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P411 Review with Other Amazing Alternatives to Consider

With the takedown that happened recently, I’m now on a rampage to find new escort sites and review them. Recently, I checked out P411, which is also called Preferred411. What is it, you might ask. Well, I’m here to explain it and give you all the information.

This site is actually different from the others I’ve checked because it keeps everything very private. While privacy is good, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better than all the others. I took the time to look into this escort website so that you get a better idea of what it is and the services it offers.

preferred 411

We all know that hiring an escort can be a thrill. Before I get too much into the details, though, I should tell you that you shouldn’t hire any of them listed on the P411 website.

Don’t worry! I’m not leaving you in the dark here. I’m going to explain exactly why you don’t want to visit this website, regardless of the quality of women. Let’s get started!

This Review Reveals All – No One Should Use!

When you initially visit the website, you find that it looks like something for an outdated spa company. I sort of feel that it was displayed like that on purpose. Overall, my guess is that it wants to avoid being labeled as a bad escort directory, such as those from Eccie and Erotic. With that, it doesn’t let escorts or consumers access any information without being registered as a companion or a client.

preferred 411 reddit
Reddit has a dedicated thread to all of the problems at Preferred411.

Therefore, I looked very closely at all the details and information this website offers. Here’s what I can say about it:

The terms and conditions iron everything about the P411 site. Really, it comes out and tells you why you should avoid it altogether. I know that sounds crazy; the owners should want you to go to it and search out hotties, but that’s not the case, and this is definitely not a great service.

Let’s kick it off by explaining what restrictions are put on the call girls or escorts.

How to Join P411

If you want to join the site to be an escort, you must pay to get a membership. I think that’s incredibly crazy; you want to work, and they should let you do it.

The website even says in plain English that it can and does revoke memberships, cancels escort memberships whenever it wants to, and denies applicants. If you go ahead and sign up, you’re not refunded your application fee. It doesn’t matter if you take a few small jobs or never even finish your profile on your account. You can still get jacked for the money you put in.

For the John’s who want to meet escorts for sex, you find that the site doesn’t accept new members right now, but it could in the future. That screams craziness to me; the whole goal is to become verified, see girls’ availability, and find “dates” for sex!

preferred 411 pissed consumer
This site doesn’t show very good status at either.

You can still become a member of P411, but you’re required to submit photos and other verification forms to prove that you’re you. While it’s safer for the escort and better than Listcrawler and similar options that don’t verify, you are also opening yourself to potential legal problems if the site gets raided. With that, the website could revoke, cancel, or deny your account with no questions at any point. There is just no added convenience at all here!

I explain this in more detail later, so keep reading. Overall, you need to know all the reasons not to purchase a membership.


Once you’re a member of P411, you might want to look online to find a friend to fuck. However, you’re subjected to tons of ads and marketing material the whole time you’re there.

These are all posted by third parties, and the website doesn’t guarantee or warranty what advertisements are placed. It isn’t liable for anything that is posted and admits that the ads and information might not be accurate.

Since the owners are in charge of the system, this doesn’t make sense to me. If I decide to check out a specific category to find someone to bang, I definitely don’t want to see a ton of adverts. I realize that the site must make money, but you should be concerned (like I was) that there are no guarantees. If you buy something that puts malware on your device or that doesn’t work/never arrives, you’re just out of luck, and that’s no fun!

The Local Law Enforcement

This website also misleads you to think that it doesn’t disclose your information without approval from you. However, it is like an open book, so if local law enforcement agencies decided to approach the site and make requests for data, the owners oblige.

While it may have a link or two to various exciting categories to peruse, the information you provide is not safe. That may also pertain to any credit card details. P411 could share it with anyone, and paying for the membership doesn’t protect your information, either.

Site Not Liable for Anything

You can see a short table listing all the membership options on the site. However, as a member, you must agree that P411 isn’t held liable for what you do while on the website or for what happens because of it.

In other words, you could get a disease, get robbed, or something like that, and it doesn’t have to be liable for those decisions. Right on the page, it states that it doesn’t condone illegal activities, but hiring ladies for sex is illegal in the USA. However, the location of the system is actually located in the UK!

The Ripoff Report Reveals All

I looked at a few videos and reviews from other Ripoff Reports that were submitted for this provider, and they’re terrible. Most of them were from years ago, and the owners of P411 hope people forget and come back for another paid subscription. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

Conclusion – Should You Avoid P411?

The bottom line is that visiting this website or paying for a membership is not a good thing. The network isn’t secure at all. Avoid websites like this at all cost. Those who’ve decided to hire an escort are sure to appreciate this review. Instead of P411, consider Fling, Instabang, or Uberhorny because they have the features you want!




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