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RubMaps Erotic Massage Directory Review

Everyone likes getting massages, right? I do, and I get them frequently. However, I can’t condone using the massage parlors shown on the RubMaps website. For the most part, this is my review site to talk about various casual dating sites and escort websites. To start, I perform Google searches and check to see what others are using. Even though I don’t do the advanced search options, I do find many choices out there.

In this RubMaps review, I’m a bit shocked that it’s actually a thing. It’s a new one for me, so I wanted to see what this Yelp for Massage Parlors was about. If you are like me, you don’t trust the first things you learn about a website and want someone else to check things out to get a deeper idea of what it involves.

Is RubMaps legit? Believe me – you don’t want to do any illegal activities on an underground website and get into trouble with the law. It’s not worth it to receive sexual favors! Let’s get started!

Full Rundown of the RubMaps Online Massage Parlor Guide

If you’re unaware of what might happen at Asian massage parlors, I have to say that you’re just too pure for this world. It’s not a bad thing, but it means that you are naïve, and that could get you into trouble.

For the rest of us, we know that such businesses offer a happy ending massage. It’s pretty much where you get massaged and get off at the end of the session.  Some will call it prostitution.

For those who like a sensual massage with a hand-job to go along with it, you might be tempted to download the RubMaps apps to see what parlors it recommends. You can get a lot of information, such as how well the ladies perform the massages and which ones are less than ideal. However, in this RubMaps review, I show you how the site fails in this regard for a specific reason. Overall, it hit me just as soon as I went to the website!

Site Overview

The moment you get to the RubMaps website, there’s a banner on the screen that says it’s been in business since 2010. However, because of the sex trafficking laws that were recently enacted, it must claim that it doesn’t condone payment for sex services and doesn’t work with sex workers. It’s done to cover its butt legally, but the site claims to cater to men who like hand jobs with their massage!

That seemed very strange to me, but I do realize that it doesn’t want to be busted for human trafficking. Technically, it’s only telling you which massage parlor options are available for Nuru massages and other services.

Another thing that bothered me here was the banner said that it temporarily suspended operations to those in the US, and this site is blocked. I felt it was a huge red flag because the owner of the RubMaps app is pretty much saying that it’s doing something illegal and shutting down.

Still, I clicked the agree button RubMaps presented just so that I could gain access. Then, I went to the Terms of Service and found it to be absolutely ridiculous.

For those interested, check them out here.

Inconceivable Terms with Crazy Legal Jargon

I recommend that everyone read the Terms and Conditions on every website they visit to know how it uses your information. The terms listed state that you can’t use RubMaps for sexual purposes. That means you can’t exchange money for sexual pleasure, can’t offer adult services, and can’t do anything to enhance the experience of having sex.

With that, you can’t purchase or donate eggs or sperm, do nude modeling, or buy/sell guns. That’s all well and good, but there’s a problem. The site lists massage parlors in its reviews that do allow happy endings, telling you how much it should cost. Essentially, RubMaps is going against its own Terms of Service agreement, and that’s a huge red flag.

Yes, I get that it has to cover its own butt; my issue is that it can’t say all that and then list happy ending parlors! You could say that getting off from a massage is the same as donating sperm. It’s also possible to claim that being nude for the massage is naked modeling. These are reaches, but if a sting goes down at one of the parlors, you could be in serious trouble!

Must Pay to Be a Member and Get Erotic Massage

Many RubMaps reviews gloss over the fact that you have to pay a monthly membership to use the service. I know that many dating websites require payment for premium services, but there is no free version available here. Overall, I find that odd and a bit confusing.

If that doesn’t bother you, you’re braver than me, and you’ve got to pay to read the reviews of each massage parlor. The premium membership is $19.95, paid monthly. However, you can also get a yearly membership for $149, though you’ve got to pay with a debit card.

I’ve got to stop right here to tell you that the price for this phone app costs so much more than any other dating site I’ve used. Plus, they don’t require you to pay to get sex and don’t offer illegal services like RubMaps.

Then, there’s the issue of wanting to pay with Bitcoin or prepaid cards. This is allowed by RubMaps, but then the price is increased, and I feel that’s pretty bogus.

Paying lets you access the reviews from various sex spas. However, you don’t get any type of safety net here. If you are caught getting a happy ending and charged, Rub Maps isn’t to blame. Those who have problems with the parlors themselves are basically screwed.

In fact, Rub Maps doesn’t stand beside you at all. Once you’ve become a paid member, you are in the database as a person who paid for sexual favors. Do you want to make it easy for the cops to arrest you for doing illegal things?! I don’t think so!

I must also point out that there is no full service here, so you don’t get special features for paying. In a sense, you use RubMaps to read reviews on other spas, but how can you tell if they are real or fake accounts? You’ve still got to Google the addresses to ensure that they are at real company locations instead of in apartment complexes (which is pretty weird, if you ask me).

Rubmaps South Florida
Here is what the South Florida rubmaps guide looks like.

Most Asian Massage Parlors Are Closed

There’s also a section on the RubMaps site that lists closed massage parlors. Most people don’t think about it that much, but my question is: Why are they closed? I bet the answer is because they offered an erotic massage and got raided.

Raids actually happen all the time. Therefore, if you’re at the site getting a happy ending rubdown when it’s raided, you get arrested along with the johns and girls working there.

rubmaps busted
“Yelp” for sex spa’s. Wow.

On the RubMaps website, you can see which parlors are closed, either on a computer or from its mobile application. However, with so many full-service parlors out of commission, it makes you wonder. Plus, those places tend to have hidden cams, which I talk about more later. Even if you aren’t there when the raid happens, you’re in the system and on tape while you’re getting that illegal rub-n-tug. The worst part is, you get no assistance at all from RubMaps.

Real and Legitimate Companies Suffer

Who do I feel sorry for here? Primarily, it’s for the legitimate massage therapy experts who’ve been added to RubMaps without giving permission to be there. You might be surprised, but there are real practitioners and massage spas that aren’t involved with happy endings.

People use RubMaps all the time and call a massage parlor to get erotic services (and even to get laid) and are told that it’s not available there. Then, those people get upset because they don’t get an erotic massage, and the companies are frustrated because they’re wasting time on people who want what they can’t have.

If a raid does go down, those legit businesses are then targeted and watched like a hawk. That’s a lot of manpower and resources going to authentic massage therapists who aren’t selling sex. It’s a crazy situation for those involved!

It’s one thing to offer sexual favors and ask to be on the site to get reviews and more business. However, those who don’t want to be there have little recourse available to them.

I’ve also done some digging and have found that reputable massage therapists who have their businesses listed on RubMaps try to get information from you and give it to the police. Therefore, if the cops don’t get you from the site, they can still bust you when you call legit massage companies!

Proof It’s Used in Sting Operations

I realize that some people are more trusting than me, and that’s totally fine. If you need proof that the RubMaps website can’t be trusted, I have it for you now. Recently, RubMaps was named in a police report from the police department in Jupiter, FL.

Apparently, there was a recent bust at Orchids of Asia Day Spa. The police watched the site for a few weeks and then arrested John Childs, Robert Kraft, and 25 other people for solicitation there.

Clearly, you can get the latest reviews on massage parlors that perform sexual favors because that’s the way it works. However, is it worth it to be part of a sex trafficking sting?

Trust me! The cops use RubMaps to conduct police raids on these parlors. The sting location was Orchids of Asia Day Spa, which is located at 103 South US Highway 1 in Jupiter, FL.  

  • – – > You can read the full article proving that right here!

Do you remember me mentioning Robert Kraft? Well, he’s the owner of the New England Patriots, and he actually got in trouble. While the price for a massage was cheap, it wasn’t worth dealing with law enforcement and getting into trouble.

The important thing to remember is there are other spas that the Orchids phone number is connected to! It’s so much better to go to a regular dating site and just tell the babe that you want a happy ending for free!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this article talking about exactly what I described.  It’s from USA Today, which of course is a very credible source.

Hidden Cameras

Do you remember earlier when I said most parlors use hidden cameras? Well, a shady massage parlor that offers erotic massages could have them set up throughout the place. That way, it can catch you doing something illegal. If it gets raided, the owners are likely to turn you over to the cops to get a lesser sentence.

The issue is that, as soon as you go to the RubMaps website and sign up, you are already in the database. Then, when you contact parlors shown on RubMaps, you run the risk of your happy ending being part of porn videos or a way to bust you later in a sting operation. I’m telling you, it’s not worth it!


Though other review sites might say it’s legit, I just can’t condone using RubMaps. Regardless of your stance on paying for sexual services, it’s still considered an illegal activity in the US. Marketing it differently doesn’t matter; massage parlors offering rub-and-tug options count.

If you don’t want any hassle from your local law enforcement agency, it’s best to avoid review sites for adult massages and stick to using dating sites instead.

The Rub Maps website is bad for legitimate companies and is inaccurate. Reading user reviews about the services provided by each parlor could cost your freedom if you’re arrested for requesting a hand-job from undercover cops. Before we complete this RubMaps review, it’s important to understand that there are other sites you can use:

Better Alternatives and Approaches to Getting Massaged

With so many negative RubMaps reviews, it’s better to use dating sites where you aren’t required to pay for sexual services. It’s all focused on the action and networking you use. I advise you to check out these escort reviews below and find a dating site you can use for free.

That way, you don’t get mixed up with sites like RubMaps at all. Fling, Instabang,, Uberhorny, and SnapSext are the top choices today!


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