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Most Popular Dating Apps by State

It’s no secret that dating apps are becoming utterly popular across the country.  People of all walks of life are using swipe apps to meet people for everything from relationships, to casual encounters.  There are levels to this, however.  Today I’ll delve into the statistics on the most popular dating apps by State.

Which Apps Are Most Popular Among Each State?

Dating apps by State

I referenced some studies here when compiling this article and wanted to offer you all a factual piece that reflected accuracy.  The key study I reference here was done by SimpleTexting, a company that specializes in text marketing and SMS services.  I’m going to hop around here in no particular order on the States, and do my best to highlight the higher populated States because hey, it’s a numbers game and the odds that someone from California is reading my blog versus someone from Alaska, well, I think they are pretty significant.

California & Hawaii

dating apps in california

Coffee Meets Bagel is the most popular dating app in Cali, and also Hawaii.  This sort of suits their vibe because this app curates matches for people, letting them go with the flow.  The California way, man.

Let’s be real, the chill people on the West Coast like things to happen naturally and come to them.  The East Coast peeps will be aggressively swiping on other apps.


Florida Dating Apps

Huggle.  I’ve literally never heard of this app and I live in Florida. I’m not one to argue with research, but I may have to here.  Florida is scandalous, from Tampa to Miami, it’s a slut fest.  I don’t know anyone who uses mainstream apps, we all use swipe and fuck type apps, or at least Tinder, which is basically the same thing.

Florida has multiple cities ranked in the best cities for Tinder hook ups, and again, most people in my circles have Tinder as well as the casual sex apps.

Illinois, New York

dating new york city

Match dominates these two States with feature a major metropolis and financial / business hub.  This makes sense to me purely on a numbers game.


Dating Apps in Texas

Her is the most popular app, and it’s another I’d never heard of. I searched for it, and it’s for Lesbians, so that makes perfect sense.


Gay Las vegas

Grindr.  Okay, so I’d heard of this.  I have a lot of gay business associates in South Florida, so it’s pretty much common place to hear about this one.  Nevada is NOT a State with a huge population, so this sort of shocked me. I guess what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?


Nebraska Dating

Hater is the app people use. I’d never heard of this one and would have guessed that their app would have something to do with cornhuskers, personally.  The Hater app apparently connects people through HATE – which sounds negative, but hey, I guess it aligns people with similar passions?


boston dating apps

The app most commonly used in Massachusetts is called Hinge.  Little is known about this app, so if anyone in Mass wants to put down their chowder and let me know, please drop a comment and share your experience.


dating apps in kansas

Elite Singles is the app of choice in the Jayhawk State.  This app matches up professionals and looks for long term encounters.  Pretty much the opposite of what I look for, which reassures me that I would not enjoy living in Kansas.

That wraps it up, and while I hadn’t heard of some of these apps before, I can’t argue with market intelligence.  If you have any further details about the apps I wasn’t familiar with, please drop me a line and share your commentary below!



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