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Instabang Review

We originally came across online while searching for the next best adult hook up app. Once stumbled upon, we decided to learn as much as we could about the site.

First of all, we immediately recognized the great reviews. What adult dating website wouldn’t want to be known as the Instagram of Sex, right? And that’s exactly what people are calling it when they share their Instabang reviews.


We encourage you to keep reading our review, but if you need to jet right now for any reason, just know that we like the service a great deal and feel the features available on the site are definitely worth investigating further.

For the rest of you, hang on and keep reading to discover the truth about

Official Casual Sex Calvin Instabang Review Rating:  97

The Best Ways to Use the Instabang Website reviews
These women are all in my local area. Insanity, right?

As you peruse the homepage of their website, you’ll notice a place to sign up. Do it and add a photo to have the best results. You can write a brief description about yourself too, and we recommend it. Once the initial signup steps are completed, you will now have the luxury of viewing the inner workings of the site.

Paying for their services allows members a chance to connect and communicate with others on the site. But check out some of the many great free features first to get a feel for the site and learn more of what they are about.

As an example, you can view member videos for free as well as webcam videos too. Or spend time browsing profiles and looking at pics if that’s what you prefer.

Making personal connections with others on the website is quite simple. The homepage provides an exciting feature. On it, you can look at photos of more than 50 women and vote to determine if they are hot or not.

Also on the site, when you check out a profile, they will notify the person and they can decide if they think you’re hot too. That’s when the hookup magic is bound to happen.

What We like about

There’s a lot to like about this website. Some of the things that have impressed us the most include the following:

  • The dating profiles of their members are real – on other sites, you can always tell when it’s a scam when you notice that the profiles aren’t real. These website owners will create a bunch of fake profiles to fill their website because it would be virtually empty otherwise. To test the validity of the profiles, we used Google image search on a number of profile pictures. We’ve discovered that these are pictures of real people with active social media profiles on other websites.
  • You are free to use many features on the website – setting up your initial profile and gaining access to certain sections of the website is 100% free. You can use a number of great free cool features like watching videos, checking out profiles and pictures, making hot or not judgments, and more. The other great thing about the site and the lack of fake profiles means you aren’t going to receive dozens of automated fake messages trying to convince you to pay for the site. Because remember, the messaging feature amongst the members is only available to those who are silver or gold members. Silver membership is $24.95 per month and automatically renewable. If you’d like to pay for a year in advance, it’s $99.95. A gold membership costs $34.99 after the $1.00 trial that gives you full access to the site for two full days. Or you can pay for 18 months in advance for $119.95.
  • They have support and fraud teams in place for your protection – it’s a godsend knowing that these two teams are in place because you realize that this website is safe. You also recognize that safety is very important to them. They have teams in place to overlook the dating profiles to weed out the fake ones and the support team makes sure the members are behaving appropriately and following all of their terms of services in chat rooms, etc. If you ever see someone behaving maliciously or inappropriately while on the site, you should report them to the support team because everyone needs to do their part to make Instabang the safest place it can possibly be.
  • There are dozens (if not hundreds) of sites shouting how great this network is and that's always comforting. If you read nothing other than my review and one more, then check out this rundown of Instabang as well. It will only further confirm my beliefs and why it's such a great hookup network. 

While I’m at it, I’ll share the Terms of Service screenshot below…

terms of service

Final Thoughts and Verdict on Adult Dating Site

It’s kind of rare and often difficult to find high quality dating sites that live up to the message that they’re trying to present. In this case they are presenting an adult dating site that will help you connect with other people looking to have a good time in your community. They want you to believe that you’re visiting a website with real profiles – and thankfully they have lived up to our scrutiny because the profiles definitely seem legitimate based on our research.

So as far as is concerned, we have discovered that it is a legitimate website and the profiles are real so your chances of connecting with other people looking to quickly have a good time are definitely in your favor.

They also have a fraud team in place and an excellent support system that keeps its membership safe and protected at all times. They are working hard to weed out bots and fake profiles to make sure their users are having a great experience.

Honestly, since you can set up a profile for free, we definitely recommend giving it a try to see if you like it for yourself. And remember, you aren’t going to be able to chat with any of the other members because you need a paid membership – although you can gain access to a paid trial gold membership for only a dollar.

At the end of the day, it’s a good website that lives up to our scrutiny. So, if you are in the mood for a quickie and you’re looking for a genuine verified adult dating service to help make this connection possible, you’ll definitely have a better chance of doing so on than attempting to pick somebody up in a bar.

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