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How to Pick up Girls at a Party

Parties are a great event to meet and hook up with girls where conversations and a little flirting are okay. Although it’s almost similar in other social situations, there are still some little differences that you should know. Whether you’re a master at approaching girls at a party or a little inexperienced, this article will help you meet a girl at a party.

The Art of Approaching Women at Parties

Approaching Women at Parties

​1. Be Confident

Confidence goes a long way when it comes to any social event. When picking up girls anywhere, you need to be confident.  It doesn’t matter if it’s online, at a Hotel, in a bar, or at the grocery store.  Walk straight, wear a big smile, and keep a good posture when you approach a girl at a party. If you’re shy, mimic the behaviors of a confident man as much as you can. As what the famous quote says, “Fake it until you make it”.

be confident

​2. Make Her Smile

Nothing beats a good sense of humor when attracting girls. Your first goal in meeting with girls is to make her smile. It’s an easy thing that uplifts her mood and leaves a strong impression to the girl you like.  It’s also a good start to make the entire conversation more relaxed.

To achieve this, make a light banter when starting a conversation. Make the conversation playful to get her interest and commence the process of attraction.

woman smiling

3. Give Enough Attention

Showing the girl proper attention is a good hint that you’re interested in her. Don’t overdo it or you’ll come as someone creepy. Just enough attention to make the girl engaged in the conversation.

While talking to her, flirt a little and say things like “I like your hair” or “You look cool”. These simple phrases will send a signal that you like her. Don’t get overboard because too much flattery will kill the mood. Simply make small, true compliments.

give attention

​4. Socialize

Of course, it’s a party. You need to socialize with other people. If you’re done talking with one girl, leave politely and go find another girl to socialize. You don’t want to stick to one girl the whole night and come out as someone needy. Talk with other people and if you’re done expanding with your options, go back to the girl that you truly like.

people talking

​5. Invite Her for Some Alone Time

Once you have made up your mind on who you want to spend more time after the party, invite her for a private party. Suggest going to a nearby bar or heading back to your home. Be brave to gently suggest these two options.

couple walking


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