel it’s a bit “ghetto” and not classy, for lack of a better way to say it.
  • Be on time, be gentle, and be appreciative.  Nobody likes a user.
  • Don’t pressure anyone to drink alcohol if they aren’t into it. It may only lead to problems and you definitely don’t want problems.  You also can’t run the risk of saying that you were taking advantage of this woman when she was drunk.  It happens, watch your back, boys.


Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.