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SweetSext Review – Can You Sext, Trade Nude Selfies, and Hookup on This App?

Today, I explain why SweetSext is one of the hottest casual dating apps for hookups, sex meet-ups, and trading naked selfies for 2021. My review talks about everything, but just to clarify, I’ve been using this network for a few months. It’s becoming an all-time favorite. If you’re ready to get going, click here to visit the site.

First of all, I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried many sexting apps. Most of them weren’t all that great, but there were a few good ones. Then, I found the SweetSext app, and it changed the way I find casual dates. I wanted to share everything with you so that you could use it and experience what I have.

Join Sweet Sext
Here are the Sweet Sext membership options.

I know you’re probably thinking this is just like all the other hookup apps out there, but it isn’t. For one, it was created during the 2020 pandemic so that horny people could connect and still get their freak on. Plus, it works!

In my Sweet Sext review, I focus on all the aspects and talk about my success with the app.

Are you interested in trading nude selfies and hooking up with babes? If so, go ahead and click here to register for free! However, if you aren’t ready yet, continue reading.

My Review

Here is the Sweet Sext review you’ve been waiting for. I explain what I learned and how I used it. In fact, I’m still on the site because it’s turned out to be one of the best NSA apps out there. It might actually take over the Flint app because of the hours I spend on it. Here’s what you should know:

What is SweetSext?

SweetSext is a sexting and hookup app created for people like you who want to flirt, trade nude pics, and meet others for sex. I think it has the same feeling as Snapchat. However, you don’t get banned or kicked off if you send naked selfies to the other members.

It’s easy and simple to use, and most people might initially call it cut and dry. However, the experience I had is anything but. I feel that it’s pretty amazing and a better sexting app than others I’ve used in my lifetime.

All you need is five minutes to go to the site. That way, you can tell just how fantastic the network is and see the hotties available to chat with.

Another issue with other sexting apps is that they are hard to join. You jump through tons of hoops and never seem to get anywhere. isn’t like that. The instructions for registering are below, but it is straightforward and takes about 30 seconds to get started.

sweet sext

How to Join

It’s so simple to join the network, and it only takes a few clicks. They aren’t hard to follow, and you can successfully register and start chatting within a few minutes. The steps are listed below if you want to try out

However, you can’t get started until you go to the homepage. Just type in into your favorite browser (it works with them all). I also include links throughout this post; scroll up or down and tap on one of them to head to the page.

You immediately see a hottie and the question box. It’s pretty big, and there’s a NEXT button to tell you where to look.

From there, you just:

  1. Pick your gender
  2. Choose whether you want to seek out men, women, or couples (you can pick all of them)
  3. Enter a local zip code or the one where you hope to find babes
  4. Select your age
  5. Type in your email address
  6. Decide if you want to live cam with girls (check the free Camsoda tokens box if you do)
  7. Type in a strong password

Once you do that, you go to the member’s area. Take a moment to understand the layout and then update your profile.

Tips for Your Profile

Some people want to start chatting without setting up their profiles, but this is a big no-no. Here are a few things you should do if your goal is to get laid (let’s be honest; that’s the objective):

Upload Your Photo

Your goal is to meet someone to have sex with or chat with. Are you likely to talk to someone with no photo? Nope! You scroll past them to someone with a picture. Those hotties do the same, so you aren’t likely to get seen if you don’t have an image.

Choose a Display Name

When thinking about your display name, make sure that it is creative. Never use your full name or parts of it. This isn’t a job networking site! While it is a social network, you should remember that it’s a sex dating app. Discretion is crucial!

Select a Preference

This is where you choose the criteria for the person you’re looking for. Some people skip that, but this is important. Trust me, you want to meet someone you’re interested in banging, and this step ensures that you do.

Message the Girls

Don’t just sit there and watch your inbox like a hawk, waiting for others to message you. It’s okay to reach out to others and chat. This dating site works best if you’re willing to put in some work, too.


Signing up and using the site is free, so don’t feel pressured. However, the upgrade is excellent because it improves your chances of meeting the right girl. I discuss the guarantee and pricing later.

Messaging the Members

You start by sending private messages using the message center. It’s quite easy to do, and I usually get about 50 messages out there in a few minutes. If you’re just starting, you can copy/paste the same message for different girls.

Usually, the members respond quickly. The other people on this site are interested in sexting and meeting for local sex, so they message back fast to get the ball rolling.

Sweet Sext might be the name, but the messages can get pretty raunchy and dirty. Many of the girls get right down to it. I didn’t mind, and I doubt you do, either!


It’s free to join and message the girls. However, you can upgrade your account. It’s a pretty reasonable price, and there are some options.

Some people wonder why they should upgrade. You get some excellent features when you do, such as:

  • Group chat
  • Swipe game
  • Premium content
  • Live cams
  • Deep search
  • See who viewed your profile

The last feature is one of the best. If someone checked out your profile, it’s probably because they were initially interested but might be shy. You can send them a message and take the initiative.

There are different upgrade options for members, too. They are:

  • $0.95 for a two-day trial
  • $9.94 for a seven-day trial
  • $34.95 for one month
  • $69.95 for six months ($11.65 a month)
  • $80.04 for one year (with six months free) ($6.67 a month) – BEST DEAL

I suggest that you try a two- or seven-day trial at first to get a feel of it. Then, when you see how great SweetSext is, you should go for the one-year option because I think it’s more cost-effective.

Customer Service

Most people don’t need help getting set up, but I had a few questions when I created an account. Each time, the customer service department was ready and waiting to help me.

They’re available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter when you’re online. Global Personals, LLC owns the site, and it makes sure that you’re satisfied.

Hookup Guarantee

Earlier, I mentioned something about a guarantee. You probably wonder how the company could possibly promise that you hookup with babes, but it does. Basically, it says that you get a free extension of your membership if you don’t get laid.

Most dating apps have no such offer or deal. Just for that reason, you should try There’s nothing to lose, and you can get what you want.

For more details about the guarantee, sign up and go to the member’s area.

No Fake Profiles

This network is so amazing because it doesn’t allow people to post fake profiles. Some websites have so many fakes that you can’t tell if those people are real or not. You don’t have that issue here at SweetSext.

It features a special department to find those fake profiles. If they find one, those people are banned completely so that they can’t post anymore. That way, you just get the good, real, adult fun without the hassles.


You should definitely give SweetSext a chance. I feel that you are crazy if you pass up the opportunity for trading naked selfies and sexting.

Before writing my SweetSext review, I tried the site for a few months. Actually, I’ve used multiple websites from Global Personals and have had no issues with any of them.

However, I love SweetSext so much more than any of the others. It’s free to register, and it comes with a “get laid” guarantee.

Register for free on SweetSext today!


Calvin Riddle created Casual Sex Calvin as a way to entertain like-minded individuals on sex topics and solve many of life's problems people are too shy to talk about. When he's not working his 9-5 importing fine wines, he enjoys watching sports and will never turn down a good debate.

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