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How To Spot A Catfish

In 2020, one thing is absolutely certain…there are fake AF people living in the world today. Unfortunately, some of us aren’t swift enough to figure this out until it’s too late. You know what I mean by fake right?

I’m talking about the Kardashians, most of the local and state politicians, and even the store clerk working that retail space in the middle of the floor at the mall. Yes, the one pushing something you do not need in your life or at a minimum trying to get your digits. They are all pretty much as fake as they come.

how to spot a catfish

Now, what you probably didn’t know was that there are many fake people on dating sites too. I’m not talking about fake profiles, I’m talking about real people, but fake personas.

Many of these people try to pull the wool over people’s eyes just for the heck of it. This is what I refer to as a catfish.


Although most of us know a catfish when we see one, I think it’s always a good idea to freshen up on these things when possible. I will come fresh out the gate and say that lots of these fake people spend their time on fetish centric dating sites.

So if you’re using those, then please be extra careful! Here are some tips for spotting a catfish a mile away.

Top 5 Tips To Help You Spot A Catfish On Dating Sites

​These tips are for sure going to help you refrain from getting screwed completely online and even though that’s the objective with dating sites, this type of screwing is entirely different.

They Want Coin

​If the person that you’re speaking to asks for or even begs for you to give them money, then you need to run fast. This is a red flag that flat out tells me they’re catfishing you – no doubt. Tell them bye and hit the road. Don’t walk, run!

Smoking Hot Profiles

Ever come across a photo that looks so damn good that you’re thinking, this person can’t be real? Well, that’s more than likely the case.

That hot profile is likely a catfish trying to take you for a ride. Don’t take that ride. Most of these people will make it seem like they’re hot and they do so by using models or even hot actors as their profile pics. Don’t fall for it.

No IG or FB

If the person that you’re chatting with doesn’t have a genuine Facebook or Instagram account, then they’re probably fake.

I don’t know a single person on the planet besides my grandma who doesn’t have an Instagram account. Most of these fake accounts are super duper dry and no real substance in the posts at all.

They Have No Uniqueness To Them

Most of these catfish dating accounts are super cookie-cutter and bland. They’ve got a script and strict guideline that they go by and most of the time, you’ll hear nothing from them that have any personalization.

Have any of the profiles you’ve checked out sound similar to one another? If so, then run like the wind.

There’s No Meeting Up

If you’ve never met any of these people you chat with in real life, then there’s a chance that they are completely fake. Meeting people IRL is common when using adult dating apps like the ones I use.

But if you’re using crappy apps or sites and the people are fake, then chances are they’ll never give you a chance to meet in person.

catfishing tips

Final Thoughts

​Truth be told, there are plenty of other things I can tell you about catfishing and how to avoid being a catfished victim, but this should be enough information to keep you on your toes. Stay alert my friend and spot the catfish before they bite you!


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