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How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

Guess what? The honest truth is that girls usually experience very complicated emotions and much more so than guys. In fact, their emotions often go up and down like a yo-yo. One minute, a girl can be the nicest person in the world to you, but she acts like she’s trying to keep you at bay in the friend zone. But in secret within her heart she really wants you to ask her out on a date.

She may seem perfect to you. She may seem like she’s completely out of your league. But at the same time, she is sending you signals, even though the signals are mixed. One minute you’re getting the green light and in another minute she’s holding up a bright red stop sign. It’s downright mind-boggling at times.

Here’s where it gets even worse: women tend to hold back and avoid sharing how they really feel. They want you to guess their feelings and understand them without ever actually saying a word.

But things can be very interesting when dealing with women. You can treat it like a game and try to discover their subtle or completely unsubtle tells that let you know whether or not they are really interested in you. And if you learn how to play this game right, you will win, and win big my friend.

Are you ready to learn how to crack the code? We’ll discuss common behaviors among females that will help you decide if she’s digging you or not. It’s time to put the guessing games to bed forever. It’s time to stop blindly fumbling through the dark.

What You Will Learn About a Woman’s Behavior

  • How to decipher her body language
  • How to decipher her behavior around you and other people
  • How to decipher her behavior around you
  • How to decipher how her friends react in front of you
  • How to decipher her reactions when you do things
  • How to decipher the way she texts you
  • How to decipher her actions on social media
  • How to decipher her contradictory actions
  • How to decipher whether or not she’s into you
  • How to handle misinterpreting her signals
  • How to proceed if she does actually like you
  • Final thoughts

In truth, each girl is going to be different. But they do share many of the same common behaviors and traits. This is especially true if she wants you to take your relationship to the next level.

Different behaviors occur during different scenarios and require different actions. Try not to get too overwhelmed when dealing with girls. We’ll go over a number of critical scenarios and provide proper guidance.

Are you ready to get started? Then let’s get to it.

How to Decipher Her Body Language

She Copies Your Facial Expressions, Gestures, and the Way You Move

By copying your gestures and facial expressions, she’s initiating the mirror effect. This is a good thing. When she does this, she’ll actually begin to feel more positive toward you while creating a deeper connection.

She Keeps Fiddling with Her Hair and Touches Her Neck

When she does this, this actually means she has a strong interest in you. She wants to know what you have to say. She likes you a lot. And she’s doing everything she can to draw your attention to her hair and neck, which are her best features.

She Slants Her Head

By slanting or tilting her neck, she’s actually showing you that she places a great deal of trust in you. Her primal instincts are kicking in at this point and clearly indicating that she has no problem being vulnerable in front of you. This is very positive as you can imagine. It shows that she feels comfortable around you no matter what.

She Looks in Your Direction Three Times in Less Than 10 Minutes

It’s normal to glance at a person. But if she starts staring at you frequently in a matter of minutes, she’s telling you that she likes you.

She Begins to Blush When You Stare in Her Direction for Five Seconds or More

Holding eye contact with another person is quite intimate. Prolonged eye contact is a way for many women to let you know that they have strong feelings for you. On the other hand, certain girls might not be able to look you in the eye even though they have a big crush on you. Blushing while meeting the eyes is quite natural, and for many women it means they’re definitely into you.

She Initiates Physical Contact

By physical contact, we do not mean contact with sexual intent. Innocent physical contact by grabbing your arm, or bumping up against you, or rubbing your back, means she feels comfortable in close quarters with you. This could be a sign that she’s ready to kick your relationship up a notch.

She Draws Attention to Her Figure by Arching Her Back

This primal instinct means she’s trying to attract a mate by flaunting her goods. She’s probably doing this unconsciously, but the change in posture means she wants you to notice her gorgeous body.

She Stands Directly in Your Field of Vision

Does she keep standing in your field of vision? Guess what? She wants you fully focused on her. She wants you to forget about everyone else and only think about her when you’re with her.

How to Decipher Her Behavior around You and Other People

She Stands Close to You Whether You’re Talking to Her or Not

Even in groups, if she stands close it’s a sure sign that she likes you. She could do so many other things at a party or social gathering. But instead she decides to spend her time talking to you and staying by your side.

She Changes Her Demeanor When You Enter a Room

Does she become a party animal when you enter a room? Or does she get really quiet when she sees you in public? The odds are she’s acting different because she’s interested in you.

She Always Talks about You While Spending Time with Her Friends

Does she always talk about you with her friends? Most women go on and on about the guys they like when talking with their friends. Her friends will know everything about you and your relationship with her, whether it’s platonic or not at the moment.

She Points Her Feet in Your Direction While You’re Together in a Group

How does she stand when she’s around you? Is she always pointed in your direction? Does this even happen in large social gatherings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it means she likes to focus her attention on you, which is a good thing.

How to Decipher Her Behavior around You

She Keeps Her Eyes Glued on You While Hanging on Your Every Word

Does this girl tend to hang on your every word? Does she act like your stories are so exciting and engaging whether you’re rambling on or telling a boring story? It sounds like she’s definitely into you.

She Walks Away from Her Group of Friends to Chat with You

Any girl that walks away from her group of friends to talk to you is clearly into you.

She Casually Remind You of Her Relationship Status

Reminding you that she’s single is plain as day. Reminding you multiple times during the same conversation is going a bit overboard. Do you get the point? She wants you to know that she’s available!

She Showers You with Compliments and Recognizes Traits in You That No One Talks about

How often does she complement you? Does it happen a lot? Does she complement things that no one else ever talks about like your sense of style or your gorgeous eyes? Does she notice your eye color? If she’s paying this much attention to you, then she definitely has a crush on you or more because she wouldn’t notice these things otherwise.

She Stashes Her Phone in Her Purse or Pocket When You’re in Her Vicinity

Most people are glued to their phones all day long and you’re probably no different. If she’s constantly putting her phone away when she’s with you, it means she wants to focus on you and spend time with you. You are a lucky man in this case.

How to Decipher How Her Friends React in Front of You

Her Friends Give You Ample Room When the Two of You Are Together

When you’re with her, do her friends find reasons to leave the two of you alone? If so, then her friends know that she likes you and she wants to be more than friends. They are helping her out by walking away and making room for you to get closer together without other distractions involved.

Her Friends Keep Asking Questions about the Relationship the Two of You Share

Pay attention to her friends because they’re definitely looking out for her. Are they asking hypothetical questions about her? Do they want to know if you think she’s girlfriend material? Are they trying to find out if you have any interest in her? She likely put them up to it because she’s digging you.

Her Friends Question You about Your Love Life and Always Include You in Conversations

Do her friends try to include you in every conversation? They want you to feel comfortable around them because she obviously likes you and she expects to spend time with you from now on. By them including you in conversations, they are basically welcoming you into the group.

How to Decipher Her Reactions When You Do Things

She Asks a Small Favor of You and Makes It Sound like a Gigantic Request

Women can be very tricky at times. They’ll create situations to have you help them even if the favor is really small. But they’ll make it sound like a big deal and make it seem like you’re a big help. This will boost your ego and make you feel good about helping them.

She Gets Quiet and Cold Whenever You Talk about Other Women

Pay attention to her whenever you’re around other women. Does she get really quiet when you talk to other girls? Does she get cold and distant? She’s getting really jealous if this is the case. Girls have no reason to get jealous if they aren’t attracted to you, right?

She Always Watches Over You When You’re Together and You’re Talking to Other Girls

Is she always watching over you when you’re out together? You may talk to another girl or a group of girls at the bar, and the whole time she’s looking at you out of the side of her eye. She’s keeping tabs on you in this situation. If you’re into her, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it means she likes you.

How to Decipher the Way She Texts You

She Replies Quickly with Open Ended and Thoughtful Answers

Quick replies to your texts mean she wants to talk to you. Especially if she gives thoughtful and open ended answers.

She Sends You A Lot of Heart Emojis

Heart emojis can only mean one thing. They mean that romance is on her mind and she wants to develop a deeper relationship with you.

She Makes Time to Talk with You Even When She Has A Lot on Her Plate

Does she seem to make time for you even though she’s busy with other responsibilities? Taking time out of your hectic schedule to talk with you means she’s special, plain and simple, and she likes you.

She Sends You Dirty Messages and Likes to Tease You

Teasing and sending flirty, sometimes dirty messages is awesome. She probably feels more comfortable doing this over text than in person. Take advantage and flirt back with her and see where things go.

She Always Answers Yes Right Away When You Ask Her Out or She’ll Ask You Out Too

This is a great sign when she asks you out or answers yes immediately when you ask her out. It means she like spending time with you and wants to get together as often as possible.

How to Decipher Her Actions on Social Media

She Discovered and Followed Every One of Your Social Media Accounts

Did she look you up on social media? Has she discovered all of your social media accounts? Is she now following these accounts? By adding you on all of her social media accounts, she definitely thinks there’s a spark there.

She Likes and Favorites All of Your Posts

Commenting and liking or hearting all of your posts is the ultimate validation. Retweets, likes, and social media interaction means she’s interested in getting closer with you.

She Posts Lots of Interesting Things on Social Media in Hopes That You’ll Notice

Has her personal posts increased since you started following her on social media? She’s really going out of her way to try and get your attention. She wants you to see the exciting things happening in her life. She’s hoping it will make you start crushing on her hard. So if she’s suddenly become extroverted more than usual, take this as a great sign.

She Broadcasts Stories on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram Telling People You’re with Her

Is she constantly broadcasting to everyone that she spends time with you? Are her social media accounts blowing up with these broadcasts? Obviously you aren’t just some random guy to her. She wants you featured in all of her stories on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

How to Decipher Her Contradictory Actions

She Looks Away Quickly When You Meet Each Other’s Eyes

Maintaining eye contact is different for everyone. Sometimes when we avoid someone’s gaze it’s because we’re nervous and we’re starting to feel self-conscious in front of the other person because we like them. Sometimes girls are really shy and holding eye contact is difficult for them. It doesn’t mean she’s disinterested or unhappy with you. It just means she has butterflies in her stomach because she’s nervous staring into your longing gaze. Does she stare at you when she doesn’t believe you’re looking? Then she’s definitely into you my friend.

She Makes You Jealous by Flirting with Other People

Does she go out of her way to make you feel jealous by flirting with other guys? Jealousy can get ugly and this approach isn’t necessarily sophisticated. But if you aren’t making any moves toward her, she might feel frustrated because you aren’t noticing her signs. By flirting with other men, she’s trying to get your attention because she wants to see how you react. She’s only doing this to see what you do. It doesn’t mean she likes other guys. It’s her way of trying to get you to finally take action and ask her out.

She Completely Ignores You and Acts like the Life of the Party

At parties and other social gatherings, does she ignore you but keep looking over at you throughout the night? Is she trying to get your attention by showing you how much fun she has without you? This is another tactic that women use to try and get your attention and make you jealous. She wants you to feel upset and insecure. But really, the whole night she’s been tracking your every move to see what you’re doing.

How to Decipher Whether or Not She’s into You

Women are so very confusing to guys, right? Her actions are so much different than the things she says and it’s often hard to decipher her intent. It’s never easy to tell whether a girl likes you or not. But we would like to help you discover the answer to the question that’s on your mind.

How to Handle Misinterpreting Her Signals

Every woman has her own differences and unique quirks. Although many women exhibit the same common behaviors, it’s hard to tell if they like you or not. So you have to pay attention to her personality to decide whether or not she’s into you.

Or you can begin paying attention to the subtle or not-so-subtle cues that she gives off. But try not to misinterpret them because the context matters.

Figuring out and interpreting social cues definitely takes skill. You have to notice the difference between her normal personality and when she’s acting out of character and you must figure this out in the context of social situations.

If for the most part she displays certain signals for a while, it likely means that she’s attracted to you and it would be worth taking a shot. Ask her out and see if she’s willing to go on a date with you. From there, you can figure out where to take things next.

How to Proceed If She Does Actually like You

Are you feeling confident that she likes you 100%? Is the feeling mutual? If so, then it’s perhaps best to begin making your move. You’re never going to know for sure if she’s attracted to you unless you finally ask her.

Things aren’t necessarily going to be easy from here on out. You have to be delicate in this situation. You have to make the right moves because you could otherwise end up scaring her away.

You should consider doing the following before asking her out:

  • Strike up a conversation with her about a topic that you both like and are interested in.
  • Keep the lines of communication open through phone calls, video chats, and texts.
  • Continue to develop a rapport with her. Once it’s there, you should definitely ask her out.
  • Flirting is the name of the game to grab and keep her attention and keep her interested in you. Do not hesitate to complement her, maintain eye contact with her, and always flash your best smile.
  • Let her know that you’re into her.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out women and determining if they like you is hard because it’s easy to get your signals crossed. Many women might exhibit many of the signs mentioned above, and when this is the case and they’re in the right context the odds are in your favor.

So pay attention to the signs and try to determine if she is physically attracted to you. If it seems like she is, you can start building rapport, making a connection, and enjoy spending time with her as you take steps to bring the relationship to the next level.


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