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Private Delights Review – Everything You Need to Know

You’ve probably read a lot of reviews in your life and feel that they tell you the same thing. Most providers are only looking to gain more clients to the site. Therefore, it’s important to learn about each website as much as you can.

I recently came across Private Delights, which is a Swiss domain and is quite similar to the US classifieds. However, I found out that it is only hosted from a Switzerland location, but it does include US-based locations throughout the country.

Since I have my followers in mind, I decided to create this Private Delights review to help you search for escorts and find out what services are available. That way, you know what sites like these are like and what you can expect when using them.

private delights

Private Delight Screening Process

Private Delights gives a ton of attention to proving its content. Therefore, the process includes the verification of user-profiles and requires that providers only submit confirmed and appropriate information.

Therefore, when you see profiles of escorts on the website, you can expect them to look realistic and be credible. In fact, I feel like this could be the most credible resource for escorts in the area. These girls are hot, but they aren’t photoshopped or retouched to look unbelievable or fake. In a sense, you get clean camera angles and nice photos, but it’s not too fancy so that the providers look like dolls.

luxury girlfriend experience
This one was near me, but for $900 an hour, I’d much rather stick with my adult dating apps subscriptions.


This site also features two interfaces: one for clients and one for the providers. It’s almost like you have a virtual meeting platform for your paid sex and other related services and activities. Overall, this isn’t a surprise for those who read my other escort site reviews and service options. As you know, this website service hooks up clients and escorts, but it doesn’t take responsibility for their actions.

The Breakdown

With that, Private Delight seems to be genuine, but it’s not free to search or get girls. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Provider sign-up is for girls who want to provide services to clients
  • Client sign-up is for those who want to talk to women

Both users can take part in the other side of the screening process, so the reviews you might read should all be genuine testimonies from an independent platform.

private delights miami
Found this hottie in MIami.

However, you still shouldn’t take the process for granted because anyone could log on and post untrue information. Overall, though, the chances of seeing poor reviews are low because the site applies a control mechanism that checks the profiles.

What the Girls Are Like with Private Delights

As I said earlier, the girls here are hot and realistic. You get the best of both worlds with this provider. There are 285 profiles right now, and they appear genuine. Though that number might not seem like a lot, you must compare it to fake site options that claim to have tons of users. When you search, you find a lot less.


You can search for the girls by city, state, or location. When you check out providers from any city, you can see the age. Plus, the menus are simple, making it easy to find an escort of any age. There’s no mumbo-jumbo with Private Delight and few commercials.

When checking reviews of other escorts, it’s a good idea to pay attention! It’s crucial to set your ground rules in your profile. That’s why the screening processes here are a bit more transparent than some of the others.

escort cost on private delights
She may be fine AF, but COME ON with these prices.

The Right Way to Do a Review on Private Delights and Dating Apps Like It

Sites like this are a great choice to find providers for sex. It’s a no-brainer to figure out if the escort site is what you want. There are only two rules to consider for safety, decency, and privacy:

  1. Don’t disclose sensitive information, such as anything that identifies you or your address.
  2. Don’t say specific things about what might happen between the sheets with your providers.

Still, with these sites, the goal is to search for options, read reviews about the escorts, and make an informed decision about what you want or who you’re interested in.


There are various websites out there with escort listings. Therefore, it’s crucial to search for the right person, chat them up, and agree on a fair price. The cost you pay depends on how attractive the woman is, where they are located, and much more. You’re bound to have a good time using this provider.

With so many providers out there, it’s hard to know which sites are the best. The only way to know for sure is to read reviews before you create an account. Of course, that means waiting a while before you head to the domain name, but it also ensures that you choose something that meets your needs.

I write tons of reviews on various listings like this so that people have the information necessary to choose the right sex dating site. Enjoy!


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