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Lucky Hookup App Review

Are you feeling lucky today? If so, then that’s great! As a casual sex expert, I often get that “lucky” feeling myself. That holds especially true when using hookup apps. That said, I’ve got another detailed review to share with you today. This time I’m covering the Lucky Hookup app. If you want to visit the site to browse while reading, then be my guest. The site is

What’s covered today you ask? A LOT.

I’m hitting all the important touchpoints that will help you make a yay or nay decision on using this casual app. I’ll start by covering things that I learned while reviewing the site and app. Then I will dive into a few other important things that you need to know about this company, Lucky Network Ltd. Let’s get started…

Lucky App

My Review of Lucky Hookup App

Okay, I’ll kick things off here by covering their own marketing angle of the app. The platform is:

Those are the four main things that this app is selling itself on. But before you jump in there are some other very important facts that you need to know.

This app was available on google play and apple store. Well, I’ve got some bad news for new surfers. It’s not available on Google Play any longer. Now they recommend Yumi in a redirect from their website.

redirect to Yumi app

This app was available on the Apple Store but it’s not available there either any longer. Now they’re sending all their users on iOS to an app called Yumi.

Yumi iOS

I looked into Yumi and it just looked too mainstream for me and cookie cutter to be completely honest.

They obviously did something wrong to get banned from both platforms. Plain and simple, I’m not sure if this Yumi app is worth using as an alternative to the Lucky Hookup app.

Anyway, getting back to the review…

Claims Made

They claim that the app offers support 24/7 via email for all users. Additionally, they’re claiming that the Lucky app is private and anonymous. What they want you to do basically is take a selfie(s) without showing your face and go to town with trying to connect with people.

The company claims that the app is easy to use. They also claim that you can meet “like-minded” people who are looking for discreet hookups, flings, threesomes, and all that jazz.

claims made

Get Lucky Where?

On the site, they claim to have the first-of-its-kind software that’s popular in many cities such as Vancouver, LA, Boston, Chicago, NYC and many others.

Now, it sounds to me like they just mentioned some of the most heavily populated cities in North America. Can you actually get lucky from it? I’m not convinced just yet.

The Craigslist Alternative Play

Now, one thing that I learned quickly was that the company is actively trying to reach people who once used Craigslist to meet. It’s their play to attract as many people still searching for “Craigslist alternatives” and “Craigslist personals” and that’s their main method of driving users to the site.


They’ve got a nice FAQ section on the website that shares lots of details about the app, how it works, how you can protect yourself, and all that fun stuff. If you need to know more, just email them at

FAQ Section

The Blog

They hit lots of topics here in this blog. I will give credit when credit is due and this is where they’ve really outshined the rest. I might suggest digesting the articles, but not joining the app as it’s just not the one for me.

Hey, that’s just my personal opinion on things.

the lucky blog

Looking for more information that I might have missed? No problem, they’re likely able to answer all your questions and concerns. You’ll see that I’ve provided the support page info below to save you the trouble of searching for it.

lucky app contact info


To wrap things up here, I’m going to suggest that you not use Lucky App or Yumi. There are others that I really enjoy more and this one doesn’t hit all the areas in my humble opinion.

They’ve covered quite a bit of groundwork, but not enough to make my top list. Especially with the Yumi rebranding and getting delisted on the app stores.


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