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Quick Flirt Review – Another One to Avoid

So, you want to learn about dating sites?  I’ve been posting these transcripts from expert Ryan Malone, who I really admire, and figured his takes on some sites I don’t have experience with are probably better than mine, you know, since I haven’t used these sites.  Check this one out on a site called Quick Flirt.

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Ryan Malone: Hello boys and girls, and mostly boys. Today we’re going to talk about is one of those sites you need to stay away from. Today I’ll just give you a short reasoning why.

First thing they do is tell you to sign up for free. Wrong. Not going to be free. I don’t care where you’re from, what you do, who you know, it’s not free. You agree to the terms of use and privacy policy et cetera et cetera et cetera. It’s just not going to be free, you guys. Your credit card will get fucked like a Dominican hooker.

Let’s just think about this. Let’s go to my full review actually. It’s part of a network of sites, a network of known hookup sites that are just scams.,, loveaholics, cheekylovers, they’re all connected with the same network. They swap profile information between accounts so you’ve got a realistic looking database of users. The same practices of scamming people, like suspicious chat, flirt messaging is all going on. You can read the whole thing here, this link will be below the video review. Check it out, if you’re not already on that page, go to it and check out the Quickflirt review.

You’re not going to have phone calls with people because the people don’t really exist. It’s a horrible sign up process, I never met anyone who used it, and it’s just basically a way to lose your money. Rate it one star, thank yourself for finding my site. Check out the real sites here that I recommend by accessing the navigation here and move on. Nothing to see here, save your time, sorry to not have good news today.

Ryan Malone, I’ve checked them all out. I can help you out, I can save you money, I can help you get laid, all right?

Don’t take this information lightly.


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