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Most Frequently Used Terms in Dating

Here is a list of commonly used dating terms.  When you start to get into the dating scene, maybe after a divorce, or just after being in a relationship for a long time, you’ll hear some of these words come up.

Complete Guide to Dating Terms


AF stands for “as f**k” and is a super important abbreviation in the dating game. It’s a ranking method through which you can tell someone how attractive/unattractive they are. For example, someone could be “hot AF” or “lame AF.”


Picture fairy tales where the characters leave a trail of breadcrumbs for their friends to follow. This is the whole concept of this dating term. This is when you send a lot of flirtatious but non-serious messages to keep your potential boo interested. You don’t actually commit with this technique.


This is when people who love being otherwise single get together during winter. This is done so that they’re not lonely during these times of low engagement in the dating pool.


Sort of creepy, but this is when you show someone you’re interested by going through their social media feed and tapping like on a really old post/picture.


Think of an online dating resume and you know what this means! This is when you carefully curate and arrange the content on your social media feeds to attract a potential interest.


A snappy abbreviation for when you change the status of your relationship on Facebook, making it “Facebook Official.”


Here’s a painful one. This is when someone you have been dating suddenly stops talking to you. All communication dies out without any explanation on their part.


The opposite of ghosting: this is when someone who ghosted you suddenly pops back up and starts liking your social media posts.


A simple abbreviation that means “In Real Life.” This is when you meet your date in real life as opposed to speaking to them online.


This is slang for “jealous.”

Kray Bae

A fun one, this is when you find out that the new love of your life is slightly off kilter, even crazy. You should ghost them


An interesting one, this is when you date someone who you’re not super attracted to, so you keep seeing other people anyway.


This is when you keep swinging from one relationship to the next without giving any time in the middle

Non-date Date

A date that wasn’t categorized as a date by either party, but constitutes most of the elements that make up an actual date.

On A Thing

The young generation’s term for casually dating someone. Instead of saying, you know, casually dating


Just as peacocks flash their feathers to impress their mates, this is when you dress up to make an impression on social media.


This is just cool slang for when you want to say “cool.”


Similar to being Seen-Zoned, this is when your potential love interest reads your text but doesn’t reply


This is when, instead of all out ghosting, you gradually stop talking to the person you’re dating. Your replies take longer and longer to reach them

Thirst Trap

This is like clickbait but for dating. It’s when you post a picture that looks innocuous but really directs your lovers’ attention to your cleavage or pecs, or another part of your body


Once winter is over, you ditch your ‘cuff’ and that’s Uncuffing

V Card

If you’re still a virgin, you’re still toting around your V Card!


This is when you have to put a lot of work and effort to get your date to go out with you.


When you find something your love interest does so attractive that you can’t even explain what it is, or why you feel that way


“You Only Dump Once.” This abbreviation means you can’t get back with someone you’ve already dumped!


When a sudden ghoster comes back and starts talking to you again, as if nothing ever happened in the first place.


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