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Is There Such a Thing as Instant Chemistry in Dating?

Have you met someone and just had that “instant chemistry?”  Not to get all sappy and turn this into a relationship advice blog, I’m actually quite the opposite and more about hook ups, but I do often wonder if love at first sight exists?  I’m someone who doesn’t fall hard for women’s personalities, but I’ve been known to become addicted to some women’s bodies and the way they act sexually towards me when we are in the moment.  I did some soul searching on this one, and came across a website that posed the question about is instant chemistry a thing…..and I came out more confused than ever.

In short, I’m sticking to one night stands and the such!

instant chemistry
Is instant chemistry something that needs to kick start your relationship?

Anyhow, for those who are interested in learning about a love topic today, I present you a take on if love at first sight can actually happen.

Does Love at First Sight Exist?

According to the Single Dating Diva, you can meet someone and feel like you were “hit by a train.”

She talks about how that kind of connection is pure chemistry, and it keeps you in the relationship and makes you not want to leave it.  Maybe you have felt like you met “the one” right away, or maybe you haven’t come close to this feeling.  Whatever your answer is, will vary from others.

The fact is that some people have a certain charisma to them that will impact how others view them.  Whenever I hear the word “charisma,” I think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  That guy just oozes charisma and whenever he enters a room, a certain electricity just follows him and it’s like a lightning bolt of energy just hit everyone.  That million dollar smile, his laugh, and his positive vibes can carry any environment, even grim situations.

the rock
This guy just oozes charisma.

Does Instant Chemistry Mean Your Relationship Will Be a Success?

The author of the Single Dating Diva, Suzie, thinks so, and feels that it is highly important.  But it’s not something that has to happen to make a relationship function properly.  It’s simply a bonus.

People are always looking for the initial spark, she summarizes.  The person is discounted when they don’t feel it and she feels that is wrong.

I have met a few people I instantly connect with, but other areas down the line in the encounter fail miserably.  Maybe because I’m a bit on the physicality side and not so much into the intellectual part, like most people?  I mean don’t get me wrong I can have deep conversations, but it’s not something I look to do BEFORE I have sex.  After, if we are fully connected, I will gladly take that talk, that journey, wherever you want to, but before, it’s just time wasting, to me.

Take the country of Iceland, a place I have visited a couple times. I highly recommend it.  Icelandic women want to have sex before you take them for dinner!  This is true, and I’ll explain it to you how a local explained it to me.

If you can’t have good sex and have a physical relationship with someone that you enjoy, there is no reason to go out and spend money on one another and act like you are happy.  

That blew my mind, and made me a huge fan of the culture of Iceland!

Back on topic here, Suzie feels that a good relationship is a product of building trust, having an honest relationship, being generous, passionate, and of course, having some level of attraction.  When you have common interests, as well as values, well, that helps as well, she added.

Instant chemistry is “pretty packaging,” she says.  If you have it all, she calls that being “lucky,” but also to keep in mind that the pretty packaging won’t always be present in every encounter so you will need to have some level of stability in order to call your dating encounter something you can say was successful.

What do you guys and gals think?  Do you believe in love at first site?  Drop a comment below!



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