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Is JoyClub a Legit Website?

  • Top dating website perfect for discovering swinger events, sex partners, and kinks
  • Premium packages are affordable
  • Online users are reputable and classy
  • Has an active membership
  • Has a downloadable mobile app
  • Has a forum and magazine containing thought provoking sex advice and other adult content

JOYclub Review

In 2005, JOYclub was originally launched in Germany. This site has gained a large foothold in Europe due to its fantastic forum, exciting events calendar, a sex magazine, erotic groups, and plentiful online dating opportunities.

Discrimination is never an issue on JOYclub. In fact, this site is considered one of the safest of its kind. Millions of people freely discuss erotic topics on the site. And more important, they willingly connect with other sexual partners who are into the same things as them, and do so with the utmost discretion.

At the moment, this website currently has more than 3 million members located around the world. And to break things down further, about 25% of the membership is filled with couples who are open minded and ready to swing.

Every day, this website has 300,000 members using the site consistently. They find exactly what they’re looking for to meet their sexual wants and needs. Hop on this site to view profiles, check out potential dating partners, or find the nearest event.

To discover more about the site, please keep reading our full review of JOYclub.

JOYclub Membership – USA &The Rest of the World

Right now, JOYclub currently has 30,000 members from the United States. And out of those members, about 6000 of them are active on the site on a weekly basis.

The percentage of male to female members is somewhat out of proportion, but this is to be expected on a dating site of this nature. US men represent 68% of the 30,000 members, while females represent 32% of the membership in the United States.

  • The site has 3,000,000 members across the world
  • The bulk of their membership is located in Germany since the site is based in this geographic location
  • The wide majority of their users are ranged ages 25 to 34
  • The men dominate this website by nearly 70%
  • The profiles are mostly real, although a few fakes sneak in every now and then

The excited thing is that this website has very open-minded members. They know what they want, they aren’t afraid to ask for it, and they know what to expect from their partners.

The bulk of the users are based in Germany, because JOYclub was founded in this country. Plus, other users are located in surrounding countries to Germany, which is why so many members easily connect in this region.

They have a very active user base on the whole. On average, about 300,000 users are online using this site each day.

Another interesting fact is that couples make up 27% of the user base. Since they like to market this website as a swinger site, this is expected and appreciated.

In fact, outside clubs and events tend to partner with JOYclub. They like to host swinger parties together and these events are usually successful. By registering on the JOYclub website, it means you become eligible for discount tickets to these events.

As mentioned, the average user age is 25 to 34, which means many tech savvy individuals are on the site. Even better, this website and its members are actively engaged.

Don’t worry if you do not fit in the average age range. There are many users of all ages on the site, so you’re bound to find someone in your demographic if that’s what you’re looking for.

The JoyClub Signup Process

  • Registration is quick and typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You are required to upload a profile.
  • It’s possible to register as a venue or business.
  • They offer shared accounts for couples.
  • They make it possible to sign up using Facebook.

It’s pretty easy to get a JOYclub account. Fill out the form, answer the gender specific questions, provide your birthday, city and postcode, and a valid email address.

You even have a chance to pick your username and password. They will email you if you’ve been approved to tell you about the next steps.

During registration, you’ll next have to answer questions about your profile to fill it out for other members to see. After you’ve filled out the profile questions, you’ll have successfully signed up for the site.

To create a JOYclub account successfully, please take the following steps:

  • Preferential Question – this question wants you to tell the site about your erotic preferences. Are you into fisting, BDSM, and other kinky activities? You’ll rate this on a scale of 1 to 5.
  • Appearance and Interests – upon answering the preference questions, they’ll provide another set of questions regarding your appearance, what your sex interests are, and more. Are you likely to be a Sub or a Dom? Are you into partner swapping? And other similar related questions.
  • Headline and About Me – next, it’s time to write your headline. They give you a minimum of 10 characters and it is required. You also need to write an About Me paragraph, but it isn’t mandatory. The headline is mandatory but you can skip the paragraph if you prefer. On a side note, it’s best to provide this information if you’d like to attract other members. Tell them who you are and don’t be afraid to open up on this site. It’s the best way to connect with other potential partners.
  • Profile Pic – next up is the profile pic. JOYclub wants all of their members to upload a profile picture. In fact, they will not approve your account until a profile pic is uploaded, so make it a good one.
  • Activation Code – after you set everything up and you’re about to be accepted, they will send you an activation code via email. On the page that you’re on, enter the activation code now. Once entered, you will have full and complete access to this dating website.

If you prefer, it’s possible to skip some of the steps mentioned above. You do not have to answer their questions right away, but your profile will be a lot better if you have this information present. It will attract more potential hook up partners.

Business or Professional Signup Process

It’s possible to sign up for this site as a professional or business. Businesses that want to promote their services on this website are more than welcome. You’ll need to share the details mentioned above among other things. You’ll also need to tell them the type of business you have.

Video producers, event organizers, venues, tattoo studios, piercing shops, photo studios, and more represent the types of businesses that usually sign up to the site.

In a professional capacity, it’s important to indicate your specialty when signing up. They’ll want to know if you are a video producer, a photographer, or in another category.

Contacting Other Members

  • It’s free to send clubmail messages.
  • You can look over a list of viewable matches tailored to your preferences.
  • It’s possible to rate other members and say whether you do or do not like them.
  • Free members can receive pictures, but you must have a paid membership to send them.

There are a lot of different ways to contact other members on the site. We want you to understand them all, so we’re going to provide a detailed breakdown:

  • Clubmail – with this feature, you’re able to send messages to other members, whether they are a basic member, a premium member, or a plus member. And it’s possible to view and reply to all messages. To initiate the sending of a message, you must be a paying member even though you can reply without a paid membership.
  • Member ratings – it’s possible to rate other members using the site as well. There are three buttons that provide these options. Your choices are “like”, “I don’t know”, or “not interested”. Paid members will be notified if you like to their profile. Free members do not receive the same notification.
  • Search feature – they have an extensive search feature on the JOYclub website. It has filters that make it possible to search for people via age, location, gender preference, and more. In fact, their advanced features include categories like inclination, height, swinger, smoker, partner swapping, preference for, relationship status, body type, and more.
  • Groups – different members create groups on this site and they’re either categorized under Desire or Fetish. Members are allowed to join any groups that they’re interested becoming a part of. But there are limits to the basic membership. In fact, basic members are only allowed to join five groups. Plus members can join 25 groups. Premium members are allowed to join up to 50 groups. In some cases, a group may ask you to answer questions before accepting your request to join.
  • Chat – there are public chat rooms available for anyone to use on the JOYclub website. All members can participate, whether you are a free or premium subscriber. As a premium subscriber, you have added features like creating your own chat room, inviting participants to partake in a private chat, and other great features.
  • Forum – the forum feature is great because it has many discussion boards that you can access and participate in. There are moderators and members on each of every one of these boards. Other members will even provide valuable tips and advice on these exciting forms, so use them to your advantage.
  • Dates and Events – on the dates and events page, you’ll have access to a list of information posted by other members. They post updates, dates for events, and other exciting activities. They also share the location of these events, so if you desire to meet up and you’re in the vicinity, this is a great place to go to find the upcoming activities for members far and wide. It’s even possible to place a classified date advertisement. As a basic member, you’re only allowed to post one. Plus members can post up to three advertisements. Premium members are allowed to post five, which is a wonderful benefit to JOYclub members far and wide.

Creating a Top-Quality Profile

  • It’s best to create a comprehensive and detailed member profile.
  • In your profile, you’ll let other website members know about your kink and sexual preferences.
  • It’s okay for free members to view all member profiles.
  • If you post a rated 18 photo it will be censored.
  • It’s possible to bookmark a specific profile.

Profiles on JOYclub are expected to be detailed, with lots of knowledge about the member. This helps others learn about you, get to know your preferences, and better understand your sexual kinks.

There are three tabs to every profile. They include:

  • Profile – on the profile tab, you’ll have access to read all of the member information that they chose to fill out. On this page, you can see the About Me paragraph and preferences and other information that was filled in during the sign-up process. This page also lets you know what members like, dislike, and has a box showcasing the most important details. It also shows tags with their kink preferences.
  • Photos – on the photos page, you’ll be able to view different photo albums from other members. They will upload photos for you to enjoy. Any R18 photos are going to be censored for free users. If you are a Plus member or higher and have verified your age, you can view them. Video uploads are also possible on this page. But this is also a feature dedicated to paid members.
  • News – on this tab, you have the option to look up different activity updates from other members. This will let you know if members are looking for a date, if they’ve registered for an event, and other important information.

There is also a note feature. This allows you to write a note for future reference in case you’d like to remember something about a particular member. And bookmarking profiles is also possible, so if you’d like to go back and check out a particular member again, add them to your bookmarks so you can send them a message through your contacts tab at a later date.

On your profile, it will let everyone know if you’re a new member or a verified member. The profile also lets people know if you’re online or off-line, when you last logged into the website, and more. Premium members can hide this information if they desire.

JOYclub App

This dating site also has a mobile app. They named it Joyce.

Some important things to know about Joyce include:

  • It’s perfect for users that love mobile and spend time on the go.
  • It’s a great option for contacting another member very quickly.
  • It has all of the same features as the traditional website.
  • It is available to download in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

As mentioned, you can find their mobile app named Joyce in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Just search the name Joyce and you’ll find it very easily. And just like the website, it has a sleek design but has all of the same features.

Even more important, this app makes it very simple to access particular features with one click. So if you like to search dating sites while on the go, you’ll definitely appreciate this app since it’s so simple to navigate and the functionality is straightforward, and easy to use.

You can either use the menu tabs or the collapsible menu to access all of the great features. And if you prefer, you can choose a category option from the menu on top to switch from one feature to another.

As an example, if you were looking at the news feed on the JOYclub website, you’d find the same information under the Live category on the mobile app. While using this feature, you can discover member status updates and whether or not a member is near you in case you’re looking to connect in the real world.

With the Members category, you can use the search function just like you would on the website. According to your search preferences, you can discover different members based on your specific criteria.

You can also click on profiles in the Members section. While here, you can check out their photo, scroll down and read their profile information, and easily contact them by sending them a message.

For the Dating category tab, you can go here to look at classified ads posted by members. You’ll even learn about special events taking place near you in the near future.

Usability & Website Design

The overall usability and design of this website is a bit on the distressing side. It’s complicated to navigate when translated from German to English. This makes it difficult for United States residents to view the site on a US web browser.

Some of the text doesn’t translate successfully and some fails to have proper capitalization. Even though this setback is in place, the most important features like the contact options are available in sidebar menus and the header.

The newsfeed is the place to go to find information about matches, members, and new media posted on the site. To keep things more organized, this stuff all has its own individual category.

They use three colors for the design of this website. They are white, gray, and black. Red will show up at times for specific emphasis.

All in all, the usability and website design is okay but it could definitely be better.

Services and Costs of JOYclub

Free Features

  • Contact folder can feature 50 members
  • You can take notes about your contacts and save them
  • View group and profile photos for free
  • Become an active member of forums
  • Become an active member of chat rooms
  • View events and register for them

Paid Features

  • Send group messages
  • Watch member videos
  • Comment on photos and profiles
  • Complement other members
  • Use clubmail to send pictures
  • Obtain photoshoot bookings

The Price of a Plus Membership

  • A one-month Plus membership costs €29.90 per month
  • A three month Plus membership costs €24.90 per month, or €74.70 for three months
  • A six-month Plus membership costs €19.90 per month, or €119.40 per six months

The Price of a Premium Membership

  • A one-month Premium membership costs €39.90 per month
  • A three month Premium membership costs €29.90 per month, or €89.70 per three months
  • A six-month Premium membership costs €24.90 per month, or €149.40 per six months

Buying Coins

  • 500 coins costs €0.10 per coin, or €5 per 500 coins
  • 1000 coins costs €0.01 per coin, or €10 per 1000 coins
  • 2000 coins costs €0.01 per coin, or €20 per 2000 coins

Is It Expensive to Join JOYclub?

When compared to other services of this type, they charge an average price to other websites like this.

To pay for the service, you can pay with a debit card, credit card, cash, or a bank transfer. All payments are kept confidential by NetDebit, a financial services company.

There are two specific subscription options to choose when signing up for JOYclub. You can become a Plus member or a Premium member.

Plus Membership Advantages

There are many advantages to joining as a Basic member, but Plus membership has even better privileges. You’ll have access to additional features like private photos, videos, and the ability to upload your own videos and additional photos.

As a Plus member, it’s easier than ever to get a date on the site.

Premium Membership Advantages

Premium members are lucky because they’ll experience even more advantages with this level of commitment. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s still very affordable so the additional perks are worth the price.

As an example, premium members are considered preferred members. So when someone is searching for someone with the same interest as yours, you’ll show up at the top of the search lists. This is great because more members will find you this way.

Also, you can create your own chat rooms and invite members to join the group chat or private chats. Even better, anonymity and security are a top priority for premium participants. They provide additional security features and private messaging services that other users cannot access.

Finally, some other premium membership perks include the best event and club discounts, and other great options including:

  • 15 weekly invites
  • 1000 member contact list
  • The option to join 50 groups
  • The option to create 5 dates
  • Unlimited profile views
  • The option to upload as many as 19,000 photos

Clearly, becoming a Premium member is definitely more advantageous than becoming a Plus or Basic member. The rewards are exciting and by paying a little bit extra, you’ll be able to participate way more on the website than other users, which means more kinky encounters and better dates.

JOYclub Special Features

Fans of erotica will enjoy this website because they’ve maximized it for user pleasure. Their best features include:

  • Online magazine – their online magazine is known as Magazin, and it’s an exciting publication with many excellent articles about erotica, sex, and fetishes. It even has tips and tricks to enhance your dull sex life and make it amazing.
  • Dates – when someone is looking to have an encounter with another member, they are allowed to advertise this in Dates. You can peruse these advertisements at your leisure and connect with other members looking to have a good time.
  • Swingers’ Clubs – these clubs are perfect for swingers looking to have a great time all over the world. Join these clubs by location, rating, and club type. There are people meeting up at porn cinemas, dance clubs and bars, hotels, and many more exciting locations.  (Swingers, also check out FabSwingers.)

Final Thoughts

Becoming a member of JOYclub is very easy to accomplish. It’s quick to sign up and even easier to verify your account. And creating a full profile will only take about 10 to 15 minutes in total. Once you’ve finished joining the site, you’ll have access to erotic events, kings, sexual encounters, and a plethora of exciting choices that you wouldn’t imagine.

Are you looking for a hot night out? Or are you just trying to discover what real erotica is? Join this platform and you’ll have access to it all with complete privacy and no regrets.


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