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How to Get a Girlfriend in Seven Steps

Are you tired of chasing girls in the singles clubs with little luck? Those days are about to come to an end, so don’t worry.

By reading this article, you obviously have no interest in living the life of someone who goes to singles clubs all the time. You might have little to no dating experience which makes it hard to talk to girls while you’re out at the clubs. This makes it hard for you to begin the process of hooking up. Or maybe you want a girlfriend so bad that you’re coming off as being overeager, which is scaring everyone away.

Throughout this article, we’ll tell you the reasons why you’re struggling to get a girlfriend. We’ll show you where to go to get a girlfriend. And then we’ll tell you how to get her in a step-by-step tutorial.

This information is invaluable and it really works, although it’s understandable if you’re skeptical right now. We’ve gathered this information from personal experience, stories from other guys in your situation, and other valid and reputable sources. Plus, using this info has helped plenty of men find girlfriends very easily. But they were in your same boat not that long ago, and they came out the other side being happy and carefree with the girlfriend that they’ve always wanted.

So, take time to read this because we have step-by-step instructions that we’d like to share to help you achieve dating success. We want you to commit to this information today to use it to finally get the girlfriend that you’ve always wanted.

What You’ll Learn About Getting a Girlfriend

  • The major takeaways and reasons why you can’t get a girlfriend.
  • Seven foolproof steps to finally get your dream girl.
  • The best places to find your next girlfriend.

The Major Takeaways and Reasons Why You Can’t Get a Girlfriend

Are you struggling to get a girlfriend? You may think it’s so hard to find a woman. Or you might be struggling to get one to actually like you. But there are other reasons why you’re having a difficult time in this department. Some of those reasons include:

You Aren’t Trying Hard Enough

Do you spend your time sitting at home playing video games? Or are you watching the latest reality series to hit Netflix?

You aren’t going to get a girlfriend if you’re spending all of your time at home. You just aren’t trying hard enough!

How will you get a girlfriend without putting in the work? You could be overly focused on building a new career and have chosen to put relationships on the back burner. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t put in any effort, you’ll never find a girlfriend because she isn’t going to magically appear in your life.

You Don’t Have Confidence, Life Experience, or a Great Personality

Looking hot will certainly attract women, but it isn’t going to help you keep them. You need to have personality to keep them interested in you. So develop a personality and stop being so boring.

Do you have interesting life stories to share? This will keep women interested in you. If your life is boring and you have nothing to talk about, it’s going to be hard to remain confident when trying to hook up with women.

Confidence is the key to landing a girlfriend as many men can attest to. Confidence promotes sex appeal. Women find men attractive when they are confident. Develop confidence, experience life and become a good storyteller, and this will improve your life and personality.

You’re Afraid to Make the First Move

Regular looking guys are usually afraid to make the first move, and this is especially true if the girl is particularly attractive. Unfortunately, making the first move when you’re an average dude with an average personality is incredibly important, so if you back off in this regard you’ll have trouble finding a girlfriend.

For the most part, if a girl is flirting with you and you act nervous and shy, she will not pursue you any further. She’ll take the wrong signal that you aren’t interested in her and move on. You may get another opportunity or two to flirt back so you better take it. Otherwise your chances are going to disappear with our hypothetical girl.

You Act like a Complete Pervert

Do you really think you’re going to find a girlfriend acting like a pervert? Didn’t you learn proper behavior when you were a kid? Maybe not!

Women do not tolerate being disrespected and treated as if they’re an object. They do not want to be cat-called, or whistled that, or hear you calling them sexist names. Even more important, you better not touch them inappropriately unless you’ve been given permission.

Stop being a pervert! Pervs spend their nights alone watching porn on the Internet!

You Severely Lack a Social Life

What do we mean by a social life? We mean that if you have no social life, you have no friends! A girl doesn’t want to begin dating a guy that’s going to be clamoring to hang out with her 24 hours a day.

You don’t have to be the coolest guy in the room. You don’t have to be friends with the rich kids. You don’t have to be a jock nor have the coolest friends in the world. You just need to have some friends to prove to this girl that you aren’t a loser.

You Have a Hard Time Talking to Women

Do you tend to babble on and say the wrong things while flirting? Or do you try to talk to her like she’s one of the guys? Don’t do that! She will not look at you as a potential partner if you put her in the friend zone dummy.

You Fail to Take Care of Yourself

Women want a man that is properly groomed and has good hygiene. If you’re looking to get a girlfriend but fail to pay attention to your looks and hygiene, you’ll never pick one up if you keep acting like a total slob.

Always remember to remain well-groomed and clean-shaven, keep your hair cut and neat, always brush your teeth, and remember to wear deodorant.

These basic hygiene habits will go a long way toward helping you get and keep a girl.

You Haven’t Pictured Your Soulmate Yet

Are you afraid to picture your soulmate? Are you unsure of what you want from the ideal woman? Maybe you’re young and immature and you just haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about this yet. Or maybe you have too much pride and feel that every girl should be your soulmate.

Pay attention my friend! Start visualizing the perfect girl and she will eventually appear.

You Treat Women like Second-Class Citizens

Deep down, are you afraid of women? Do you choose to make fun of them while talking to your friends because you’re secretly afraid of them? This is like treating them like second-class citizens and this behavior is unacceptable, especially in their presence.

Stop making stupid jokes and treating women like dirt. You aren’t going to attract any that way anyway. And you aren’t really endearing yourself to your friends either.

Stop treating women like they do not belong. They think like you, act like you, and deserve respect just like you. And they understand what you’re doing and saying and they do not appreciate it. At this point, you’re lucky you don’t get smacked for being an idiot.

You Act Way Too Needy

Women want to spend time with their friends. They want to hang out with their mom and go shopping. They want to have their own space and their own personal time to live life on their own terms.

They do not want a guy that’s going to cling to them all the time. Try not to be too needy and develop a life outside of your relationship. Your girl is going to want one so you should want a life of your own too.

You Have No Experience Dating

Unfortunately, having little dating experience is going to create roadblocks in your path. Why? You lack understanding about the rules of dating. But you can learn from our experience, so keep reading to discover our best tips.

Also read how to know when a girl likes you.  You’ll get the signs that will help you know if a girl is into you.

Seven Foolproof Steps to Finally Get Your Dream Girl

It doesn’t need to be mind numbingly difficult to get yourself a girlfriend. In fact, it can be a lot easier than you think if you pay attention to the seven steps and use them.

  1. Begin Working on Yourself First

You’re never going to get a girlfriend unless you can start acting like a man. You’ll never succeed unless you begin building confidence. And if you have zero personality and a crappy image of yourself, you’ll continue to fail.

Instead of failing, consider doing the following:

  • Become passionate about anything – do you have a particular hobby that you like more than others? Focus on this hobby or area of expertise and as you get better, you’ll begin to become more confident. And as you have fun with it, women will feel that you are much more attractive.
  • Begin living a rich and story filled life – start traveling, gaining new experiences, and participating in activities that you love. Be able to tell interesting stories about your new and exciting experiences. This will make you much more appealing to the opposite sex.
  1. Get Out of Your House and Get Out of Your Rut and Look for a Girlfriend

Next, you have to put down the video games and put down the TV remote control and finally get outside of your house. Go to a bar or nightclub or the movies. Go where you might actually run into a girl or two.

In fact, here’s what we want you to do:

  • Pay attention to the places where girls hang out and go there – it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that girls are just about everywhere. You can meet them at church, yoga class, the dog park, coffee shops, the gym, and tons of other places.
  • Grow your network – by attending social events, you’ll find it much easier to add to your network. So begin to join clubs, get a gym membership, take a yoga class, or do anything else that you find exciting. Become a member of a community of board game players. Talk to one of the clerks at the grocery store. Just expand your network any way that you can by meeting new people.
  • Be ready to flirt at all times – you never know when the opportunity will arise when you meet somebody. Always walk out of the house groomed and wearing your best clothes. Try not to act shy for any reason when talking to a woman. Let her know that you’re interested and become good at making small talk. Because you never know when life will surprise you and put a potential significant other in your path.
  1. Keep Potential Dating Targets in Position

Keep your potential targets in sight when you’re on the prowl and looking to meet your special someone.

As an example, let’s say you’re hanging out in a bar and you see a gorgeous woman that you’d like to get to know better. Offer to buy her drink and if she accepts, sit down and begin talking to her.

Another example is in the local dog park. Is she there walking her dog? Bring your dog along too and make small talk as your pooches frolic and play together.

No matter what, when you see a woman that you’re interested in you better not miss your opportunity. Stay the course and muster up the courage to talk to her and always keep your target in site.

To prepare, please consider the following:

  • Practice talking to girls – make it a point to strike up conversations with women as often as possible. Talk to them in stores, at school, or anywhere else. Just get comfortable talking to girls.
  • Learn a few choice pickup lines – this is a great way to open a conversation and make an introduction to a girl you’re interested in.
  • Develop conversation starters – some women aren’t good at small talk either. If you approach a girl with nothing to say, you’ll kind of look like an idiot. Instead, develop some conversation starters and the conversation will flow naturally from there.
  1. Secure a Date

Do you have a particular woman in mind that you’d like to date? Have you talked to a girl and felt a real connection? It’s time to ask her for a phone number in hopes that you can call her to ask her out on a date.

Guess what? If she gives you her number than she’s obviously interested in you. You can start texting with her and ask her out that night or maybe the next day.

Just make sure she’s comfortable with you first. Once you’ve established that she likes you and she likes talking to you, it’s time to finally ask her your most pressing question. Text her or call her or speak to her face-to-face. But don’t hesitate and definitely ask her out.

Some things to consider:

  • Planning the date – come up with a plan that you think she’d find interesting. Ask her about her interests, likes, and types of restaurants that she enjoys. Remember to pay attention to her and it should be easy to set up an exciting date.
  • Handling rejection – sometimes a girl might be interested in you but just doesn’t have free time to go on a date. If this is the case, she’ll tell you as much and suggest doing it another time. On the other hand, if she says no you must respect her wishes. You can continue flirting with her, wooing her, and maybe try asking again some other time. Or walk away if you feel like it’s going nowhere.
  1. Going on the Date

First dates need to be impressionable but you don’t need to go overboard. Consider taking her to a nice restaurant for a tasty dinner. While there, make it a point to get to know her better and see if there’s an actual connection with real chemistry.

Take her to a nearby bar for a few drinks after dinner. You’ll lower your inhibitions and loosen up once the alcohol starts flowing. Who knows? You may even get closer at this point.

Some first date tips include:

  • Dress to impress – always go out of your way to dress your best on a first date. While you’re at it, make sure your hair is combed, your teeth are brushed, and you do not look like a total slob.
  • Be mindful of your manners – do not act like a rude jerk because you will never get another date with her. Listen when she talks to you and share appropriate stories to stimulate conversation. Don’t talk with your mouth full, be polite, and act like a gentleman.
  • Compatibility checker – first dates are a good way to check if you and your date are actually compatible. You may not seem to fit at all and would prefer not going on a second date. Or you may be perfect for each other.
  1. Gauging Chemistry in the Bedroom

Do you already feel sexual attraction and passion on your first date? You may not feel it right away and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But if you do, then you may want to see if she’d like to come back home with you to spend the night. If she isn’t giving off the right body language, you may want to avoid asking this question on the first night.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Pick the appropriate time to go home with her – are you looking for a girlfriend or a one night stand? Are you looking for a late night booty call or someone to spend your life with? If you take her home too quickly it’s possible she might just become a booty call. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it might not be what you’re looking for.
  • Wait until she wakes up before you leave – if you want a girlfriend you cannot split on her in the middle of the night while she’s sleeping. Wait for her to wake up and see if she’d like to go out for breakfast. If this is just about sex, then you can run out the door whenever. But if you’re looking for a girlfriend make sure to stick around and let her know you’re interested.
  • Frequent and passionate sex will win her over – if you can have sex with her often enough, she will begin to become physically and emotionally attached to you. This is a great way to turn your passion for each other into actually getting a girlfriend.
  1. Move from Dating to Girlfriend Material

You’ll learn more about her the more time you spend with her. This will also let her know that you’re interested in a relationship. You’ll never fall in love unless you get to know one another and that happens by spending time together. Share fun experiences and great moments together and soon enough she’ll be yours. Become a great conversationalist and she’ll love talking to you.

Keep this in mind:

  • Know how you really feel – are you aware of your real feelings? Do you know if you actually want her to be your girlfriend or not? Pay attention to how you feel before asking her this important question.
  • Ask if she’d like to be your girlfriend – if you want her to be your girlfriend and you feel like she wants you to be her boyfriend, you should ask her. You aren’t asking her to marry you. You’re just asking her to make a commitment to you. Don’t be afraid to take this step.

The Best Places to Find Your Next Girlfriend

Women hang out in all sorts of places as you undoubtedly know. Some places are better to meet women than others. We’ll share our favorite recommendations with you below.

Think about Places That Women like to Go

As mentioned, women are everywhere and they are easy to find. But some places aren’t as easy to ask a girl out as others. If you’re trying to meet a woman, you can find one in all sorts of places. Start chatting with girls at your job, in bars, in clubs, in the mall, in the park, or even waiting for a bus or an Uber. They are all over the place so make it a point to start a conversation and you’ll have no trouble talking to the girl that might just end up becoming the woman of your dreams.

Go to Gatherings and Other Social Events

Do you usually skip local neighborhood parties? Well, you’re missing exciting opportunities to meet beautiful women. How about get-togethers that your friends have every once in a while? Do you skip them or go? If you don’t go, then you won’t have a chance to meet that special someone.

Believe it or not, weddings are a great place to meet women. They are already feeling very emotional as they watch their friend get married. It’s a great place to hook up and maybe even find your better half if you’re lucky.

Ask Friends and Family Members to Hook You Up

This may seem annoying at first, but it’s actually a great idea whether you know it or not. You may have sisters with pretty friends that could hook you up. Or your mom or dad might have a gorgeous girl that they work with that’s looking for someone to connect with. Why couldn’t it be you?

Online Dating

Online dating gets a bad rap sometimes because of the past. But these dating sites have improved tremendously throughout the years and many amazing women find their better half on these websites.

If you’ve shied away from online dating in the past, it’s time to break out of your shell and set up a profile. Look into different platforms and find one that has the kind of women that you’re looking for.

Dating sites have different categories, so if you’re looking for a relationship make sure you check off that category. Or if you’re looking for a quick and casual fling, you can also find that on the site as well. It all comes down to you and your personal preferences.


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