They call me Casual Sex Calvin, and as my nickname suggests, I'm an open book when it comes to casual sex. I created this website as a personal diary to remember experiences from epic travels to insane nights out on the prowl with the boys. I soon realized through my own sexual endeavors that there was a serious need for someone to blog about where to find casual sex. Whether it be when you are traveling to a new city or country, or just in your own area, I've compiled this website to help facilitate consentual encounters between adults looking for casual sex. My hope is that people learn from my experiences and use them to their advantage. The world is your oyster, I'm just trying to help you pick up some pearls throughout the journey.

Most Popular Dating Apps by State

It’s no secret that dating apps are becoming utterly popular across the country.  People of all walks of life are using swipe apps to meet people for everything from relationships, to casual encounters.  There are levels to this, however.  Today I’ll delve into the statistics on the most popular dating apps by State. Which Apps … Read more

Best Cities for Tinder Hookups

Tinder logo

​If you are like me and enjoying swiping right until your fingers bleed, you’ll find this post interesting.  As someone who sporadically travels and truly enjoys discreet hook-ups in random cities across the USA and abroad, I am happy to present to you the list of the best cities for tinder hookups. Which Cities Use … Read more

Why Swiping for Dates is My Jam

Many of you who are out there looking for casual encounters undoubtedly used a swipe app.  If you have been living on the moon the last five years, or maybe just have been in a steady relationship where you have been loyal (kudos if you have), I”ll talk about what swipe apps are and how … Read more

Best Cruises for Singles to Hookup

Let’s get straight to the point and be honest with ourselves.  You went to your favorite search engine and typed in “best cruises for singles to hookup.”  As a sex addict, I have to tell you that I have this topic down to a science. You just want to go on a cruise and find someone … Read more

Hooking Up Definition

You’ll be surprised to know that while everyone is talking about getting hooked up, no one exactly knows what the term hooking up actually means. A recent study conducted in a college found out that students were familiar with the term hooking up but were not sure what it actually meant. Half of the students … Read more

Tips for Hooking Up in College

If you are a college freshmen who is about to enter classes, it is time to realize all your pre-college fantasies and party hard. These will be the best days of your life and you should make the best out of them while college lasts. If your main aim of entering college has been getting … Read more