Best Bars in Las Vegas to Get Laid

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Why is Sex Healthy for You on a Regular Basis

There are many reasons why sex is healthy for you.  Today, I’m proud to share an infographic on the topic.  Please share it with friends and family.  Promote sex.  Why not, right? 11 Ways Sex Can Make You Healthier If you want to skip to segmented content for this graphic, use the links below. Sex … Read more

Percentage of People Who Have Had One Night Stands

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What Cannabis Does To Your Sex Drive

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How to Pick up Girls at a Party

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How to Approach Business Women in Hotel Bars

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Most Popular Dating Apps by State

It’s no secret that dating apps are becoming utterly popular across the country.  People of all walks of life are using swipe apps to meet people for everything from relationships, to casual encounters.  There are levels to this, however.  Today I’ll delve into the statistics on the most popular dating apps by State. Which Apps … Read more

Best Cities for Tinder Hookups

Tinder logo

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Why Swiping for Dates is My Jam

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