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The Danger of Being Infertile Due to Untreated Syphilis

According to information shared by the CDC, reproductive health can be affected negatively due to STDs. Even though it seems plausible on the surface, we do not realize just how much this can complicate fertility. Believe it or not, the STD itself isn’t the actual infertility cause, hence the complicated situation. But medication can work to eliminate the disease and preserve fertility when treated. It’s when STDs go unchecked that complications can come about. And sometimes the problems are so severe that they cause irreversible organ damage to the nervous system, the brain, and the heart.

Although not necessarily the biggest problem area, syphilis can definitely lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Even bigger offenders include gonorrhea and chlamydia, which when left untreated, can result in this disease and create internal damage making it nearly impossible to conceive.

Untreated Syphilis and Its Role in Female Infertility


Child conception can definitely be hindered by syphilis due to the scarring and inflammation that it creates in the female reproductive system. These problems will interfere with long-term conception. The bacteria known as Treponema Pallidum, which is the main cause of the STI, can go unchecked and cause endometrial structure damage due to pelvic inflammatory disease.

The lining inside of the sidewalls of the cervix is known as the endometrial structure. A fertilized egg will attached to this lining during the fetal development phase. The constant repair and damage to this lining due to the infection leads to endometrium thickening. They can get so thick that it becomes nearly impossible for the egg to attach to this lining and remain in place. This thickening and anchoring disadvantage is why many women experience infertility due to syphilis.

In other circumstances, the fetus will form but the untreated syphilis can unintentionally infect the unborn baby within the womb. The unborn child can suffer tremendously because this disease is fatal during this stage. In fact, half of the pregnancies where syphilis is untreated end in miscarriage or stillbirth. And even worse, if a female does have untreated syphilis, a mother can infect her unborn child 80% of the time even four years after initially being infected.

Believe it or not, it’s highly likely that a woman with untreated syphilis will develop pelvic inflammatory disease. And out of these women, one in three of them will suffer from infertility because of it. Although each gender is uniquely affected by STDs and STIs, in particular untreated STDs can and will cause structural damage to the endometrial lining if the disease continues to go untreated for an unspecified length of time.

Untreated Syphilis and Its Role in Male Infertility

Infertility in men caused by syphilis occurs in a few different ways. First off, the bacteria created by this disease create an environment ripe for developing epididymitis. This is an infection of the coiled epididymitis tube, which is a tube behind the testicular sac used to transport sperm. It can become obstructed due to STD damage and inflammation created by the disease. Obviously this will hinder fertilization and make it difficult for a man to get a woman pregnant as they attempt to conceive.

Next, when syphilis is left untreated it can cause gummatous lesions found in the testicles. This will damage tissue and make it difficult for the testicles to function properly.

Third, syphilis also has a way of causing infertility by having a deleterious effect on the nervous system and the way it functions. This infection has the ability to spread. If it spreads to the spinal cord the surrounding tissue will progressively begin to degenerate.

Our spinal cords connect to our brain’s nerve center. When this connection becomes faulty or severed altogether, neuron transmissions become all out of whack. This can create erectile dysfunction and have a direct negative impact on fertility because of the overabundance of syphilis bacteria.

Final Words of Wisdom

Infertility is very difficult to deal with. If you’re attempting to conceive, this can create a financial and emotional drain on your life. So get tested for STDs because it’s critical that you remain disease-free.

If you are experiencing genital discomfort or regularly have unprotected sex, you should get tested for STIs including syphilis. Getting treated right away could hinder the progress of serious complications and make it easier to conceive later on.


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