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Meeting Women During the Coronavirus

You may think I’m an absolute savage with today’s topic, but the struggle is real and I know some of my brothers out there can feel the effects of the world pandemic we’re in.  Meeting women during the COVID-19 is still possible, but you have to rely a lot more on technology than ever.  Thankfully, this is my expertise, so listen up!

coronavirus dating
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How to Meet Woman During the COVID-19 Virus

Women are taking more chances than ever when meeting men on apps and websites during this weird time.  A Reuter’s article detailed how a woman who refused to take the elevator, and who also donned rubber gloves, showed up directly at a man’s apartment and hooked up with him.  No first date.  No dinner. No movie.  No problems!

While this is becoming something of an annoyance, not having our normal lives due to a virus, it’s become the best icebreaker in the world of online dating.

So let’s first talk about where we CAN’T meet women in this unprecedented time period.

Gone are the late night pick-ups at the bar where drunk women are lurking and waiting for men to take them home to handle their weirdest fetishes.

Hotels are wildly empty, and definitely not serving libations, so cross hotel and lobby bar pick-ups off your list as well.

covid 19 dating
“He’s fine. Yeah, I guess I’ll risk getting this virus for him.”

I’m a big fan of talking to women when their guard is down, and have had a lot of success at the local grocers, especially Whole Foods, but with this whole “social distancing” thing going on, even when I go in for essentials I’m simply not savage enough to get into some poor unsuspecting woman’s space with this whole virus being very easy to spread to others.  So cross off picking up women at the grocery store.

Ditto for restaurants, church, sporting events, and pretty much anything that once was social.  Heck, even the beaches of Florida are closed!

I hate to brag during a dark time, but my favorite hook up apps are on absolute FIRE right now and I have some methods I’ll share with you that you can plug and play right away and use to your advantage.

How to Meet Women Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether the app you choose to use (and I’ve been using’s app a lot lately) allows you to do the classic swipe style of dating, or one that makes you read a profile and actually reach out to someone, you need to be very smart about your communication.  I choose to use words that show that I care, and use opening lines like this:

Coronavirus pick up line #1:  

I wish I met you earlier and we entirely hit it off, that way we could be in quarantine together and have nothing to worry about.

Coronavirus pick up line #2:  

When this period of social distancing ends, I think we should spoil ourselves a bit and practice some social closeness.  There’s just something about you on top of me that sounds amazing right now.

Coronavirus pick up line #3:

What if I told you I have been looking for the perfect woman to break my quarantine with and out fo the 1,000’s of profiles I’ve seen so far, the only one I’d break quarantine for is you?

I always find that being direct is the best way to communicate with women.  What I do here, psychologically, is let them know that I clearly understand that we are in a time of pandemic, yet shed some humor on the situation.  You may get the odd woman who thinks the direct approach is insensitive, but trust me, the ones who respond in a positive manner will be ripe for the taking.

I’m lucky enough to have hit it off with a new match about two weeks before this whole issue, so we had taken things to a level where we were comfortable in each other’s house.  So here we are, seeing each other from time to time, not wasting time or money on fancy dinners and long walks by the beach.  It’s casual sex the way we both want it!

In all honesty, stay safe, everyone.  There is a lot to be learned here and we’ll come out of this problem a better society.

I’d love to hear about your Coronavirus dating stories in the comments below, so please share away!


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