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How to Pull a Woman’s Hair

​I wouldn’t classify myself as a freak, but I do like to do things a bit abnormal and always please my sexual partner.  If you told me in my teenage years, when I first started having intercourse, that I would be pulling a woman’s hair, I’d tell you that you are NUTS.  Heck, even going doggystyle on a girl I picked up at a party was a bit of a delicacy back then for me!  However, as I’ve got older and opened my mind a bit more, I’ve found out that there are many things certain women enjoy, and one of them is the art of pulling her hair.  Today I’ll touch on this, and share my thoughts on the topic.  Of course, like any sexual fantasy, your preferences and mileage could definitely vary.

Pulling a Woman’s Hair During Sex – The Right Way

I couldn’t find any polls online that talked about the percentage of women who enjoy having their hair pulled during sex, but I did run into a statement on this site, that referenced an OKCupid member poll where over 400,000 members were surveyed and 62 percent of women in that survey noted that they enjoyed rough sex, and also made a special mention that hair pulling was a turn on to them.

pulling her hair during sex

Before I go any further, there is a psychological angle behind this, and I find it quite interesting.  

When you grab the hair of a woman and yank her follicles, this sends a sensation to the nerve endings that are on the back side of her neck.  If you ever think about having a scalp massage, you know that this feeling is very pleasant.  (Even a dude rubbing my head at a barber shop feels good, let’s be honest.  Hair follicles are definitely sensitive!)

Getting into the exact science of this, it’s also a fact that the nerve centers for both pain and pleasure run very parallel, and in the female brain, the responses to both of these are highly related.

In dumbed down terms, the sensors that fire when something like this happens is activated by actions such as spanking, hair tugging, and more.  

It’s for this exact reason (science), that women enjoy this sensation, and they can’t really explain why sometimes.

It’s also true that many women don’t like to date cowardly or unmanly men.  A man who exerts power over her is someone she can respect, trust, and basically rely on to be her protector.

Do you want your woman to think you are a coward?  

Can you afford a random girl you bang that you met on some app designed for sexual encounters to go out and tell her friends you aren’t manly enough for her?  

Do you want her walking away from a sexual encounter unsatisfied?  

Rough, tough, powerful sexual encounters will gain you respect in the bedroom and from your partner.  Of course, be gentle and know your boundaries, but when you have the authority to pull her hair and let her know whose boss, I will guarantee she will respect you more, show you more respect, and hold you in a higher regard.

Pulling Hair 101

Let’s go over some basic technique.  

If you grab the end of her hair, you can cause a lot of pain for her and it’s not really the touch she’s looking for.

Instead, grab her hair as close to the base of her neck as you can, as it’ll be less painful and more enjoyable.

Here’s a video I felt was worth posting about this topic that you can learn from.

When you properly pull her hair during sex, you’ll give her a sensation that will lead to a toe-curling arousal.  Of course, you can add a bit of flavor and differentiate yourself by massaging the area first, and basically priming her up for the hair pulling.

Again, always make sure that you have the trust of your partner to do this, and know your boundaries.  We don’t need a culture of men going around pulling hair and pissing everyone off, blaming me!  

Would love some comments on this topic, both from men, and women.  Thoughts?  Comments?  Stories!  (Please!)


Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.

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