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Is Casual Sex Good For You?

Sex is necessary. In fact, it plays a crucial role in most of our lives. Not only for the continuous growth of our global population but much more. Did you know that our health directly depends on our sex life, meaning the more sex we have, the healthier we can be?

YES, I said it. Having sex is HEALTHY! I’ve got a whole health section on my site that covers this stuff.

For the people that are in relationships, regular sex is not an issue. But finding a partner for a romp between the sheets when you are single can be daunting. Well, that essentially is what all the hookups apps are for today.

Through research and my personal experiences, I bring to you today a comprehensive overview of whether a hookup is a good or a bad thing.

As you probably know, the answer is a no-brainer. Here’s what I’ve got covered on this so far.

Casual Sex Is Good For You

Why Casual Sex Is Really Healthy

These facts that you will find below are in no order of importance, just read it, understand what you’re looking at and take some action to stay healthy – that’s all.

Standardizing Sex Is Taxing AF

Many societies have preached for a long time that casual sex practices are wrong, and some cultures even state that it is immoral to engage in sex outside of marriage.

But this has changed since the ’60s, and now the notion of having casual sex with someone is not as stigmatized as before. This is something that has been named a “sociosexual unrestricted” culture.

Women In the 1960s

This idea has taken a deeper root in popular culture, authors and musicians use this as a topic regularly, and whole social media platforms and online dating apps are devoted exactly to the casual sex movement.

Plus, more and more people that are not in committed relationships engage in casual hookups and one-night stands. As you probably figured out, I find nothing wrong with this.

An Objective Look At Things…

From the 1950s onwards, there has been a rise in people “sleeping around” on college campuses. By sleeping around we are talking about the casual bang, of course.

Even though this has been condemned by many, it has not changed the trend of these hookups. What has changed is the opinion of people.

Thus, the ideas and practices behind having casual sex have become more widespread. They also became more acceptable, especially when apps like Tinder and Bumble were born.

One of the most influential sex psychologists who is also an adjunct professor of psychology at NYU, and the founder of The Casual Sex Project, Zhana Vrangalova has a very different opinion than the naysayers. She’s got scientifically-supported research on this topic too.

After conducting a three-month study on the sexual encounters of college students, she came to a very interesting conclusion supported with scientific proof that can come as a shock to many – casual sex and random hookups are good for us.

Below are also several reasons why sex is great. The ball is in your court and it’s really up to you to decide whether you’ll go for a casual hookup or not. Keep reading to find out what sex can do for your life today.

Sex Is Stress-Relieving

Everyday stresses can be detrimental to our health and these usually put us in a bad mood. However, sex has been directly linked to improved mood. For example, if you’ve had sex the previous night, the next day will most likely be followed by an improved mood.

sex relieves stress

The opposite is true, if you are in a good mood during the day, the chances are you’ll be in the mood for more sex at night. This is an endless loop, as sex boosts happiness, happiness boosts sex, sex… you get my point.

This is, however, not linked to love. The same research has shown that for people to enjoy all the benefits from the sexual act, it does not matter if they are in a relationship or a free agent.

The only things that matter are that sexual acts must be consensual and enjoyable for both parties.

So to clarify: if you like yourself, are healthy, need a stress release and crave a boost in happiness, then some banging is just what the doctor ordered.

In a situation where you don’t have a regular sex partner or lover, I (and society in general) find nothing wrong with engaging in a night of passionate sex without committing to that person. It’s a quick fix that works, so do it.

Again…Sex Is Healthy

As was proven that sex is a booster in happiness, happiness is a condition regulated by hormones; hormones regulate all activities in the body, which means that sex has more beneficial effects on our overall health.

Plenty of scientists have worked on this topic and have come up with conclusive results that sex is healthy (FYI, the article just mentioned was written by a doctor).

Good sexual experiences stimulate the secretion of good hormones like cortisol and endorphins. These have an essential role in regulating many functions in the body like blood pressure, better sleep, boosted immune system, help in relaxing and winding down and more.

When you have sex, you activate many muscles in your body, so it is a great workout. Breathing increases during sex, delivering more oxygen to your tissues, allowing your body and mind to refresh and release tension. If you love the person that you have sex with, this can be a transcendent experience.

For the people that still have not found their love match, sex can be considered as going to the gym to keep a good physical condition. Because of all the health benefits sex brings, it is def good to “do it” regularly.

If you’re going to, just be sure to stay safe and always use proper protection. My preferred method is condoms, as these protect from more than an unwanted pregnancy. I always use them with people I meet on apps.

Yes, I’m talking about STDs, as these are the risks accompanying the casual hookup culture. But if you keep yourself and your partner safe, then engage in as much casual sex as you like, your body will be grateful.

Sex Boosts Our Confidence

You’ve noticed how a woman’s skin glows when she is pregnant? Well, this is true for people that have regular sex. The sexual act along with the related hormones and emotions tends to make people look good and feel even better.

Even the initial foreplay is beneficial; the “will-it-happen” feeling tends to boost confidence and desire. I find that confidence in a woman to be an irresistible aphrodisiac.

When someone is interested in you, they are not noticing the things you consider flaws in yourself. Even if this seems simplified, it is so very true and is a great ego booster.

This increases tenfold when someone is interested in having sex with you, and the sexual energy makes you feel beautiful and desirable, so the flaws you think you have are no longer there.

Improved Focus

Have you felt distracted lately? Caught your mind wandering to unexpected things? Find you don’t have the same drive and interest in things?

Well, all of these have a common cause, and that is repressed sexual energy. Yes, this is a real thing, as sex is a natural urge, and if it is not realized, it can become a reason for low self-esteem, frustration and cause difficulty focusing.

Just like our teenage years, when we boys would think of touching a girl’s boob and the girls would think of kissing the boy they like (as my sister told me), it is the same in our adult years.

The basic biological urge to seek a mate for reproduction is always present, and who says we can’t enjoy it. Sex is fun, engaging, healthy, and keeps us fit.

Next time, when you catch yourself daydreaming, think of the last time you’ve has sex. It may be just the thing that will set you on your way.

The boost in confidence that having sex brings is the best thing to get your mind on track and increase your focus. A pleasurable sexual encounter is the best way to wake up, get your creative juices flowing and become more productive.

It Helps You Learn

Having an open mind towards casual sex is a good way to protect you from a potentially damaging pattern of entering one bad relationship after another.

Having the option to choose what you enjoy is the root of a healthy life, and this is something that I think should not be frowned upon by the public.

If someone enjoys sex, and they are not in a love-based relationship, I see no problem for them to engage in a casual hookup.

Having a casual hookup with someone will also help you find yourself in sexual terms, and you can see better what you are after in a romantic relationship.

Each meeting with someone is an experience, and the sexual encounters are even more eye-opening experiences. Each experience shapes our persona, and the only way to learn about your sexual nature is by engaging in a sexual relationship.

This is something I think as a bit concerning regarding the stigma on casual sex by the general public. Why should something natural and pleasurable be considered bad? Why is it condemned when both parties find it appealing and enter it consensually?

I find this to be a double-standard issue, as it is good to engage in new experiences that will allow us to learn new things about us and others, but when it comes to casual sex, it is not good? Make up your mind public!

Society is used to judging everything, and casual sex is one of the most judged activities. I highly disagree, as I think people who cast judgment on casual hookups live in perpetual sexual repression.

You are interested in having a one-night stand with someone, and they are equally interested in you, then you should not mind what the public thinks and go enjoy yourself.

So to use all the benefits of sex like free your mind, improve your health, boost your confidence and learn something about yourself, you should engage in it more often.

There is nothing wrong with a casual hookup, and if you enjoy it, then never listen to other people’s opinions. Make your own and live your life the way it makes you happy.

I know that’s exactly what I do and I’m not changing a damn thing! If you want to jump on the horse that I’m riding and live that “wild-life,” be sure to read my main page before diving in!


Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.

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