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Smoke and Poke Review

It’s hard enough to find a match in the gigantic world that we live in, but it’s even more difficult for those of us who like to smoke marijuana.  Even with the legalization of marijuana there are still people out there who are against it and who flat out won’t date people who are marijuana smokers.  A new website called Smoke and Poke just launched and it promises to help those of us who enjoy a little herb once in a while to find a match who is ready to get down and dirty.  Light up a bowl of your favorite herb and enjoy my Smoke and Poke review!

Why I Decided to Sign Up for Smoke and Poke

Even on the most freaky dating sites for adults where anything goes and all morals are checked at the door I’ve met some women who simply refuse to be around marijuana.  I respect everyone’s stance on drugs, but let’s be real, we’re in the year 2022 and marijuana is legal, or tolerated, in most states.   There is nothing better than enjoying a joint after some casual sex, and it’s something that I look forward to.  It’s even more exciting when your partner is into it.  For this reason, I decided to join to see what was out there.

The results did NOT disappoint!

dating for marijuana smokers

Let’s talk about some of the site functions that I noticed that helped make this a legit marijuana dating website:

#1:  Meet Now in (Your Geographic location.)

For me, I’ll be shown women in Florida.  This highlights women near me who are into meeting, smoking, and if all goes well, some poking!  Does life really get any better than that?

#2:  Members Who Stream

This function shows who will stream themselves live on a cam.  Some of the best apps have this feature, and it’s a game changer.  A lot of freaks get on these cams and show their assets, if you know what I mean.  Often times this can save the “well I wonder if she looks like her profile pictures” questions.  I enjoy the streaming function and often check out those profiles before even sending messages to non-streamers.

#3:  Whose Online Now?

This is a standard feature that most dating websites have, but it’s nice to know who is actively browsing for a match at the same time you are.

#4:  Targeted Search Function

Again, this is another common feature on dating apps but the ability to search for your preference is nice.  I use the “man seeking female” but if you have the desire, you can search for men, women, couples, and even transexuals.

smoke and poke review

I haven’t seen anyone else really talk about this site for marijuana matchmaking, but maybe people just don’t like to talk about the fact that it’s a dating site for drug users.  Not that I consider marijuana a drug, I don’t think it’s a bad thing, and heck, its’ medicinal purposes are widely used across the world these days, but often times corporate America will use any excuse to fire someone so I respect the discretion.

Personally, I don’t have that problem, and I enjoy meeting marijuana lovers. I’ve met many women that I’ve connected with through this site, and will continue to use it. I was shockingly surprised to see the member count so high, as I thought this was a niche dating website, but there are many people that smoke weed and they must all like to sign up for these types of sites to meet people with similar hobbies.

Overall, I give my Smoke and Poke Review a 9 out of 10.  My only regret is that I didn’t join this site faster!


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