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Sex Topics I Cover

My Mom would be so proud of me.  A college drop out blogging about his sexual conquests, endeavors, and well, basically my porn addiction.

Hey, it sure does beat going to an office, so I’ll take it!

Today I’m going to get into the sex topics I talk about on my website, as well as explain why I decided to take my writing journey that direction.  This is more of a resource page for people who want to know the range of topics I cover, so if you aren’t interested in knowing about the sex topics today, I suggest you make your way to Zoosk and meet traditional people who want to marry you.

Me, I like sexual conquests, lust, and erotic sex, so I find my women on other apps.  You’ll see a lot of reviews of sites I have used in my blog roll, stuff like Affair dating at Victoria Milan is quite interesting for those who want the thrill of knowing you are getting a cheater.  The last affair I had a women was in an open relationship, so cheating wasn’t anything to worry about.  If you are into the open life, sites like Swinglifestyle are covered on my site and they will open your eyes to that weird world.

If you find yourself in Europe, Joy Club is where you wanna be. If swinging is new to you, I highly suggest reading my article about being in a non monogamous relationship and the rules in play.  It’ll get you a head start.

Why I Cover Sex Topics

Often times I find myself smoking cannabis and wondering the same thing.  I don’t consider myself a sex addict, yet it’s something that I have a lot of passion about.  Do what you love, right Dad?

The fact is, sex is good for you!  So of course, I sit on my mountain and talk all about that.

I also expand my range of topics to things that are out of the ordinary so you can spot a catfish – trust me there are many out there.  This is something I’ve seen done to people and it’s scary what predators will do.  Sick, sick people.

People also want to read about sex topics because we all have a bit of kink in us, yet we don’t want to talk about it in the open.  This site provides a way to talk about that kind of stuff and be honest.

Escorts is a HUGE topic out there and many men are hobbyists of this trade.  You’ll see a lot of content made about going out and paying for prostitution, and sites like the Erotic Monkey exist for this exact reason.  (Full list of more sites will be published below as they are made.)

Also, the last few years have really made the amount of swipe apps surge to new highs.  I find that I like to swipe as it’s right to the point.  No foreplay. Either we like each other’s pics, or we don’t.

Of course, I also do it just for fun.  I’m a writer and love what I do.  I urge you to find the same passion.




Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.

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