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Kasidie Review

An online place where adult singles and couples can gather and share adventurous sexual experiences, Kasidie has an interesting tagline and official motto. The tagline is “Remember my name, you’ll be screaming it later” while the motto of this site is “Live a Life Less Ordinary.” Despite the sexy events, Kasidie enables its members a way to meet, arrange dinner meetings, a night at the movies, go clubbing, and have one-on-one fun.

This is one of the several similar online places where adults go to find uninhibited fun, as the homepage of the site tells us. Swinging is not my strong side, as, after all, I’m a single dude, but still, I took a deeper look into the website, and here is what I found about Kasidie.

Kasidie Review

My Review of

  • About 60% couples, 30% ladies and 10% guys
  • Good active memberships
  • Quality profiles and plenty of free options
  • Locations of swinger clubs, parties and the like
  • Good search filters in place
  • Travel plans by members facilitate meetups

General Info About Kasidie

Kasidie is an online place that acts as a platform for meeting people with similar sexual tastes that range towards swinging. The members can join as singles or couples and explore the site, look for appropriate hookups, and learn more about their interests.

There are many features here that are similar to other sites, like photo albums, forums, chat rooms, as well as private communities.

Apart from the expected features, the site offers programs from their affiliates, a magazine with plenty of info and articles on interests, fetishes, and more.

The Members

As it suits a primarily swinger site, the majority of the members are couples, and surprisingly between 25 and 45 years of age. There are a lot of females and a smaller percentage of male members on Kasidie. The site has about 150K users, with about 50K active members every week.

Each member needs to fill out a personality test. This is linked to the filtering options, so the site can offer improved suggestions to the members. The people who use the Kasidie site are people that are openly looking for someone to hook up with, and these are usually couples that are looking for a real-life encounter with other members.

How To Join

When joining, you can select to join as a single or as a couple. There is a detailed questionnaire that can be skipped, but it is recommended to answer it, as it pertains to your sexual preferences and desires, which will help you find a match per your wishes.

You’ll need a profile image to complete your profile, but this cannot contain images of children. This is a very straightforward sign-up process, as most of the users here are experienced and know what they are after, and they feel no need to lie or cheat with fake profiles.

Connect With Members

There are plenty of options to browse on Kasidie. There is a search option, a filter option, forum page, a chat room. People can search and add swingers clubs for free and can even get access to a member’s travel calendar for free.

Members can send emails as ways to make contact with other members and also flirt with other members, send and receive friend requests. Still, to get access to instant messages and emails, see the other member’s complete profiles, and more, you’ll need to upgrade your membership.


All the profiles on Kasidie must contain a photo, the age of the member, and their location. This site does not share your real names or your email with other members. The only thing that is displayed is the username you select and your image.

The image should show your face, but this can be somewhat blurred or can be cropped. The approval process of the photos is rigorous, and a photo can be banned if it has images of your kids.

The other items on the profiles are optional, but from my research, I was amazed at how detailed some of these are. There are ratings for sexual acts, and these go from 1 to 5. The profile pictures are free for everyone, and each member is identified via an email process.

When searching for member profiles, you can engage in plenty of filters, which are based on the answers to the questionnaires people fill out at the sign-up process.

Costs Involved

Most of the basic features are free. Members can browse through profiles and parties and write on someone’s wall for free. But to get access to the cool features like being invited to a party, send instant messages, and more, you’ll need to upgrade your membership.

The Kasidie site has only the free and elite memberships. To become an elite member, you will need to pay $19.95 for one month, $45.00 for three months, $75.90 for six months, and $129.95 for a full year.

Depending on your location, you can score a great discount on your membership, but I could not find when and where the discounts are awarded.

Swinger Facts

The Kasidie platform has a black background with a dark theme, trying to add some appeal and mystery to the design. The font is white, which makes it easily readable, but the overall design can use some modernization.

The Kasidie site has a mobile-friendly site but does not have a mobile app (yet). There are plenty of interesting features provided here, especially for elite members. These include the rendezvous feature where one can find local hookups and the travel calendar for easy hooking up with people when traveling. Hey, maybe traveling to Costa Rica or Sin City is a good idea!

As I noted above, the profiles hold a very detailed section on the sexual preferences of each user. This can be helpful when looking to find a person/couple suited to your exact needs and don’t want to lose time by asking these questions.

There is a sex toy shop available to everyone, as this is an affiliate partner to Kasidie. Here people can find erotic merch and a variety of sex toys and let me tell you, I lost track of time browsing through the available options.

Kasidie has a section about events that range from local swingers events to national and international events. There is also detailed information about upcoming swing parties and hotel/resort takeovers that attract the swinger crowd.

People can post their parties and anyone looking to attend can ask for an invite. There are plenty of other features on Kasidie which can be explored.

Conclusion: Kasidie Is Worth It…

Catering to the swinger community, Kasidie delivers on its promise to help people meet like-minded, sexually adventurous, and polyamorous folks.

The site is nicely set up, with a good user base and plenty of active members. There are many interesting options, and from what I saw, the events and parties get a lot of visitors.

If swinging is your thing, then Kasidie is an online platform that you must try, as all the features are mainly aimed at enabling the real-life meetings between people looking for some unorthodox adult fun.

One other site that you might wanna consider if you’re into the swinger stuff is Adult Friend Finder.

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