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Are you a big fan a Snapchat? There’s a similar site for online dating known as but it’s different in the fact that it makes it easier for you to send private pictures of yourself to others in an effort to hook up. Many people are calling this the Snapchat app to get laid and it’s becoming more and more popular as far as dating for adults is concerned.

This review will take a look at the entire service from top to bottom. We will also tell you why we believe this service is safe, fun, and how it lives up to its reputation. screenshot

SnapSext Features & Benefits List

  • you can video chat with other members and exchange naked pictures
  • you’ll have access to a plethora of members looking to hook up right in your local community
  • the site is filled with legitimate members – not fake profiles – who want to chat with you
  • special features including knowing which members are online, group chat, one-on-one video chat, live WebCams, trending members, and more
  • the site makes connecting with other members very comfortable so you’ll quickly begin chatting after quickly breaking the ice

Is It Easy to Use SnapSext?

Thankfully, the developers of this app have made it very simple for you to sign up for their service and quickly create a profile. You’ll simply register for the website – it only takes a couple of minutes – and you can begin viewing potential hook up matches as soon as you finish your profile, which is very easy to create because they share lots of helpful tips to make your profile really stand out.

Next, you may want to choose which members you find hot and those that are not using the tinder-like feature that lets you swipe left or swipe right. Or if you’re searching for a special someone, the site has advanced search features that let you find people by distance, age, appearance, or other criteria.

They also have a free membership guarantee. If you do not hook up during the time you’ve paid for your subscription, they will provide you with a free membership for an equal amount of time to help ensure you end up getting laid.

Terms and conditions

Details about Our Full SnapSext Investigation

We thoroughly tested this app out to see how valid some of their claims might be. The results of our search are as follows.

  • The profiles are real – in many instances, you can find websites that are filled with phony profiles in an effort to lure new potential members to pay for their service. This service has tons of members and it would be very difficult to create so many fake profiles with so many unique individual pictures. Just to be certain, we used Google image search to view some of the profile pics to determine if they were legitimate or not and the bulk of the pics reviewed seemed to be attached to personal profiles of real people with accounts on other social media websites.
  • Their safety and security is legit – when running a large website with millions of active users, it’s tough to determine the intentions of every single person. But they go above and beyond to make sure their users aren’t abusing the website. They will quickly eliminate fraudulent accounts and they have support and a fraud team in place to quickly investigate reports of abuse, potential fake profiles, and communication between members that might not seem aboveboard because it sounds too inappropriate. The support staff at will swiftly address any potential issues you might have and quickly answer your questions and concerns. That’s why it’s such a great site because scammers and other unscrupulous people aren’t trying to take advantage of you seemingly at every turn because they stay on top of their membership.

customer support help

Our Final Thoughts on Snap Sext

As far as we can tell through our exhaustive research, SnapSext is a legit adult dating website with a great community that will make it possible for you to connect with other members for the one-on-one encounter you desire. Their features and services are genuine, the site is populated with real members, and they have support and fraud teams in place to detect unscrupulous behavior.

We wholeheartedly recommend SnapSext based on our investigation because everything we tested seems completely genuine. In fact, we will quickly be adding this app to our list of recommended services.

All feedback is welcome. If you do decide to check out the site, come back and tell us about your experience in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information for

At the time of this writing, their support email address is Or you can contact them by phone at 1-301-712-6612 or 1-855-443-5464. Their business address is 705 Washington Ave., 2nd Floor, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Join Snap Sext FAQ

Is It Easy to Cancel My Membership? Yes, canceling your subscription is easy. Most people have no trouble discontinuing their membership when they are ready to cancel.

Some adult dating apps make it seem impossible to cancel their service, which is a major turnoff. Thankfully we had no problem ending our subscription after we finished our investigation of the website. It was easy to do and we had no trouble whatsoever canceling our subscription online.

Do They Have a Support Staff in Place? Yes, they have support staff available to help you at any time. So if you are technologically challenged or need to contact support for another reason, it will be very easy for you to reach them via phone, desktop computer, or mobile device.

We’ve mentioned their support a few times during our review, but just to reiterate, they have excellent support staff available to help you at any time.

Is My Profile Still Activated after I Cancel My Subscription? If you cancel, there may be time within the premium membership period where you can still access your subscription, even after canceling. If you’re like to cancel and delete your profile to complete discontinue service immediately, then customer support can help you with that.

Again, it’s very easy to make this adjustment if needed. It honestly takes no fewer than 10 seconds to deactivate your profile. Or if you prefer, you can delete your profile entirely in roughly the same amount of time. Just keep your login information handy to gain access to your profile.

Why Am I Getting Emails From Snapsext? If you signed up for an account on any of the membership sites that Global Personals owns, it’s possible that’s why you’re receiving emails from them.

How Do I Reactivate My Snapsext Account? Simply log into your account, look for the support link and click on the reactivate my membership button.

Is Snapsext A Scam? No, it’s definitely not a scam. This site is owned and operated by one of the biggest dating companies in the United States, Global Personals, LLC. It’s a legit service and network.

That’s all we really have to say about SnapSext at this time. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can feel free to ask us in the comments or contact customer service on their website.

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